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Edit: responded to the wrong thread.

Anyway, read my second comment. Everyone else that asks, read my second comment.

Hey, everybody, everyone! Read my second comment.

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I don't know how to work phones. Look a couple comments below this one.

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Shouldn't the question rather be "will the problems discussed be addressed?"

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I vehemently disagree with your premise that enjoying something with problematic elements is all it takes. Defending or refusal to acknowledge those elements is where that judgement gets made. As Anita herself said in part 1 of Women as Background Decoration "As always, please keep in mind that it's entirely possible to be critical of some aspects of a piece of media while still finding other parts valuable or enjoyable."

That means everything to a woman who enjoys Bayonetta the game, but finds her offensive as character. But that means nothing to a woman who enjoys Bayonetta as a character, including the woman who designed her.


Hi guys! I've basically stayed out of this whole conversation until just right now, because I also need this sentence explained to me or I won't be able to sleep tonight.

Sure thing. If you like Bayonetta as a game, and someone is ONLY criticizing the character herself, that doesn't mean they're criticizing the game itself or your enjoyment of the game. There are lots of things you can say are good or bad about the game, and the character is just one of them.

However now think of someone who likes Bayonetta as a character. Perhaps they think that she's has a cool design, or perhaps they are a woman who happens to find her empowering, and maybe they even have dressed as her for a convention or two. For those people, by saying that Bayonetta is an offensive character, you have criticized EVERYTHING about Bayonetta as a character.

And to be clear, Sarkeesian has said that the only positive thing about the character is that she's a single mother. Actually, she specifically said that was the only positive thing about the game itself, but even when ignoring this, you still have the issue that I'm referring to.

And because of that, the whole " it's entirely possible to be critical of some aspects of a piece of media while still finding other parts valuable or enjoyable." is kind of worthless at that point.

That's called having a differing opinion and a discussion can be had about that. That doesn't invalidate enjoyment of the whole while recognizing problematic parts.

Yep. Not everyone has the same experience with a game, movie, book, etc. There isn't a 'right' way to go about experiencing something so saying a way of experiencing is 'worthless' is pretty silly.

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I didn't even consider their ages when watching. Looking back, since they were young military I assumed they would be in their late teens early 20's like most privates in the military in the US. I can't imagine how that would be a weird thing for someone to come to terms with. I mean in war movies how old do people think the soldiers are? 30-40? I mean a few are but a ton of them are really young.

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I mean. He was blocked dude. Fair or not, wouldn't it be the mature thing to accept their wishes and leave then be? This thread is fine. But this thread isn't against their wishes. Right?

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@granderojo: Sorry if I read something into it. It just read odd. Because frankly these issues didn't just happen recently. They've been happening forever. It's just throughout history, at different times, they draw a spotlight. Which is unfortunate that so many spotlights have been drawn upon these issues and yet here we are again.

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When you start with 'when this this whole feminism explosion happened..." you're not going to win many people over. In fact, it says quite a lot.