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I'm wondering if Simcity is worth a chance?

It's not like I've tried to play citybuilders since 1998 and not liked them, I just straight up haven't played any. Only stuff any where near have been RTS and TBS like Starcraft II (Singal player only) and XCOM.

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Cage's presentation specifically called out technology limitations as a barrier to emotional connection in storytelling, while simultaneously using the classic silent film The Great Train Robbery as an example of why movies weren't interesting until the technology radically improved. It's a lame argument, one that presumes that the quality of artistic expression and the rate of technological advancement are inextricably linked. Considering we've seen no small share of terrible storytelling in the last few decades, regardless of how technology has improved, I don't think this point holds water.

I have disagree here.

Yes, we have had great story telling over the last few decades. But Cage didn't claim that there has been no story telling at all, nor did he claim that that the quality of artistic expression and the rate of technological advancement are inextricably linked.

He just said there's a link. Not an inextricable one.

Specifically he talked about large game-changing moments in movies, like the introduction of sound. Ok, pretty large and obvious. But then he showed the unprecedented detail and expression achievable with next-gen tech. Subconsciously this is massive, but inherently subtle.

And it's that subconscious-level difference where the progress will be made this generation. It's the little things, those minute differences that so many cynics write off as 'incremental graphical upgrade'. In this domain, it's hard to put into words. It's a feeling, a vibe. Something you know is true, but you can't place why.

Today, game reviewers never venture further than criticism of a characters voice actor. In the future, it'll be their overall performance. They'll be full blown actors. Mannerisms. Idiosyncrasies. Right up in their highly rendered face. And man, it's going to be fucking glorious.

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@pubbles: Perhaps in it's current form. But 5 years is a lonnnng time in technology and the mobile market is insanely lucrative. They will figure it out.

In 5 years perhaps we've got a google glass type product that's the new thing. Looks goofy as hell now, but with a stylish design overhaul and smartphone-level of functionality, who knows.

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@MocBucket62 said:

maybe they will think of some kind of phone device to go after the likes of Apple and Android for mobile gaming.

They should make that phone interact as a third screen for the Wii U - Essentially creating Inception levels of multi-screen gameplay.

Launch title = Inception: The Game

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@Bourbon_Warrior: Hahaha who knows man, who knows!

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@Ravenlight:Yes I'm starting to think that also.

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@joshwent said:

I completely agree that in 5 years we'll have phones that can play much better games, but they wont have good physical controls, and more importantly, they won't have street pass

Physical controls - Phones right now have one plane of touch + basic gestures. In 5 years, they will have Leap tech built in:


And a version of street pass? Dude, Dude. Smartphones. They can do everything.

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@Kidavenger said:

@JasonLeeson: You can't give a child a $1.99 app for a birthday/xmas present.

I also think this cheap app gaming world is a fad that will drop in prominence greatly over the next few years, I completely stopped playing mobile games over the last year, they can be a fun distraction in small spurts, but after you've played a few there isn't much of a draw to keep on playing.

Perhaps for you now and as a adult.

But in 5 years, mobile games a going to be much potent in look and scope. CPU's will be greatly faster, everyone will have 4G download speeds and storage capacity will easily be 1TB. Yes, a $1.99 game is not present-worthy but I'm sure as the games get more intense production poured into them prices will vary reflectively.

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I see what a lot of you guys are saying, Nintendo isn't going away. I get that.

I'm thinking here, as more and more kids get their hands on powerful-ass smartphones (the R&D going into that device category is unprecedented and insane at this point) with 5inch Full HD displays - what games are those things going to be running? You can bet your right arm within the next 5 years there are going to be some really popular and successful kid-targeted IP's on mobile.

So, with that in mind; how much do Nintendo's core franchises loose their luster amongst the coming generation of children? How much pull does Mario and Zelda have in a world where an awesome kids game is just $1.99 away on a device they already own?

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Been thinking about this and man, I really can't see a bright future for those guys.

  • It's pretty foreseeable at this point the Wii U isn't going to be half (perhaps quarter) the success of the Wii. Same situation with the 3DS to the DS.
  • In 5 years tablets capable of running pretty robust games will be cheap and ubiquitous. Easily at 'games for kids' level. Ergo; they are the new handheld market.

With these two things in mind, what happens to Nintendo? Do they suffer a SEGA-like level of downsizing? Because honestly, I really can't see a way out for these guys this time.