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Ok so you're playing on SteamOS on your TV:

  1. How do you group voice chat to your buddies?
  2. Can you stream your gameplay like PS4/XONE and *cough* Windows?

If yes - who pays for these services? How far are Valve willing to go down the console services rabbit hole? Could there even be a subscription service with monthly free games?

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@fisk0 said:

Considering how they didn't release a PC version of Dragon's Dogma even after Capcom America's VP Christian Svensson begged Capcom Japan to do it ... I'm not as enthusiasthic.

Remember how well Dragons Dogma turned out on PC?

Assuming a Japanese console game comes to PC is not good practice

Guys, this is a new generation. The consoles are x86. Steam happened. You can't keep assuming things are going to be exactly the same this time round.

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@thebiolover said:

Uh, what? It's a PS4 exclusive.

His argument is that it's a timed exclusive that will eventually make its way to platforms other than the PS4, but with Sony also behind the game, I don't see that happening.

What's the true extent of their involvement? If we're talking a Bayonetta 2 situation with 100% funding coming from Nintendo, maybe you're right. But I doubt a big publisher like Capcom would relinquish the rights to release on PC if they feel they can make a decent profit. It's just business.

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@jimmyfenix: My good sir, in regards to your western release concern - I refer you to point 4.

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Question. Considering the fact that:

  1. The Deep Down demo can run on a 'NVIDIA Geforce GTX 570, 8 GB of RAM, and an Intel Core i7 CPU'
  2. Capcom's last big game, Resident Evil 6, took 5 months to come to PC.
  3. Next-gen PC ports are easier than ever.
  4. Capcom really love money.

How long long until we're pre-loading this badboy on steam?

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I totally get that it's business. But I just wish there was a developer out there with the balls to admit it.

Fuck all this 'We're so exited to bring our fans the BLA BLA BLA'. Just straight up come out and say 'People are gonna buy the fuck outta this game. We predict a metric fuckton of cash all up in our faces by the end of this fiscal year.'

Is there a company like that anywhere?

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@chaser324: I guess I'm just bummed that EA couldn't put up the cash to get it out on PS4/XONE/PC day-and-date and just let the chips fall where they may (in terms of what system people decide to buy on the strength of it. I'm not one of those people, but they are certainly out there.)

It's interesting to take a purely analytic look at: Where the fuck is the line actually drawn between what's classed as a straight up bribe and a next-gen 3rd party exclusivity deal. That shit starts to get real grey area.

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@chaser324: Totally agree with everything you just said, only applied to their publisher EA. Publishers investing upfront for a return feels like legit business.

However, Microsoft paying for it not to come out on PS4 out the gate feels fucked this generation. Last gen there was kind of an excuse with CELL vs. PowerPC...there was a legit technical reason for games to focus on one platform. This time it's pure money. That's my issue.