I am truly disappointed with Whiskey Media

I am sorry. I just have to say it. But I am disappointed with Whiskey Media. 
You see, I used to be a believer of WM. I used to think they're an icon for being so indie. You don't see any ads back then. You see honest reviews (except for the COD MW2 review, which I still don't quite see how it deserves a 5/5).
Now they have ads on the sites, which is something I don't really mind. After all, running a company costs money, running servers costs money. I understand that. This isn't the reason why I lost my respect to WM.
Hell I was rooting for them to start some sort of premium membership plan (which they did). 
But one thing I will never condone with is having to pay to enjoy content from a hobby site. Never. They did just that - by making you pay in order to watch the Big Live Live Show Live. Yea, I know, you have to pay for Internet porn. But that is different. You pay for their merchandise. Kind of like buying DVDs from HMV. You pay and you get the product. However, I don't approve of having the need to pay in order to enjoy exclusive content on a site making money off its visitors.
No, I'm not saying WM is doing anything wrong. They have the rights to do whatever they want with the videos. I am merely saying that I don't approve of what they're doing now.  
By paying a certain amount of money for a premium membership, of course you deserve something special. Maybe some special features in your profile for you to show off, some sort of discount at a video game store or even exclusive access to certain events. I don't care.  But in terms of content, free members and paid members should be enjoying the same amount. 
I am expecting some of ya'll to humiliate me or make fun of me for having such a thought, but I guess that's just me. I know this is not going to end well. But I just have to say it.
And one last thing, I would have actually subscribed for a paid membership. Now that I've lost all my respect to WM, I guess I can spend the cash on something else.


Scared to death

You guys probably don't know me. Never been popular, and probably never been liked by many. I was only followed by 10 people. My persona on Giantbomb is pretty much a mess. Feel free to call me an attention whore. 
As a matter of fact, I don't even know why I'm saying this. It's  totally unrelated to whatever I'm about to say. Come to think about it, maybe it does!!! Instead of talking to a friend or something, I decided to post on Giantbomb and wish someone will reply. That clearly is a demonstration of pathetic I am. 
Sorry for being a little more sarcastic. I'm not usually that way. I'm just scared to death, and I just want to share with you guys, and hopefully get me through the tough times. 
I'm a 16 year old kid. Obviously overweight and never got laid. Not exceptionally popular, but still kind of likable. Always helpful and very hot headed in some way. Basically, I'm just an ordinary dude. Somewhat pathetic if you ask me, but that doesn't matter right now. 
In approximately 5 hours, I will receive my results of a series of public exams. And what makes this year's exams more memorable than previous ones is simply these are the last ones the exams authority (yea, we actually have an organization just for exams) held. We'll be having completely new systems for students who are 15 right now, and their syllabus is completely different from ours. So that means if we fuck up this exam we have, we can't just repeat and take the exam again. 
On an unrelated note, the reason why Asians are "better" in maths is because the questions we attempt are more difficult than others and eventually we just become good at that stuff. 
Anyways, I'm having trouble sleeping. I managed to sleep for an hour before waking up panting and sweating. It's actually 2:53 am right now. That's probably why I was kind of a dick earlier in my blog post. Throw in the adrenaline and a heart beat rate which is through the roof right now, and you see an disjointed post about my own fears. 
I'm scared to death right now. My biggest fear isn't on whether if I'm gonna pass. I will pass. However, one of my worries is on whether if the school I studied in for 5 years will take me back so I can officially study in what Americans call the 12th grade, and then further my studies (Universities) in the US afterwards. You see, the school is definitely one of the most prestigious schools in my country and they have a high standards for students who studied in it. I kind of believe that I can achieve that standard, but man, I don't fucking know. It felt good after taking the exams, but it just seems like everyone felt that way. 
Actually, my biggest concern is on whether if my results reached my level of expectations. It's not my parents whom I worry about, but myself. I mean if I fuck up, I don't think I can look at myself in the mirror again. It's never the fear of facing our peers or elders after fucking up the test that makes us suicide, but more of the way we look at ourselves. 
You know you can keep your head held high even when you fuck up, as long as you feel this is the level you're gonna reach. 
I don't know if I can do that. 
And then my mom told me today that I have apply for a position in another school which is even on a higher level than the one I'm in right now in case the one I'm taking right now doesn't accept my application. I don't really worry about the interview process. It's just that I don't see the fucking point. I can't convince myself to do that. I know more options are always better but I've already set my mind to "if I fuck up I'll attend community colleges in LA and be a fucking parasite, jacking your seats in universities". I knew I'm not going to attend universities in my country. So why the fuck bother doing so? It's not like I can get a good recommendation letter. Plus, if  my school refuses to accept, this is not going to. I don't think I'm going to apply for this school. I just can't bring myself to do that. Just so you know, I'm very much a mommy's boy, listening and following whatever she says. But not this time.  
It's 3:24 am right now. 
Wish me luck. I don't know if I'm gonna jump off the tallest building in my fucking country or city, depends on what you consider Hong Kong is. If I did alright, I might post here later. I won't be sleeping now. I just won't be able to. 
Have a nice day, my fellow Giantbombers.


Should gender be that big of a deal on GB forums?

I've been browsing through a thread and saw links to a couple other threads detailing aftermaths of females posting threads that attracted a significant amount of male interests.
I can't help but start to think:
Should gender that big of a deal on a gaming site?
End of blog.

(Please don't quest spam. It's just annoying and pointless.)

