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Ryan was the same age as me. Shocking shocking loss...

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I care - I'm in Scotland and I dont get it untill tomorrow !

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  " @JaroLeman said:

" Ok idiots and tards **edit "

AHA spammer came back for more.  Yes we are idiots because you can't spell Fail.  " 
1. FALE = A fail - this is known 
2. This compilation made me laugh I had hoped to share the love
3. Troll
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Ok idiots and tards **edit

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Dead Space 2

Upgrades, undead aliens  and carnage.
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I played Origins on the PC - the graphics looked fairly nice. I was going to play this on the PS3 because:
1. I loved Origins and completed the heck out of it. I wanted the trophy on PS3
2. Its easier to play sitting in my big ass gaming chair with a dual shock
3. I'm starting to prefer console gaming and wanted to test that out with a game that lends its self so much to the PC
Now I'm thinking maybe the PC may be a must for Dragon age II - anyone sharing this perspective?

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So I just played the PS3 version of the Dragon Age II demo. I really liked the new combat mechanics, characters, animations, Skill trees and general feel of the game. The graphics though were not great. I am hoping that this was due to the demo but have a feeling as the game is so close to launch that it just isnt going to look that good. Has anybody else felt like this?

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I live in the UK and we have a store called "Game" which I have a sneaky feeling maybe be owned by the same overlords. Anyway thanks for creating a place on the interweb for me to release this:

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I'm playing DeadSpace2 at the moment and have reached chapter 8 (I think). I'm 31 and have been crying out for an "adult" game for the last few years now. I've also read a fair amount of Lovecraft and agree with some of the comparisons your draw ZapBoston. I enjoy the style abd hope for more "unspeakable horror" !
Good Post well written

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