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I'm replaying Tales of Symphonia and the level design and characters are more obnoxious then I remember. I still like it though.

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My first job was working at a family fun center part time while in high school. I ran things like go-karts, batting cages, and bumper cars. It was a good high school job but after the year I was there I needed out of there.

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I couldn't really pay but I'll throw in a Steam game. What the hell.

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Hey dudes, I've written a short story that I'd like to publish on Amazon through their direct publishing program. I looked through the process and they ask that I upload an image for a book cover. The problem is that I am not an artists and can only draw stick figures. So I guess when I said in the title of this thread 'I need help with a book cover' what I really meant was 'can someone make me a book cover for free'.

So are any of you guys willing to help me out? I'd really appreciate it. I looked through the rules and they say that the image must either be TIFF or JPEG, at least 1000 pixels on the longest side, with an ideal height/width ratio of 1.6. 2500 pixels on the longest side is preferred. Just to really reinforce why I shouldn't make the cover, I barely understand what any of that meant.

The story is called 'Moments' and follows a woman through stages in her life and tries to give an audience a view into her beliefs and perceptions as events in her life change her into who she becomes as a middle-aged woman. Essentially I've taken a fictional character, created a clinical formulation, and put it into a story format. The story jumps around in time and setting but the location that is used the most in the story is in a forest. I live in Washington and imagined a forest in that setting. So tall evergreen trees, at night, heavy fog, wet and damp as if it had just rained, with all of the colors darkened with shades of extremely dark green, black, hints of blue and a really high contrast from a full moon seeping through the fog from time to time.

For those that took the time to read all that I really appreciate it and for those that intend on helping me by throwing me some cool images for a cover I appreciate you a ton too.

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$225 give or take. I took my parents, brother, and sister-in-law out to a steakhouse to celebrate my Mom's birthday. I covered the bill. Never doing that again.

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I bet every time the staff sees this exact thread every month or so they get really pumped to make content.

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They are free to make and release this game. But none of it sounds good to me and these creators sound fucking insufferable.

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This is an issue discussed in college Literature classes. The way I was taught, a writer can't remove themselves from their writing and so writing will inevitably be subjective no matter how hard the writer tries not to be. The writer then has to work from that being considered a given.

My professors would tell the students that any critique is not inherently right or wrong. The only way a critique can be 'wrong' is if it isn't supported by references from the source being critiqued. So a review of a game is more valid if the critiques represented are backed up by examples from the game. If they aren't, the audience reading the critique have no way of judging the quality of the critique.

I think most people get this. Where people seem to get the most tripped up is either in processing the critique or in being offended by the very presence of the critique. For the former, not all critiques are of the same quality. It's up to the audience to determine if they agree with the writer's rationale. That's how a discourse works. The discourse fails when people forget what they are even talking about and fight for the sake of fighting. Which seems to happen a lot online.

On whether the critique should exis at all I find that pretty silly. So many people want to have video games taken seriously. But then when they are the same people get upset. You can't have it both ways. Criticism is a part of a medium's growth. It'll happen no matter what. So to fight so strongly against it seems silly to me.

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There was a switch in game design that happened right at the 8-bit era. Games before the NES / Master System won't hold up very well. There are exceptions but a lot of the exceptions do one thing really well. PAC-Man does one basic gameplay loop really well. Games from 8-bit on layered gameplay mechanics and look more modern as a result.

I'd say that the games that hold up the best are the ones that, like current games, either layer more gameplay mechanics as the game progresses or changes the level design to push whatever gameplay mechanics are there.

So pre-8-bit I would say PAC-Man, Tapper, and the two Pitfall games. Post-8-bit, the Mario games, FF 6 and Phantasy Star 4, Sonic 1 and 2, Dune (the adventure / resource management game). Probably others but I can't think of them. But those are examples anyway.

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The internet is fucking absurd. I wouldn't ever want it, but cases like this make a pretty good case for it to be heavily regulated.