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I was waiting for such an absurd announcement from EA, greedy bastards.

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Haven't had a needle put in me in like 5 years so I don't even remember what it feels like, but I'd still say fuck needles.

Agreed. Fuck needles. I'm not afraid of them, come at me bro. Haha

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Really curious about what happens to the FPS scene when all this shit settles down.

Half-life 3 is released, making modern military shooters irrelevant again.

I can dream, can I?


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Hey duders. I'm just wondering whether any of you still play SCII and if there is still a GB community chat channel on Battle.net. If not, does anyone have any suggestions about organising one with me? I know it has been tried before. Haha

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@Unilad:I think that there used to be a stigma attached to games and gamers alike but that has died down. I think it's due to the surge in popularity gaming has had.

I have been seeing a girl for quite some time and I wasn't sure about admitting to her that I'm a gamer, I wanted to see how she felt about games first. Turns out she's cool with it. And if she wasn't, she'd have to make do. I told her that I'll disappear for a very long time when the next-generation of consoles comes about and once the DLC mad phase stops.

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@gunslingerNZ: I did think I had come to a decision on getting it for the 360 but I think you're right, I have noticed that people are far more team based when it comes to the PS3 and less people on there play Call of Duty. I played the beta on 360 though and people did seem to get the hang of the Battlefield style of play and not 'all guns blazing' like most do on Call of Duty. But I'm not sure, I'm considering getting it on both but waiting for the price to drop eventually and get it on only one for the time being.

@Dyram: I would get it on PC if my PC was currently working, it would handle it but it is currently out of action due to a hard drive fault and I currently don't have the money for a repair. But like I said, I would love to get it on the PC. I'm sort of lucky that it is out of action because otherwise I would probably be considering all three. Haha

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Use cover, teamwork and maybe lower the difficulty. Don't go all guns blazing as you would on Call of Duty.

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Go where your friends are playing. I prefer the 360 controller and Live is much easier to use so it was a no brainer for me.

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Which console are your friends getting the game on? Get that one. If it's a split, flip a coin. If the coin lands in the middle.. it's a sign to just not buy the game.

This is why I'm having this dilemma. I have friends on both Xbox Live and PSN but I do have a larger hard drive on my PS3 for the high-res texture pack. But I think flipping a coin is my only way.

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@bunji: I've also heard people say that the general user on Xbox is about 12 and therefore can be quite annoying. But I think both consoles have their users that can be annoying, I've found idiots on both.

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@LordXavierBritish: True, and I am thinking that as I pay for my subscription to Xbox Live and I don't have to on PSN the servers may be better.