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  • Added pressure of having to out perform others, or face exile.
  • The worst performer at the end of the day is eliminated.
  • Once out, the player then becomes a person in the line, able to forge their papers as they see fit. (Must make equal amount of passes through each of the remaining player's checkpoints)

Could be pretty neat/this is completely ridiculous.

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Here is my fantasy:

Nintendo and Sony make a historic, earth-shattering deal:

  • Nintendo sign an exclusivity contract for 1st party console games to the PS4.
  • Nintendo agree to write off the WiiU console and allow the WiiU tablet to be compatible with the PS4 as an optional accessory.
  • Sony agree to leave the handheld business, forever.
  • Japan rises again as the dominant video game mecca of the world.
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@def said:

The Wii U's second wind has only just started with Pikmin 3 coming out.

Have you learned nothing from the Hubris of this thread?

WiiU second wind? Ok then buddy. See you in another 6 months.

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This conversation is at least six months early...

6 Months Later...

It's been really interesting to come back to this thread. With the WiiU selling just 160,000 world-wide in Q1, the optimism from many people here was clearly misplaced.

I think Nintendo dropping out of console market is a stronger possibility than ever. When that will happen? Who knows.

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105 Hours - Dark Souls
182 Hours - Skyrim
550 hours - MW2
1750 hours - CS:S

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@hamst3r: If a game is given that subtitle, it's an automatic buy for me.

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Was thinking about if Crytek/EA would release a full-bells-and-whistles version of Crysis 3 for Xbone/PS4.

But if they did, what the hell would they call it? Crysis 3: Enhanced Edition? What about all the other current-gen titles that could be profitably re-released in 1080p with 'higher settings' from the PC versions? Will there be a naming scheme or just a free-for-all?

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Following Phil Fish became too much for me about 3 weeks ago. Now this happens...

It takes a certain degree of brilliant madness to conceive and build something like Fez. The classic double edge sword. Hideo Kojima was the first time I really took notice to some of nutbar shit these types exemplify.

Yet, Fez and Metal Gear's oddball shit is what made them some of the most memorable games ever made. The Bomb crew, to this very daystill make Psycho Mantis jokes. We need guys like this.

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  1. Bring Matt Kessler back as a permanent intern.