The answer to that is a yes, although the ideal answer should be a no.
Let's face it. Most of us are guys. Number of females into video games are relatively few compared to the number of males. That leads to gaming sites, to some of our beliefs, consist of mostly males, making female members "stand out".
Some of us males find females who are into "things men are interested into" attractive, because they like what we like, and are of opposite gender. That's awesome, right?
According to my speculation, extreme cases view them as individuals so mind-blowingly awesome to a point where nobody can be them.
I mean, they are just too awesome that it's impossible for them to exist. A person who likes video games and has a vagina? Can it even be physically possible?
To these extreme cases, the answer is no, and thus leading to a bunch of doubts towards these female members' "actual" gender.
And then there are those who suck up to them. No, nothing that special really. A girl that shares interests as you do? You will want to impress her. It comes as a part of natural instincts within ourselves to do that. It's kind of like a hook up in a casual situation. In this case, it's the internet, only the outcome is both sides will never ever get to meet one another. It happens, although my philosophy to life is to be myself without being a prick towards other (and I'm trying hard to do that). That's why I'm not really a fan to sucking up to anyone, although I might have done that anyways, as it came as part of my natural instincts.
So that my friend, is my not-so-in-depth and likely-inaccurate take on the female members situation on the site.
But then, the internet is a place where we get to post our views on something anonymously. Yes, our username is an identity, but it's just a mere representation of ourselves on the internet so we could be held accountable for what we say. Gender shouldn't be the point of the identity. Rather, the content we post should be the main focus on our identites. 
Gaming sites are no exceptions.
So people, don't make a big deal out of you / she being female or not. It isn't supposed to matter.
P.S. Please don't hate me or post pictures of sarcasm. If you don't understand or don't like my post, just tell me why and I'll try my best to explain / improve. There's no reason to hate and be a prick. And no, this is not an attempt on quest spam. The quality of the post might be poor but I actually took 30 mins to come up with this.


Christina Aguilera's "Not Myself Tonight" - A Review

""I have never written a review for a song, or a music video for that matter. However, after watching the video, I have this stronh urge to write about it. For those who have never watched or even heard about the video, here you go:
Click for video
Yea, it's not even Youtube. Don't blame me, blame VEVO and the record company for being racists and not allowing anybody other than the Americanos watch their videos, as if we don't have other sources of watching them, (ALL HAIL DAILYMOTION)
OK, I'm going to review both the track and the video.  We should start of with the track first.

The Track


The lyrics, well, is clearly not what you expect after listening to her last album. She's going BIONIC. Oh yes. So basically, the whole song is about how she is like a werewolf, you know taking one form in daylight and another in the dark. But for her case, it's the "slut" form in dark rather than the wolf form I anticipated her to be. This is demonstrated throughout the track, and most noticably during the chorus, where she goes," I'm not myself tonight. Tonight I'm not the same girl same girl."
The lyrics are obviously a lot less mature. All about " I'm dancing alot and I'm taking shots I'm feeling fine" and "kissing all the boys and the girls" . Typical night club scene, nothing special about that.
And then somehow, she addressed the hater phenomenon by saying, "The old me's gone. I feel brand new. And if you don't like it, fuck you." This is obviously suggesting that her new album is taking a whole new direction, in case you didn't notice that in the music video. But anyways, this line felt so crammed in.


Polo Da Don is mostly known as a hip hop producer. Reading about him collaborating with Christina kind of shook me, but come to think about it, it makes sense. Polo Da Don was never paid for using a bunch of samples and do scratches, he does the new school hip-pop (no typo) thing. The track relied on a surprisingly large amount of drums, which I liked. Its techno nature also guarantees that it will instill in your mind for quite a while.

Overall Tone

Screw this. I'm an avid old school hip hop fan and I fell under this track's attempt on mind control. It's just so catchy, especially during the chorus. I really liked it, but I don't think it will be a permanent stay on my iPod.  It's just a matter of time before I forget about this one.

The Video

 I heard the video is a lot different from her previous ones, so I started watching it with that set of mentality, knowing that she will try to be "different". It didn't surprise me.
Anyways, here goes the video. It's like any other Lady Gaga music videoes - stupid, makes no sense, gothic, incredibly sophisticated and yet lacking depth somehow. This is exactly it, only when you're watching you're trying to convince yourself that Christina Aguilera isn't trying to be Lady Gaga.
Pictured above: Christina Aguilera not trying to be Lady Gaga
For most portions of the video, you get to see her dance. The first scene shows her dancing with a bunch of dancers. And then she tried to incorporate some BDSM ideas, just so she won't come out looking like Lady Gaga.
Pictured above: Christina Aguilera not trying to be a dominatrix (ie Lady Gaga)
You know what, let's forget this. The rest of the scenes are basically the same including one which has her dancing in red lingerie under bad weather conditions. The big fat attempt on creating controversey, however, comes in the end of the video. You may ask, "Isn't Christina Aguilera's non-attempt on being Lady Gaga being a lot more controversial, since she retained a lot of her personal style?" The answer is a no. It's simply because that scene (or you may refer it as that poor attempt on a sex scene which viewwers will have trouble understanding) felt like a last minute throw in. Unnecessary.
I can't help it. I need to throw in another screenshot to demonstrate how is Christina Aguilera not trying to be Lady Gaga.

Pictured above: Christina Aguilera not trying to perform some weird gesture which nobody seem to care and merely poses as an attempt on being "one-of-a-kind" (ie being Lady Gaga)
To sum it all up, Christina took the formula to Lady Gaga's success

Gothic + BDSM + Weird costumes + Unnecessary skin-showing + Having incredibly sophisticated music videos but yet somehow manage to lack depth = Major stardom

and succeeded, only with her own UNIQUE style - by going BIONIC