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Just wanted to note that I'm having the "500 internal server error" on the homepage. Forums work though ...

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@la_raga: So sorry, someone reached it before you via PM. Good luck out there.

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There is still one copy left for those browsing by.

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@pantzing_nome: I just sent it, and you're welcome. It seemed wasteful to just leave them in my inventory while it was a (relatively) new game.

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@pantzing_nome: Sure, just PM me with your email address and I'll send it over.

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@billymagnum: Sure, I think I just need a Steam ID an email address. PM me if you don't want it public.


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The game is out of the zeitgeist these days, but is a lot of fun and has had significant updates since it was last mentioned on Giant Bomb. I bought a four-pack and never found interested friends, so to you this bounty comes.

It's a Steam game, Windows only. Check out the Steam store page for more details. First come, first serve! Please don't ask to just add to your expansive Steam library; the game is worth a play.

*That's it, thanks for taking them off my hands.

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Just thought I'd leave an update here. Two weeks after the patch containing the bug was released, a new patch with fix was pushed out.

I'm happy to be playing again.

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@beard_of_zeus: Thanks for the reply. I had zero problems with how Rayman Origins preformed so I guess I'm taking the plunge on Valiant Hearts.

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@corruptedevil: I think easy mic access is really important for team based games like Factions in The Last of Us. I've only ever heard shit talking from the opposing team between rounds, and muting is trivial.