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I'm glad Xbox One will let me play offline for as long as I want. I'm in the 30-40% of the US population that cares about their privacy. I know everything I do on the web is tracked but the benefits outweigh the risks in that case. I use my Xbox 360 and Kinect for exercise and fun. The benefits of connecting a gaming console to the internet are not worth the risks for me. I don't want our surveillance society to extend into my living room and bedroom. I don't trust software settings to prevent the microphone, camera and WiFi from being used. The reasons I want an Xbox One are the more accurate Kinect sensor and the better graphics. I would pay extra for a version with no WiFi.

I don't mind swapping discs when changing games to avoid the need for an internet connection. I don't switch between games that much. If someone else doesn't mind having an internet connection, I would think there could be a different scheme that doesn't involve swapping discs when changing games.