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you definitely need to have 14 champions to cover the bans and other players picks, aside from that the only requirement is level 30. My advice is to get to at least 300 or so normal wins before heading into ranked otherwise you really cant expect to compete at the same level as some of the other players

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the problem with a music site is that it would be really hard to cater to all the audiences of every different genre, and they cant exactly pick just one or two genres to focus on either.

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two words: jazz jackrabbit

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you could even go into a local game store and ask for any leftovers from display cases or something like that

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12000 sigs out of the millions of copies sold. good luck with that

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there is a backup harddrive option in the ps3 menus somewhere, if you can back it up to an external drive connected to your ps3 then maybe you can do it that way

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 haha i got "Dumbest opening cinematic to be nerfed in a patch" 

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this is technically the same for all australian imports on games that have been banned or unrated. its considered a contraband item. I'm assuming the same sort of law applies although australian customs usually doesnt give a shit about it.

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do you like work at activision or something?