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Because most people don't have personal relationships with cows. They do, however, have personal relationships with people. So drinking milk from a person is grosser then drinking milk from a cow.

Done and done.

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They set the sales mark too high then cause 3.4 million is really good. Especially for a reboot at the end of a console cycle.

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However I can get it.

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"Everything will be fine. Relax."

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@theht said:

hey gang, that ending sure is a real hoot.

It's awesome isn't it? The whole episode is fantastic.

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Of mice and men right?

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Hey, I'm back, you probably don't know me because every year since 2008, I started posting at this exact same time, got flagged to eternity, lost my ability to post, came back the following year, got flagged to eternity, and so on.

But the reason I keep coming back is that I like this forums. People here are grown up adults like me (I recently turned 20). Any other gaming forum has a very juvenile demographic which makes me unable to have real discussions there.

That's all, see ya.

Substance is a thing that will lead your posts to not being flagged. Giving forum high-fives isn't enough dude.

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@tobiass said:

Well this is what I get for speaking my mind :(

No. This is what you get for saying dumb shit and generalizing an ENTIRE group of people based off of these few, phantom homosexuals you "know".