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The problem is that there are good intentions on both sides that are muddled by a lot of bad behavior. I can't imagine the cops want anything then for all of this to stop and for peace to come back. I imagine most protesters want to feel equally protected by authorities and for justice to be had for the kid that was shot. But the people in charge of the cops are making terrible decisions and making some very loud, few officers, under the rule of bad leaders, are acting in a way unbecoming of an officer. Protesters have within their groups have very loud, few deviants who likely don't give two fucks what the protests is about they just want to take advantage of chaos to act insane.

From what I've seen from media outlets and normal citizens on twitter few people seem to look at this with any nuance. There's such a black and white mentality to this problem that it almost makes it meaningless to add to the conversation.

Which makes me wonder why I'm writing this. I'm caught in a paradox!

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Transistor. It looks really nice and the music is great. But I just can't get into it. The characters and story has been bland so far and I don't care at all about the fighting system. Which is disappointing because I loved Bastion.

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I've played a little bit of the NBA 2K games but the one I really know is Madden. The thing to remember about Madden is that it's half a strategy game and half an action game. The problem is that the game doesn't teach strategy. So here's a few tips;

-Your job on offense is to confuse the defense. The defense's job is to predict what the offense will do and stop it. So on offense, you need to be unpredictable. Vary run and pass plays in such a way that you still move the ball but don't have a clear pattern.

-Some plays can set up other plays. For example, several runs in a row can set up a pass play. That's because the defense will call a play designed to stop a run. If the do, a pass play could go for a big gain.

-On offense, it's ok to have 1-4 yard gains. These plays can set up 15-50 yard plays if you strategize correctly. Also, play to use all of your downs. Don't try to make a first down on every play.

-On defense, you essentially have four plays; a run-stopping play, a pass stopping play, a neutral play that can stop either type of play, and a hybrid run-pass stopping play. You'll see a ton of plays but they're all variations on those concepts.

-Call a run stopping play if you think the offense will run, pass stopping to stop passd, or neutral/hybrid if you aren't sure. You'll know what to call based on the patterns the offense falls into (ex, always running on first down) or the situation (passing on a 3rd and 7).

-The action portion is more satisfying on offense. Passing is all about timing. You want to pass the ball usually when the QB is standing still (if you pass while backing up the ball will be lobbed and arrive to the receiver late). Try to pass to the receiver just as he is getting open. If you are late or early with the pass the defender will knock it down. Also try to read defenses before the pass play starts. If you see that the middle of the field only has a few defenders then that spot will probably be open for a pass.

-Running is all about reading blocks. Blockers try to block defenders in such a way that lanes open up for the runner to run through. It's the runner's job to find those lanes.

-Defense isn't a ton of fun to play. I don't have a lot of advice for this really. If suggest relying on good play calling and on the AI to help.

Hope that helps a little. Sports games can be a lot of fun once you learn the technicalities.

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Hearing only one side is meaningless. The fact that the dude posted it online calls it's validity into question for me.

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When I was younger I did. But now that I'm older I don't feel weird doing much of anything anymore. One of these days I'm just going to stop wearing pants.

Wait what?

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I liked the systems of the first game. But the presentation was pretty poor, I didn't like the characters, and eventually the gameplay loop of 'go to town, go to dungeon, repeat' bored me. I know that loop is the common, traditional JRPG loop but I guess I don't have patience for it anymore.

So unless the second game fixes those problems I'm not very interested.

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Here's the article; m.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-28781440

Sorry, I'm on my phone so you'll have to copy/paste. It's a Molotov Cocktail.

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I saw this being talked about a lot on twitter. I'm really not the biggest fan if protests though I don't hate them either. And this one sounds justified. But it always leads to violence because there's always some people there who just want to see shit destroyed and could care less for any cause. Case and point, on the BBC I saw a protester holding a Molotov Cocktail with the caption 'reports of multiple protesters throwing Molotov Cocktails at police'.

Could the police be handling this better? Absolutely. Their aggressive posturing and actions are just increasing tension. But it's not that black and white either. So when I see people on Twitter or elsewhere condemning police or protesters I just want to shake my head and remove myself from the conversation altogether.

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This game isn't exactly a good showcase for what the system is capable of. Look at Infamous for that as of right now.