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Yeah, this boss had problems with his scripting for me, whether I hit him or not seemed random and he was able to cancel out of attacks that I had dodged, basically stopping the rest of his animation after he had missed me, blocking my counter attacks which seemed unfair.

Unfortunately I didn't find a faster way to kill. I just kept attacking like you are now and eventually he died. It wad not fun and took a long time.

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But wouldn't there be some sort of animation associated with that? This boss just didn't move. There was nothing fancy about it. I mean it really looked like a scripting problem.

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I've played about three-four hours and have beaten two bosses. It's a little hard for me to describe this game. I like it, but when I think about it I can only really think of the bad things. Which there are many. But I am having a good time. Though, I would because I really like the Souls games and this is that game in nearly ever way. But the performance is pretty bad on the PS4. Not unplayable, but it makes the game just unpleasant to look at at times. I picked a medium sized character and have my weight under the 50% mark bu still move really slowly. It seems like you either wear no gear and are fast or wear any amount of gear and are a tank. 'Medium' anything feels like a misnomer. Then the difficulty spikes. The enemies in the opening are really easy and then the first boss is this huge spike in difficulty. The second area is pretty easy and then the second boss is another huge difficulty spike.

And the second boss highlighted something I'm not sure I'm a fan of. So the player can cancel out of an animation. You can kind of do this at least in Dark Souls 2 but it's not as easy. If you are going to attack in that game you are committed. This game's animation system isn't quite as committed. But, at least for the second boss, he had the same ability. So it became really hard to predict what he was going to do because he could cancel out of an attack I'd dodged to block my counter. It didn't feel particularly fair. Then at random times he would freeze all together, as if his scripting were broken, and if I were to attack during that time I'd get one hit in and would receive essentially two attack's worth of damage without him having attacked me. After being hit, or waiting for his scripting to get on track, everything went back to normal.

But, I'm still liking it. I just have a hard time explaining why and can explain in a lot of detail why I have problems with it.

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Getting upset about reviews as an enthusiast is one of the most juvenile things you can do. It's also very pointless. And silly. Did I already say juvenile?

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I would say that if the childish response to feminists, journalists and developers were an oddity online and seen only with the video game medium there may be some case to make that there was something about video games, whether the content of the games themselves or the nature of the community surrounding them, that led to the hostile behavior of some of the audience. But, this response isn't exclusive to video games. So there are to many extraneous variables that could lead to this sort of behavior to pick one variable as being the cause.

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The 'real gamer' thing is so dumb. I like that it comes with the assumption that this 'real gamer's' perspective and value judgement matters at all to the apparent 'non-gamer'.

Projection is a hell of a thing.

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You are fighting an uphill battle brother.

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@darthorange: Well, something like that, where it's being sold for profit kinda vears into self promotion. I'm not gonna moderate it, or anything, I'm not a monster, but unless it's a Giant Bomb related short story, I don't know that I should be promoting it or not. I'd have to ask ZP, who, like I said, is not feeling well.

Thanks for the code though! I should figure out how to get codes for my books. Or did you buy it and get the code? I don't know how these things work.

EDIT: Actually, I think someone else got the code before me. It's not working. Either that, or I'm inputting it in the wrong place. Well, I'm assuming from your wording that the code was meant for me, it's equally possible you meant it for anybody, in which case that's fine.

The story is not about GB so I announced it on my blog but didn't link it to the main forums because it sounded like self-promotion and assumed it would be against the rules too. But if you want to mention it I wouldn't stop you...

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Our very own @jasonr86 wrote a book and you didn't include it here @mooseymcman? Not cool.

Anyway, here is an Amazon code to download it if any of you would like a copy: GSCZDTF6YUXHJ59.

Awww. Thanks buddy.

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I sort of brought this up before but I just want to reiterate. I think that online awareness is a great start but I hope that people take lessons from the movements and apply them in their offline lives. I'm in a great position to do this as a mental health therapist in a fairly prominent role within a large community clinic. But we can advocate for equality in a number of ways. In how we treat classmates and co-workers, in how we respond to family members when we see an unfair view, and how we interact with our friends. I would just hate for the conversation to fade away online and not see follow through, no matter how small, offline.