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That's too bad. I really liked the content he brought to the site. But as has been mentioned it unfortunately makes sense considering how removed he was from everyone else. Hopefully he does something cool and fulfilling after this.

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No. It has great art but styyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyllllllllleeeee is something else entirely.

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Nintendo PlzBii

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No. That sounds like some arbitrary-ass nonsense to me.

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I played about 2 hours and just couldn't get into it. The music and art was great. But the story just didn't grab me and the fighting always felt clunky. Eventually I'll give it another shot.

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That first image was all I needed to see to know what I was getting in for.

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This is going to be a weird year for GOTY for me. I know that this game will be on the top of a lot of lists but it bore me to tears. And I don't have a Wii U but if I did I bet my top 10 would look a lot different.

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Jean from Lunar 2 is pretty good. A lot of physically strong female characters in games have a hard time showing femininity as well. It's kind of like writers have a hard time holding those two concepts together at the same time. Most physically strong female characters are very masculine, cold and stern. Essentially, they are stereotypical strong male characters, only female.

Jean is a character that can hold both those concepts together and the writers do a really good job with it.

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That fucking sucks. That game is Goddamn glorious.