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After the series. First Contact is pretty good. The others...well, First Contact is pretty good.

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It was Ellie's decision to make. Not Joel's or the Fireflies'. In that position I would have wanted to know what Ellie wanted and would have gone with it either way.

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It sounds like depression and anxiety are symptoms of a larger problem that will take quite a while to to make sense out of. No one here is going to be able to offer you the help you need because the sort of assistance you require would need you to meet with someone and talk on a one-on-one basis. As a therapist, I usually need at least 3-6 months to work through more difficult cases, if not more, before I even figure out what is really going on. It takes a while. I would suggest meeting with a therapist and working through the deeper issues that are coming up now. When you do work with a therapist, make sure the therapist will work with you to develop a clinical formulation. A clinical formulation is basically a client's story. It explains the basis for the diagnoses and symptoms that are currently present. Once a clinical formulation is created it will be easier to address the origin of the depression and anxiety issues because you'll be taking care of the problem at the source rather than just the symptoms. Most therapist do clinical formulations but, just in case, keep that in mind.

Good luck dude.

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They start seeing bugs crawling on them when they don't play, pick at them, and act erratically.

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If I remember it right, it's a 2D platformer, brawler right? So I bet it holds up as well any other game in that genre. So I would say it doesn't. But someone else would disagree.

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It's technically amazing and Sandra Bullock was really good in it. But the script is really bad. They try too hard, too often to be funny and it never worked. Not even once. The science behind it is pretty good for a movie but that makes it all the more hard to ignore when they get it wrong. For example, gravity (oddly enough) and inertia as concepts are ignored when the story requires them to be. Then there's the pace. It's a fast paced movie, which is good, but it also seems really brief. It seemed like it was over just as it started. Not because I enjoyed it so much. It just seemed brief. When I have that sort of reaction to a movie it's usually because that movie seems forgettable to me. Which is odd because of how technically impressive I found it. I think I would have liked it more in a 3D movie theater rather than my home but even then spectacle doesn't do a ton to impress me anymore. It needed a better script, more tension, more confidence to build a stronger atmosphere. It's a neat concept and, again, technically incredible and Sandra Bullock did really well but it just didn't come together.

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I really liked the Last of Us' story and characters but I wonder if it made such an impact because my expectations are different for games. I mean when you break down the characters and stories I don't think they really stand out that much in movie form. I think I'll like the movie because I liked the game. But I'm curious how an unbiased audience will think. I could see this getting moderate critical reception and barely breaking even at the box office.

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I love the dumb shit that comes out of Dan's mouth and that people get so fired up about it.

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Would you say you're watching a 'Wii' bit of Giantbomb?