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@grillbar: Great list, I agree with the games I've played. Worms, The Last of Us, Far Cry, Dying Light. All fun uses and different mechanics for molotovs. It's just so satisfying.

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Thanks for the reply, I'm not interested in Hardline so this seems like the one for me. It does look like a steeper discount than Battlefield 3 had at this point in it's life. Hard to believe the game released just 15 months ago.

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@spoonman671: Haha I've always agreed with that argument for L1/R1. The one problem I have is that the other function, aim down sights, feels much better with analog operation. Not many a console game that'll let you aim with L2 and fire with R1.

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This week (27 Jan - 2 Feb) EA has discounted Battlefield 4 on PS4. The base game for $14 and the Premium Edition for $28. I was wondering how everyone feels after seeing all of the DLC and watching the patches roll through. I was really pleased with BF3 Premium by the time that all finished.

Did this game ever get fixed? Did the expanded content add to the experience? How actIve is PSN?

Thanks in advance.

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This is a big surprise to me. Really sorry to see you leave, as one of my favourite site personalities. The podcast alone will leave a hole. Have good luck and fun in your future endeavours.

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Just wanted to note that I'm having the "500 internal server error" on the homepage. Forums work though ...

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@la_raga: So sorry, someone reached it before you via PM. Good luck out there.

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There is still one copy left for those browsing by.

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@pantzing_nome: I just sent it, and you're welcome. It seemed wasteful to just leave them in my inventory while it was a (relatively) new game.

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@pantzing_nome: Sure, just PM me with your email address and I'll send it over.