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Just thought I'd leave an update here. Two weeks after the patch containing the bug was released, a new patch with fix was pushed out.

I'm happy to be playing again.

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@beard_of_zeus: Thanks for the reply. I had zero problems with how Rayman Origins preformed so I guess I'm taking the plunge on Valiant Hearts.

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@corruptedevil: I think easy mic access is really important for team based games like Factions in The Last of Us. I've only ever heard shit talking from the opposing team between rounds, and muting is trivial.

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I'm really hoping The Last of Us: Remastered will have a long life on PS4. The game mechanics make for an excellent and challenging multiplayer experience. It has a fun Counter Strike style upgrade system, great maps, and highly rewards team players.

It should be even better than the PS3 Factions multiplayer because everyone will have the DLC/Season Pass maps, everyone has easy mic access, and of course it will run even better.

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I missed this game entirely until I saw it on the PlayStation Store today. The trailer looks great, reviews are encouraging. It's too bad it isn't PS3/PS4 cross-buy but I don't know if I can wait until I have a PS4 to see this.

Anyone know how it looks or performs on the PS3/360?

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The promised update from Mossmouth/BlitWorks has arrived for the PS3 and PS Vita versions of Spelunky. Along with bug fixes the big patch note is the Pro HUD which hit PC a few months ago. It gives more information but does it with less screen space. I really appreciate the indication that I'm on a Daily Challenge.

I think some players might miss another excellent addition: inverted run. In the controller options you can now set the "run" button to be a walk button. Yep, no more claw hand on your controller. I have to admit over 1,700 Spelunky plays has built a strong muscle memory; it's been hard to take my finger off the trigger. However, I no longer get a cramped index finger.

The announcement of Spelunky on PlayStation 4 came out a couple weeks ago but I thought I'd reiterate it as well. From the blog post:

For PS4, we want to do even more — like bump up the graphics to 1080p, let players upload replays to the leaderboards, add more social features to the Daily Challenge, and otherwise take advantage of the PS4′s unique hardware.

All good news. The screenshots look great and I can't wait to play with the DualShock 4.

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Bridgenorth, Ontario, Canada

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I have never backed a Kickstarter proposal. I have no idea why anyone who did would feel entitled at this point; they got theirs. I'm still deeply disappointed by the Facebook acquisition.

(If we want a recent reason to feel better, Instagram was acquired by Facebook for $1 billion and seemingly remains unscathed as part of the buyout process.)

Instagram is an entirely different product that does fit with Facebook's current business. It has also certainly changed since the purchase, Instagram Video being the most apparent.

While a massive cash pipe is good for Oculus development now, the sacrifice of control could cause problems later. Facebook business practices are greasy. I don't think they have anything to offer Oculus in the way developers or designers. The site preforms well for the capacity, but has deep struggles with feature creep and user experience. Setting up Facebook is more trouble than setting up a new computer.

I am glad the VR excitement has expanded beyond Oculus, with Sony and others in the running it's not as likely to flop when it hits market.

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Sure, although I'm not exactly tearing it up with the high scores. ookamiwarrior on PSN. Also I'm one of those Spelunkers.

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I was wondering if anyone has experience playing PSN digital copy of the game. Some recent 3D games (like GTA V) preformed better on PlayStation 3 discs because they could stream data from the BD and the HDD simultaneously. This game might not be as taxing but I was wondering if anyone has noticed performance differences between the versions.

In Ontario the game sells for $65+tax on disc, and PSN sells it for $60 and taxes are not applicable. The difference is over $13.