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No thanks! But I don't care if it exists.

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This is the first game that has made me want to get an Xbox One because the first game was incredible.

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Congratulations man

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I really hope this is good. The Ys games on Steam were really good.

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For me, I work as a mental health therapist and feel an obligation to my clients. So I take my hour lunch but I want to spend the rest of the time working. Plus it makes the day go faster for me.

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They're kind of stuck storywise because it's a mix of single and multiplayer. I think if they differentiated the stories by class picked and added more details and set up it would go a long way to adding meaning to the world. If they don't want the main character to have a personality then they need to add characters around the player to add some life to the universe. Right now it's really stale.

The other piece is to variety to the level design. More set-pieces, different objectives, having the missions all take place in unique locations. Also make the loot and leveling feel more meaningful. Allow players more customization options when leveling to build their characters and don't just make make higher level weapons higher damage. The base gameplay is good but the reasons for engaging with the gameplay are poor.

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I think as long as the site and reviewer are honest with their audience up front so everyone is on the same page in regards to biases, history, etc. so there are no surprises for the audience then everything should be fine. It's when there is a bias and that isn't communicated to the audience that there's a problem.

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There's been some thought that Venus, like Mars, may have been more Earth-like when it may have had a more survivable atmosphere. Also whose to say definitively what environments life forms can live in? Also Destiny says a magic ball made everything in space possible for humans because magic.