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@monkehhh: Yeah, I'd already checked that page, it says my request rate is fine. My only guess is that the size of the files I downloaded flagged my account and hopefully it will reset tomorrow, if not sooner.

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This morning, I downloaded seven videos to watch on my trip tomorrow. These included the latest GBE Megadate, Unprofessional Fridays, and Mario Party Party videos, all in mobile versions. All except for the MPP videos finished downloading normally. Now, however, I'm unable to view any GB video using either my previously-authenticated Downcast feed (where I downloaded the videos) or the Video Buddy app on either my iPhone or iPad. Have I hit a view cap for the day and should the link start working again tomorrow?

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Been playing Smash since it started on the N64, but I am by no means great. Maybe not even good?

Friend Code: 4725-7949-3218

Region: NA (EST)

Preference: Go nuts with items, but I'll play anything

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Got codes for this and Battlefield: Hardline yesterday, redeemed both, BF downloaded just before I crashed for the night, Destiny was still going. Hoping to start it tonight, look up mdnytecartunr and mention GB if you'd like to look me up.

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Any further word on this? It's happened to the last two or three episodes, I hope it's not a difficult problem to resolve.

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PSN: mdnytecartunr (already posted on the Spelunky and Luftrausers boards)

Can't wait!

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If you haven't added me already from the Spelunky thread, know that my main platform is PS and I have all major systems (PS3, Vita, and PS4).

  • PSN ID: mdnytecartunr
  • Time zone: Eastern (U.S.)
  • Games: NFS: Rivals, AC IV, and pretty much all the free stuff on Plus (Resogun, Outlast, Towerfall, etc.)


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Chromecast support for videos would be enough to get me to buy in. Good luck, duder!

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I started out with the 360 version, passed on the Steam one, and now I'm way back in on PS platforms. Add me: mdnytecartunr.

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Creepy and grotesque and haunting and amazing. More, please, and keep up the stellar work!