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Here's the article; m.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-28781440

Sorry, I'm on my phone so you'll have to copy/paste. It's a Molotov Cocktail.

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I saw this being talked about a lot on twitter. I'm really not the biggest fan if protests though I don't hate them either. And this one sounds justified. But it always leads to violence because there's always some people there who just want to see shit destroyed and could care less for any cause. Case and point, on the BBC I saw a protester holding a Molotov Cocktail with the caption 'reports of multiple protesters throwing Molotov Cocktails at police'.

Could the police be handling this better? Absolutely. Their aggressive posturing and actions are just increasing tension. But it's not that black and white either. So when I see people on Twitter or elsewhere condemning police or protesters I just want to shake my head and remove myself from the conversation altogether.

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This game isn't exactly a good showcase for what the system is capable of. Look at Infamous for that as of right now.

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Lame. But exclusive means nothing anymore. This will come to the PS4 eventually. I will eat my PS4 if it doesn't.

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I really hope they have writers now that can match their artists.

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In one of my philosophy classes in college, a smartass student once questioned my teacher by asking if a word he had used was 'made up'. The teacher's response was, "Tell me a word that isn't made up." I always think about that story when I see people getting hung up on words, their use and their meanings.

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I guess sitting down and talking wouldn't have done the trick? Also they're 10.

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Sorry dude. But those are the rules. Fair or not I suppose. But to the government, a convention is the last thing they probably care about. If I'm guessing right, and I'm totally guessing, is the logic for punishing a family for a single member's actions based on the idea that the government would assume some hidden action or intent for the rest of the family based on the individual's unwillingness to comply. Such as, "if one member doesn't follow the rules, then it's likely the rest won't either"?

As much as it sucks for you, if rules weren't in place like that the US, and other countries, could be flooded with more people then they have resources to support. I know you just want a visa but I can understand the trepidation of the government thinking that that visa may be a way for you and your family to stay forever. I know that's not the case but how is the government to know that especially when the only information they have currently involve your sister.

At the end though it sucks that you can't visit despite the politics. Hopefully it can all be worked out eventually.

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