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Second Bi-Yearly check-in to this thread

Well it's that time again, 6 months have past and I once again take stock (forgive the pun) on the state of Nintendo and the WiiU. When this thread was first started, many people claimed I was overreacting and the WiiU would be 'just fine'.


The WiiU is selling abysmally as ever, Nintendo's stock just took a overnight drop of 18% and the projections of 9 million sales have been slashed to 2.8 million (still optimistic). The WiiU is very clearly a failed console. There really isn't anything else to say. People saw it coming, yet some gave it the 'it'll be just fine' response.

Sometimes, things won't be 'just fine'. You don't make yourself look wise and reserved by taking the dismissive middle-ground of nothingness. Sometimes, the sky really is falling. In future, it'd be prudent to listen.

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GTAV not even anywhere in the top 10. I'm finally done with GOTY's. Geoff was the last guy I related to. Now it's over. I'll never care again.

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You realize they were on their own before, right?... They joined CBSi for a reason.

Aside from the Tested guys not being around, very little has changed since moving here other than a slight improvement in production values - and a bunch of cool additional content (both subscriber and non-sub). If you came to the site since they've been here, I suggest tracking down the videos where they explained the decision to come here. If you have been here longer than that, then hopefully this post was intended purely in jest.

First came to the site about a week into the Persona 4 Endurance Run - And if you think they are doing more now than then, you are deluding yourself.

  • Video reviews....they were a thing
  • Video full series features [TANG].....they were a thing
  • Fully produced I Love Mondays videos.....that was a thing
  • I Love Mondays recorded on a godamn smartphone.....that was at least a little bit of a thing
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If you think broadcast equipment is all they need in order to stay relevant, then you need to some more research.

Relevancy is more nebulous than anything that can be bought with money.

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If you want a simple answer for why they won't leave - it would cost a lot more for a small group of people to run this site than it would for CBSi. Health insurance would be way more expensive, bandwidth/internet expenses would be higher, they would have to buy all of the equipment, etc... Basically, economies of scale.

Not to mention the costs of employing full-time engineering and design staff to run a single site. The economics are by far the primary reason why they couldn't/shouldn't break away from CBSi. If they did attempt to go independent, things would have to change drastically and probably not for the better.

I think I recall Jeff making it pretty clear that CBSi was essential for allowing GB to continue to exist. I think he said that the site couldn't have gone on for more than a few months without them stepping in during the sale Whiskey Media.

I don't buy it.

All the things you guys are citing as additional expenses could be covered by the profit that's currently going to CBSi (Indies would freelance out design work for example). That's unless you intend to claim that CBSi isn't making much of a worthwhile profit out of Giant Bomb.

If that's the case, that in-of-itself opens up a can of worms regarding GB's continued presence at CBSi. Either way, it's a interesting equation to think about.

The only real answer I can come to is: They simply just don't want to. But that also raises questions. When you look around at how things have changed for online media since the days of GameFAQs, you have to consider that perhaps Jeff and the guys have just gotten a little too used to being 'salaried employees of X company'. I'm not saying they must go indie and go indie now. I'm saying one of these days, with where media is going, they might have to.

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Even if they could, but why in name of Michael Pachter should they go indie? What do they gain?

Well abendlaender, I'm glad you asked.

Say, for example, over the next few years the transition to On Demand internet TV doesn't treat large old media giants so well. Maybe budgets get squeezed. Perhaps cuts have to be made.

It may well end up in the situation where going it alone isn't the naive fantasy I'm being accused of conjuring. It could be out right necessary.

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80% of the responses are 'Because of money' - So therefore logic dictates that you all believe Giant Bomb is loosing money for CBS?

Either they are making a profit enough to pay for everything they use and their salaries with money left over [Net Gain]
OR they are loosing money with these payouts taken into account [Net Loss]

IF the situation is [Net Gain] then Giant Bomb could feasibly go indie - On financial level.

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Idea: The crew puts some cash together for broadcast equipment - Leaves CBS - Sets up shop at Jeffs house, hip indie studio style.

How and why can't this happen?

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Jeff will be making his case for $370,000 to fund the return of I Love Mondays.

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How will the beta controller differ from the one that’s for sale next year?

There are a couple important differences: the first 300 or so beta units won’t include a touch screen, and they won’t be wireless. Instead, they’ll have four buttons in place of the touch screen, and they’ll require a USB cable.

And they better stay goddamn wired. F-O-R-E-V-E-R.