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Yep, totally stole this idea from the 'Rate The Last Movie You Saw'. That out of the way, how would you rate the last game you finished?

I'll start. I just finished Metsl Gear Solid 2. I'll give it a 3/5. The gameplay is much improved over the original, it still looks great, the VO is really well done (even Raiden), the cutscenes are well shot and there are really cool moments. And the main theme is great (and incredibly under-used).

But, as improved as the controls were I still didn't feel like I had a lot of control over the movement. Raiden has so little momentum when he moves. His movement curve is an immediate ramp up. Subtly was just not there. Then how it all ends. I'll stay away from spoilers. But Jesus Christ. I like MGS 4's brand of nuts. That game was over the top in a bombastic sort of way. MGS 2 is just absurd because of the characterizations, story contrivances, and the juvenile philosophy nonsense. Then it just falls so flat. It felt like there should be a third act but there's nothing. And Raiden feels like the sidekick, filling in a supportive role running parallel to a much more interesting story. When I was done, I didn't feel anything at all. It all just sort of happened. Maybe my expectations were too high.

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What a dumb idea. I mean it'll make a ton of money. But 3 had a perfect ending for the series.

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Star Wars: Sequels Cometh

But, whatever. Titles are hard, as someone who has just recently had to title something. And they are usually dumb anyway.

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I don't know anything about either one. So get Fantasy Life because that sounds like Japanese Second Life so it has to be great.

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Well, um, since this is in general discussion, I'm going to say Adam Pederson - The creator of Jetpack.

Oops. It should be in off-topic.

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Let's say for you personally.

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I've picked up a writing habit recently because it's a ton of fun. I've written one story and am in the process of trying to write another. While thinking of ideas, watching Sportscenter, I saw a segment about a college athlete who played her first basketball game ever. She had been diagnosed with inoperable brain cancer and is likely to die before the year is out. So this will likely be one of the few times she'll be able to play a game at all before she passes away.

It made me think of a former classmate of mine. I went to graduate school to earn a masters in clinical psychology. While there one of my classmates was diagnosed with brain cancer as well and was given a 50/50 chance of survival. She was in her mid-40s, married and had two kids. As a part of the program she had to be on campus 24 hours a week for class, intern at a clinic as a mental health therapist for 20 hours per week, and worked a 20 hour a week job to help pay for her family's bills while her husband worked full-time. She did all this while being incredibly sick. She was getting chemo at the time and was violently ill quite often. And yet she never missed a class, stayed over to study, worked her ass off and never complained. It was just something she felt she was supposed to do. At the last day I was there I told her how much respect I had for her and how she was a huge influence on my simply by leading by example. Whenever I think that something is too hard and just want to give up I think about how she carried herself while so sick and facing such uncertainty. She's an amazing person.

So, all that got me thinking about this thread. Who was someone who isn't well-known that you consider to be hugely influential?

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Yeah, this boss had problems with his scripting for me, whether I hit him or not seemed random and he was able to cancel out of attacks that I had dodged, basically stopping the rest of his animation after he had missed me, blocking my counter attacks which seemed unfair.

Unfortunately I didn't find a faster way to kill. I just kept attacking like you are now and eventually he died. It wad not fun and took a long time.

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But wouldn't there be some sort of animation associated with that? This boss just didn't move. There was nothing fancy about it. I mean it really looked like a scripting problem.

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I've played about three-four hours and have beaten two bosses. It's a little hard for me to describe this game. I like it, but when I think about it I can only really think of the bad things. Which there are many. But I am having a good time. Though, I would because I really like the Souls games and this is that game in nearly ever way. But the performance is pretty bad on the PS4. Not unplayable, but it makes the game just unpleasant to look at at times. I picked a medium sized character and have my weight under the 50% mark bu still move really slowly. It seems like you either wear no gear and are fast or wear any amount of gear and are a tank. 'Medium' anything feels like a misnomer. Then the difficulty spikes. The enemies in the opening are really easy and then the first boss is this huge spike in difficulty. The second area is pretty easy and then the second boss is another huge difficulty spike.

And the second boss highlighted something I'm not sure I'm a fan of. So the player can cancel out of an animation. You can kind of do this at least in Dark Souls 2 but it's not as easy. If you are going to attack in that game you are committed. This game's animation system isn't quite as committed. But, at least for the second boss, he had the same ability. So it became really hard to predict what he was going to do because he could cancel out of an attack I'd dodged to block my counter. It didn't feel particularly fair. Then at random times he would freeze all together, as if his scripting were broken, and if I were to attack during that time I'd get one hit in and would receive essentially two attack's worth of damage without him having attacked me. After being hit, or waiting for his scripting to get on track, everything went back to normal.

But, I'm still liking it. I just have a hard time explaining why and can explain in a lot of detail why I have problems with it.