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Been playing Smash since it started on the N64, but I am by no means great. Maybe not even good?

Friend Code: 4725-7949-3218

Region: NA (EST)

Preference: Go nuts with items, but I'll play anything

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Got codes for this and Battlefield: Hardline yesterday, redeemed both, BF downloaded just before I crashed for the night, Destiny was still going. Hoping to start it tonight, look up mdnytecartunr and mention GB if you'd like to look me up.

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Any further word on this? It's happened to the last two or three episodes, I hope it's not a difficult problem to resolve.

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PSN: mdnytecartunr (already posted on the Spelunky and Luftrausers boards)

Can't wait!

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If you haven't added me already from the Spelunky thread, know that my main platform is PS and I have all major systems (PS3, Vita, and PS4).

  • PSN ID: mdnytecartunr
  • Time zone: Eastern (U.S.)
  • Games: NFS: Rivals, AC IV, and pretty much all the free stuff on Plus (Resogun, Outlast, Towerfall, etc.)


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Chromecast support for videos would be enough to get me to buy in. Good luck, duder!

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I started out with the 360 version, passed on the Steam one, and now I'm way back in on PS platforms. Add me: mdnytecartunr.

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Creepy and grotesque and haunting and amazing. More, please, and keep up the stellar work!

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PSN ID: mdnytecartunr

Time zone: U.S. Eastern

Games at launch: Resogun, NFS: Rivals

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I keep thinking about how much I'll miss his presence, superficial and detached as it may have been, in my life, and it makes my stomach turn. Then I consider how it must feel to have actually known him, or to have been married to him, and the tears start again. Never have I been so affected by a man I never really knew. My heart and prayers continue to be with the Giant Bomb crew, Anna, his family and friends, and the Giant Bomb community who collectively feel like they've lost their best friend.