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@ajamafalous said:
" @Jaserno said:
" Haha. Strange idea for a thread. "
Clearly you don't use the forums that often. "
Well, I do. Not much recently though. I have seen weirder threads though.
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Haha. Strange idea for a thread. I'm a dog person too. But I do like cats. Just have dogs

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@cnlmullen said:
" Heartbreak is among the hardest things a person can go through. I've been there.    There's no shortcut to get away from the pain (with the sole exception of falling for someone else, which is random and you have no control over); just try not to deal with it with drugs and alcohol.   I might recommend unfriending her on facebook after your certain its over.... the more you check that profile the longer it's going to linger. It could linger for years if you let it. "
She is well and truly deleted from my Facebook. From everything I have actually. I have friends on there that are also friends of hers, I'm considering deleting some, if not all of them as well? 
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@zombie2011 said:
" @sagesebas said:
" @zombie2011: Hope she doesn't see that "
She knows how i feel.  Maybe if this guy wasn't so clingy he would still be in a relationship. When it comes to girls you have to learn not to give a shit. "
Wow, ermmm. Thanks I guess. I was not clingy whatsoever. But yes, you're right. I need to man the fuck up about all this. And you say you wouldn't give a shit now but when it actually happens, it hurts, it hurts a lot. I thought I'd be okay with it. I was wrong. 
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@Bigheart711: Karma is a bitch, I feel this is my karma for being bad to some exs of mine. So, when theirs comes it will be a ton worse I'm sure. And I hope. I have told them both how I feel. It was a bit immature of me at the time but I publicly told the world on Facebook. I think I was right to, especially after everything. I hope they feel good about everything. I'm glad that I have so many friends, and the GB Community that see me to not be the bad person in all this, like I am being slandered to be. And don't worry, crudeness is welcomed. At least it shows what you really feel. And as for loving another wonderful gal, at least I was never confused I suppose. I know it isn't nice to say but at least I have been totally honest with myself, particularly with my sexuality. My now ex lied to many of her friends about her sexuality, all the while sizing them up - to which many of them, are not happy.  
@RichardLOlson: A friend of mine said "the best way to get over one, is to get under another". That suits your advice down to the ground. One which I am working on. Haha :) 
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@sagesebas: Yeah I suppose you're right. At least I'm still young right. :) 
@super_machine: I can't even focus on gaming right now, which is horrible. The things that once took my mind off my problems now only exacerbate them :(  But eventually, I'm going to pro the shit out of SCII. Haha 
@TheJohn:  I am trying dude, I really am trying to not let this bring me down and turn me cynical about people.  
@mfpantst: I think she is cold. Cold, calculated, deceitful, manipulative. To put it politely, shall I say. And I am trying to cut her out, it's difficult. I lost friends because of her, I pretty much became an object of hers to use at her whim. Which she did.  
 I am now trying to pick up the pieces and repair the friendships I lost. I'll get there eventually, I'm sure.  
@Jamer91:    ‎"You should always try to surround yourself with honest people, be happy one more liar is gone"  - Sir, I will take that to my grave :)  
@arab_prince: Looks like it'll be one hell of a long road to recovery. A recovery I didn't initially want to go through, I would rather not take her back though. That would just be more hurtful in the long run. 
 I drink far too much, I am trying not to. Being a student and all does not help. But drinking is not the solution.  
To you all. Thank you for your concern. I really wanted to see what the GB community had to say, and well, I can happily say that "gamers are a nice bunch really". Thank you all. I really appreciate it.
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@mfpantst: I asked her many times duder, everytime she told me I was wrong to think that so I fought my instinct. Facebook was not the most convenient I know, I was with her the weekend before and she was really off with me then. I should've known. I know I shouldn't beat myself up over this and it does take time, but it's not what I wanted, I was wholeheartedly loyal and loving. None of this, pussyfooting around emotions bullshit. I was upfront about virtually everything. 
@___pocalypse: She hasn't apologised at all, she doesn't seem to care. Whilst I'm slipping in and out of thoughts of being an hero she is well happy and in love. I would've dealt with everything better had I been told 16 months ago when she started to cheat "/  
But you're right, it probably is better in the long run. I could've enjoyed university properly had I known and been rid of the relationship a long time ago like she wanted. But instead, I stuck to my guns and I honestly trusted her... She never saw it.  
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@No0b0rAmA: I have been. I went home at the weekend, did not help. Just thought I'd get some outside perspective
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 Hello GB, it's been a while. I know this is a gaming website, but, well I need some advice on how to deal with my current 'plight'. Shall we say. 

Well, it’s been what, 17 days. Yes, 17 days since I was dumped. I have rather mixed emotions right now. I don’t know what to feel. I am angry that I was left, cheated on, used and dropped like a nobody. Let’s give some backstory, shall we?

Well, I was with this girl, Yazmin, for just under two years, 2 weeks before our 3 year anniversary to be exact. And, well, we had an argument whilst we were both out. She said to me in a text “you know what, fuck this. I don’t want to be with you anymore. End of” 
That made me feel glorious -_-

The following day, Monday 4th of October, she decided to message me on Facebook explaining that she had been having serious thoughts about girls for quite some time. As expected, I flipped. We argued, I went out, got drunk, argued some more, got angry, and began to shut myself off from the world I once loved. 
The day after this, Tuesday 5th of October, I found that she had been cheating on me for several months during our relationship with a girl she was/is close friends with. They are now going out and “in love”. Once again, pissed! 
All the while during our relationship when I asked her about being gay/bi she told me I was “paranoid and jealous” of her and her ‘friend’ Kat. Way to make me fight me… A wonderful thing for someone with self esteem and confidence issues already ay? 

So now, I am left with nothing, penniless because I spent every waking moment and penny I had on her. So, I feel used to say the least… Which is understandable for what is going on I’m sure.  So now I don’t know what to do, I don’t know where my head is at. 

How can the girl I love so very much do this to me? Everything I own reminds me of her. I can’t eat, sleep, concentrate in uni, I can’t stop crying. I’m a mess and I feel completely hopeless…

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This isn't 4chan