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In the single player arena, Wolfenstein, Banner Saga, The Wolf Among Us Season 2 (now fully out), The Stick of Truth, Transistor, Xenonauts, GRID Autosport, Valiant Hearts, Divinity, and Super Time Force are out on PC this year so far.

That's not a ton if single player video games on PC are your primary source of entertainment, and I'm sure a handful of those aren't your cup of tea, but I'm still not sure I'd call it lackluster just yet. We've got a third of the way to go.

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Will there be any coverage of the Patrick and Zoe Quinn talk on Giantbomb?

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Even if microtransactions are tacked on at the end of beta, where they couldn't possibly influence the balance the game, they still affect ME. There is no way to make them transparent enough to be cost-effective but opaque enough that they don't take me out of the experience. I hate being reminded of money while playing a game; I worry about money the other 95% of my life.

Microtransactions are never acceptable to me in a singleplayer experience unless that experience is just a time-waster (a la tower defense, trials games), where I wouldn't be focused anyway.

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Outstanding article, Alex.

Having only glanced at the media side of this issue, I have to say our Achilles' heel is ambassadorship. Whenever CNN or Fox or MSNBC needs an "expert" on games, there is no go-to individual that can cogently argue one-on-one on camera in favor of video games. We don't have a Michio Kaku or a Christopher Hitchens, and we need one to stop this cycle.

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Relic + Creative Assembly. There might actually be a Total War game worth buying in a few years.

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I don't like reading fiction--that's what we've got the Tubes for. On the other hand, I read at least 200 non-fiction books and essays a year.

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I've lost a lot of my faith in Intelligent Systems the last few years.

Pushmo would like to have a word with you.

That will certainly be on the list if I get a 3DS. I'll be more than willing to embrace them again if they turn around a Paper Mario game worthy of its predecessors.

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It seems as if I am averaging on the high end here. I wonder if there are any PC enthusiasts who can drop in their opinions as well.

How do you live with that monitor? It's the bit you're staring at the whole time, and as far as I can tell it's a Hanns-G that costs around $270 (possibly with secondary/tertiary inferior monitors).

Priorities, man.

On my end, I'm waiting for Black Friday to do a mobo switch so I can go all SSD without getting kneecapped performance from my well-worn SATA II ports. That'll put me over 2 grand this year no problem, though that total includes a pair of terrifyingly expensive headphones as well as several semi-exotic peripherals (Hydra, Das Model S, etc).

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I've lost a lot of my faith in Intelligent Systems the last few years. Between Advance Wars and Paper Mario they have a legacy anyone could proudly hang their hat on but, as much as it pains me to say it, I think they've forgotten what made their games compelling. I feel like the Zelda team has had this problem for a decade, and watching it spread through one of my favorite devs is heartbreaking.

I'm absolutely not about to dismiss Sticker Star out of hand, but I don't own a 3DS yet and as far as I can see this game will be my swingvote on its purchase; that's a high bar, higher than my expectations.

Still, surprises are always welcome.

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I already owned everything I wanted in the Steam Store AND STILL SPENT $25. Mostly as gifts.