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If you're frustrated, just stop playing for a while. If you're always frustrated when you play a particular game, don't play it. Those two things will do wonders for people with this problem.

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Well, I just learned some things. The colors on the rectangles placed within the circled seem to correspond to the tone that will play but the placement of the rectangles correspond to the instrument played. So, for example, on the first medium song I think there's four circles that you can pick rectangles from. One of those circles will always correspond to a snare drum but the color will change how the snare drum plays. Then the length of the rectangle corresponds to how long the tone will play. So you could theoretically create a small melody within a four rectangle progression with each ending at different times.

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I'm about to say something that I generally hate hearing because it's a statement that is not only dismissive but also assumes that a problem that is less severe in nature shouldn't be discussed but more severe problems exist, which is dumb.

But, all that said, I can't escape this thought; they're just video games. I mean, if we take all this press stuff, for example, as having some basis in reality. Well, what does it really impact that is of any consequence? Reviews? Previews? The amount of coverage a game gets? Well, so what? Let's say a game gets a favorable review because of a bias a reviewer has. Does every single reviewer have the same bias? No, they don't. So you can rely on many reviews to make a decision. So all this vitriol could be solved by the consumer by a simple google search. If reviews were still used as pieces of buying advice. Which seems rare on the internet. Which makes all this seem even sillier.

So in the worst case scenario (or best case depending on who you are) the impact in that one area is minuscule. And that's what I feel about all of it. What the hell are people even really fighting for? Do people even know or care? Because I can't seem to find a rationale that doesn't seem really minor and frankly a bit pointless.

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A few more thoughts. On the hard difficulty the game does get pretty hard and it add more samples to the mix. Which is neat because it'll allow for more varied songs and since @corruptedevil mentioned there will be a free play mode that should make things pretty interesting. Just a note before I add my new nitpicks of the game, they are nitpicks. I do like this game. Which is why I would like some of these little issues to be addressed as the game continues development because it could really flesh out the experience. I heard in the quick look that this will happen but adding different time signatures, besides just 4/4, would be a nice feature. It would be nice if you could save and/or share what you've created with other people who are playing. In the tutorial that is coming it would helpful if each color's sound could be explained as well as the symbols that seem to correspond to how the sound will play. And for the color blind people I think a color blind mode would be nice.

Also I could see with a free play mode that the next creative wall a person could hit is limitation of the loop. So far, again with the game only utilizing a 4/4 time signature, you get a four measure loop. So in a free play mode you could create a song that uses the four measures to your liking but then, for me, I would like to add more. So adding more measures would be freeing creatively but I suppose I would understand if that goes beyond the scope of the game. It'll be interesting how they handle different time signatures with this loop system. A song in three will have a really short loop compared to say a song in seven.

Anyway, that's a lot of nitpicking. I really like it and I hope she adds a lot to it as it goes.

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I've been doing the puzzles so I can move the circle I've created down a level and get a new circle so that I can layer pieces onto the song. Is there a way to do this without doing the puzzles?

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So I just got this game and have only played through a few songs. But so far I like it but not really the game part of it. Just a bit of background. I play guitar and have written a feew, very simple, songs. So I know a bit about music theory and arrangement but I'm certainly not an expert.

If I had my way, I would play this game like an instrument. What I really enjoy is slowly building a song and improvising an arrangement on the fly. It's really fun to try to change how you approach a song and challenge yourself to make something that sounds really interesting using such limited music samples.

The puzzle game isn't very interesting though. It's not hard and not particularly fun. And it limits you're creativity with a song. The only other real drawback I've noticed so far, which may not be an issue the more I mess with the game, is that I can't predict how each sample will sound. I mean I know what instrument and sound corresponds with each color. But I can't tell what tone will be produced so it's hard to construct a melody.

What do the rest of you think?

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Ya think?

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@jasonr86 said:

So that's my take. What about the rest of you?

I think you are way too goddamn rational for your own good.

Buddy, you have no idea.

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I don't fucking care how many fucking fucks that fucker fucking says.


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Watching what's going on on Twitter right now and having been on these forums for a long time defensiveness seems to be the key piece that underlies all disagreements.

Whether it's politics, religion, ethics, gender, etc. people seem to fall to vitriol and anger, no matter the side they represent, as a way to defend who they are and what they believe. Whether it's 'I'm being ignored, not represented, or misrepresented' or 'they believe something different from me and are in effect saying I'm wrong' or any other form of it defensiveness seems to be at the crux of this internet drama, at least from what I can tell.

So what do you all suggest could be done to lessen these defensive responses?

Here's my take. As a therapist who works with other therapist, my skills, decisions, and therapeutic relationships I foster are open to questioning. Because as good as I might think I am I can still make mistakes (hard to believe right?) and my colleagues keep me honest. When they do, it at first would hurt my feelings and pride. I felt they were telling me I was no good. But the fact is is that they wanted me to live up to my potential and thought that maybe I was considering a factor that was limiting that. They would ask me about these things because they wanted to help me.

On twitter, forums, wherever I believe that the majority of people, regardless of a side of an issue they take, mean no real harm. They don't hate people. They just want to be represented fairly and have their views respected. There are exceptions (like the people who threaten and harass others) but they prove the rule.

But defensiveness spoils good intentions. I think that when we all need to consider the intentions of others, try to assume the best, and if we are confused ask in a polite, respectful manner for verification. Assuming the worst and guessing at intentions never leads to anything if value. Intent will be lost as will the meaning of messages.

So that's my take. What about the rest of you?