Christina Aguilera's "Not Myself Tonight" - A Review

""I have never written a review for a song, or a music video for that matter. However, after watching the video, I have this stronh urge to write about it. For those who have never watched or even heard about the video, here you go:
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Yea, it's not even Youtube. Don't blame me, blame VEVO and the record company for being racists and not allowing anybody other than the Americanos watch their videos, as if we don't have other sources of watching them, (ALL HAIL DAILYMOTION)
OK, I'm going to review both the track and the video.  We should start of with the track first.

The Track


The lyrics, well, is clearly not what you expect after listening to her last album. She's going BIONIC. Oh yes. So basically, the whole song is about how she is like a werewolf, you know taking one form in daylight and another in the dark. But for her case, it's the "slut" form in dark rather than the wolf form I anticipated her to be. This is demonstrated throughout the track, and most noticably during the chorus, where she goes," I'm not myself tonight. Tonight I'm not the same girl same girl."
The lyrics are obviously a lot less mature. All about " I'm dancing alot and I'm taking shots I'm feeling fine" and "kissing all the boys and the girls" . Typical night club scene, nothing special about that.
And then somehow, she addressed the hater phenomenon by saying, "The old me's gone. I feel brand new. And if you don't like it, fuck you." This is obviously suggesting that her new album is taking a whole new direction, in case you didn't notice that in the music video. But anyways, this line felt so crammed in.


Polo Da Don is mostly known as a hip hop producer. Reading about him collaborating with Christina kind of shook me, but come to think about it, it makes sense. Polo Da Don was never paid for using a bunch of samples and do scratches, he does the new school hip-pop (no typo) thing. The track relied on a surprisingly large amount of drums, which I liked. Its techno nature also guarantees that it will instill in your mind for quite a while.

Overall Tone

Screw this. I'm an avid old school hip hop fan and I fell under this track's attempt on mind control. It's just so catchy, especially during the chorus. I really liked it, but I don't think it will be a permanent stay on my iPod.  It's just a matter of time before I forget about this one.

The Video

 I heard the video is a lot different from her previous ones, so I started watching it with that set of mentality, knowing that she will try to be "different". It didn't surprise me.
Anyways, here goes the video. It's like any other Lady Gaga music videoes - stupid, makes no sense, gothic, incredibly sophisticated and yet lacking depth somehow. This is exactly it, only when you're watching you're trying to convince yourself that Christina Aguilera isn't trying to be Lady Gaga.
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Pictured above: Christina Aguilera not trying to be Lady Gaga
For most portions of the video, you get to see her dance. The first scene shows her dancing with a bunch of dancers. And then she tried to incorporate some BDSM ideas, just so she won't come out looking like Lady Gaga.
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Pictured above: Christina Aguilera not trying to be a dominatrix (ie Lady Gaga)
You know what, let's forget this. The rest of the scenes are basically the same including one which has her dancing in red lingerie under bad weather conditions. The big fat attempt on creating controversey, however, comes in the end of the video. You may ask, "Isn't Christina Aguilera's non-attempt on being Lady Gaga being a lot more controversial, since she retained a lot of her personal style?" The answer is a no. It's simply because that scene (or you may refer it as that poor attempt on a sex scene which viewwers will have trouble understanding) felt like a last minute throw in. Unnecessary.
I can't help it. I need to throw in another screenshot to demonstrate how is Christina Aguilera not trying to be Lady Gaga.
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Pictured above: Christina Aguilera not trying to perform some weird gesture which nobody seem to care and merely poses as an attempt on being "one-of-a-kind" (ie being Lady Gaga)
To sum it all up, Christina took the formula to Lady Gaga's success

Gothic + BDSM + Weird costumes + Unnecessary skin-showing + Having incredibly sophisticated music videos but yet somehow manage to lack depth = Major stardom

and succeeded, only with her own UNIQUE style - by going BIONIC