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Super Mario Galaxy 2 is better than its predecessor. 0

Super Mario Galaxy 2 is better than its predecessor. Feel free to keep reading, but if you have not been fully informed by that statement you are in one of two camps. You either did not play the original, in which case get that mess done now so you understand what “better than its predecessor” really means; or you haven’t traditionally liked Mario and have come here curious if this game will change your mind, in which case, “yes.” This review also assumes you already know what a “Mario” is, so f...

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If only GSC knew how good Clear Sky was. 0

STALKER Clear Sky is harder to run than Crysis; it has terrible English dialogue; and the plot is series of unrelated dots in a compartmentalized wasteland. And that is just fine.  GSC Game World makes games that (like most code spawned from the Eastern bloc) contain gameplay elements of greater intricacy and weight than their Western or Asian counterparts. These elements are what make trudging through the system errors and the poorly (if ever) checkpointed missions worthwhile. Clear Sky is full...

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Future Perfect offers no more or less than expected. 1

TimeSplitters is a sort of off-brand in the shooter industry. Even though its antics with time travel have a substantial effect on the story, that aspect doesn't manage to carve it a niche because, apart from contributing a diverse array of environments, the time travel aspect has no real effect on gameplay. The story incorporates the idea but the gameplay side leaves alone completely. As such, TimeSplitters: Future Perfect really does nothing to make it stand out against the crowd. It has lots ...

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The way killing well-armed clones should be. 0

FEAR is a rare example of heavyhandedness improving a game. Half-Life 2 is frequently ostracized for being a showboat of the Source engine as is Crysis for the CryEngine. FEAR is easily as blunt in showing off just how amazing everything about it is as these games but, because of the context (industrial warehouses full of supersoldiers interlaced with crazy horror events) this approach actually improves the experience.FEAR's AI was far ahead of its time, both in scripting (programmed motions tha...

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A milestone in RPG history 0

Baldur's Gate 2: Shadows of Amn is as solid a whole as games ever come. It has a complex storyline, a large cast of memorable characters, an epic soundtrack, an impressively functional turn-based/real-time combat system based on AD&D, a hundred side quests, thousands of description-touting items...this go on for a while.This game was also, to my mind, the real beginning of dynamic roleplaying in an RPG. I wouldn't go so far as to say the story diverges to completely different worlds based on...

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