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Well it trivializes gender identity, or at least dressing in non-standard clothing based on cultural norms, and turns it into a joke for comedy relief. If I were transgendered or dressed in clothing not socially accepted for my gender I would feel like I'm being made fun of.

But from my perspective, I just consider it stupid and unnecessary.

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I guess I see two sides to this. The first is as a writer. When I write stories I try to play with people's expectations. If that means then putting a woman in a role stereotypically filled by a man or vice versa (or along the same lines with race and ethnicity) then I will. I don't do it to make a statement per se. Rather it's to build a sense of unpredictability for the story with the audience. One of my goals with my stories is to make sure my audience can't tell what is going to happen next because that builds suspense and interest. So is that a statement about diversity? Sure, I guess.

But there are times when I don't even bother with describing how a character looks because I'm more interested in character traits, personalities and relational patterns. Culture, race and ethnicity can play into those human characteristics but they aren't the only aspects of human existence that do. As a writer, I have a picture in my mind of what a character looks like but I'm not sure, for my written stories, how that would help the stories I tell. It might help the audience connect with the characters but so will learning who that character is.

My other thought is that there's a difference between race, ethnicity and culture. Not all white people share the same culture just like not all black people do. The Whitcher, due to being developed and based on a book created outside the states, we Americans, white, black and everyone else, are being exposed to a culture outside of our own. Sure, it's made by a majority of white people but they've shared an entirely different experience then the white people here in the U.S. So from a U.S. perspective the game does offer a culturally unique perspective.

I'm all for video games that aim to represent some semblance of reality to then represent the cultural and racial diversity that exists in our world. I mean I would hope that would have been a given by now. But there's nuance to this issue too that I worry isn't getting the proper level of attention.

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It sounds like he wants to get fired.

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What an awesome ending. It was so well done to with the music and neither character talking to one another. I'm continually impressed by this game. I remember liking what Remember Me was trying to do but the writing got in the way and the story ended up falling apart. This game has that game's energy and enthusiasm but matches it with better writing talent. I could totally see this game being my personal game of the year because it has left such a strong impression.

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What's the concept where people living in their time think their own time is extraordinary when in actuality it's impossible to know how extraordinary your time was until a significant amount of time has passed? Whatever that's called that's my response to the OP.

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Old man yells at cloud.

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I really respect what they're doing. The tone, situations and writing are really good (except every once in a while when they really aren't). The gameplay at best just exist and at worst is tedious. But I really like what they are going for and for the most part they succeed.

It's one of those games, like the first season of The Walking Dead where I really look forward to new episodes. And the ending to episode 2 was incredible.

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Hey guys, I thought it would be cool to have a thread where we could make suggestions to the staff for games to play on Unprofessional Friday. I don't think this will be a problem with forum rules but it could lead to Youtube spam. I'm going to link to a Youtube video with my suggestion (not my own page by the way) but I'm going to explain my suggestion so I think that makes it not spam. But I guess we'll soon see if that holds true. For people who follow me please write out why you would make that suggestion so that this thread doesn't simply devolve into a ton of posts with just videos. Thanks.

So my suggestion is Terminator on the Sega-CD. I played it as a kid and it's a pretty good 2D platformer-shooter with a pretty stiff challenge. I would recommend it for Dan because it is the most Dan Ryckert ass game I can think of on the Sega-CD. It follows the first movie's story (which will lead to good Terminator 1 vs 2 talk) starting in the future and then ending in the past with Kyle Reese as the playable character. It's interesting because it is based on an engine that was made by David Perry who went on to create Gaikai (which was bought by Sony and is now the basis for Playstation Now). And it has a fucking incredible soundtrack by Tommy Tallarico that I adored as a kid and now I kind of half like purely for nostalgic reasons but also Tommy fucking shreds on those songs.

Anyway, here's the video I mentioned earlier that gives a quick look at it.

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So it's a Dan Ryckert ass video game, it's oddly interesting, it's a pretty good movie based video game which is rare and it's a game that I think has been kind of forgotten over time. I think it would be an awesome pick for Unprofessional Friday. Hopefully someone there has a copy because I only have one and I really don't want to send it. But if you do I hope you all play it on the show. I think it would be a good segment.

What other suggestions do you guys have for the staff?

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It's too hard to tell anything of consequence from just one photo.