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tablet Apps are no different than the video game industry around 82'-84' where you had to weed through a large selection of rip-off's, broken, and terrible games to find anything worthy to play.

No it's different. The best rises to the top via users ratings/reviews that are right on the buy screen.

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@tarsier: I may have started this thread predicting bad things for Nintendo hardware, but for the love of god I hope this never happens to Nintendo games.

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@ihateyouron: Alright, expecting a Mario Galaxy esque paradigm shift might be a little much. But c'mon, at least they should have had a Mario game on the same level of SM64/SMSunshine/SMGalaxy to launch the system. Or with the ship clearly sinking, they should be announcing something like this.

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I mean, has the NSMB series really tainted the brand so much that people are completely apathetic towards any game with Mario in the title?

No, but it's been 6 years since Super Mario Galaxy. 6 years since an honest-to-god step forward the Mario name.

Conversely, look at the Metal Gear franchise. 25 years old and still not afraid to push forward, with V going open-world for the first time.

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@jasonleeson: What they need to do is cut the old guard loose, Iwata and Miyamoto and the like need to retire, because they're not with the times, and in their hubris, they've done more harm than good.

Old Guard/New Guard

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@audiobusting: Yes! This could totally happen. Perhaps even as DLC for the existing game.

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@dookysharpgun: I'm totally optimistic for their chances as a games publisher if they cut this console bullshit and double down on their IP's. At a certain point it's going to get to the stage where Nintendo are holding back Mario & Princess Peach hostage, literally becoming Bowser.

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It's true that they have great IP's - But who's to say that with total ubiquity of smartphones, over the next 5 years new IP's come along that capture massive chucks of the kids market. What if, say, there is a Minecraft-level game that is big game changer.

And there's a thing: Minecraft. This generation of kids was basically lost to Minecraft. It's all they talk about. I doubt they'll be reminiscing about Mario and Zelda as much as the 20-somethings of today.

Not to mention stuff like Disney Infinity. It seems as though Nintendo's IP's will gradually loose the numbers they once had.

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In five years though? I'd say Nintendo will be dropping home consoles, and focusing on the handheld market.

Here is the thing though: 5 years is a hell of a long time in mobile technology. It's moving at an insane rate. Imagine what games will be like on smartphones.

I really think it's going to get to the point where it'll be one heck of a hard sell to convince people to carry around an extra device (never mind pay for) when what they've got is awesome already.

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Not every game needs multiplayer.

I think this sentiment applies more to 'Bioshock Infinite doesn't need team deathmatch'. I thought this idea could be kinda neat. Please don't be so mean to me :(