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I play CS and UT2004 with mates, thats about it.

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Fez, Remember me, DMC

I seem to end up buying all the games I didint think I wanted as well, so my list is bullshit.

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For maybe a couple of years in primary school.

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So just over a month ago I had a project due in for college that had me stressed out something awful. So I took a break and mixed for a little bit and this was the end result. The music sort of follows the mood I was in at the time, going from a fairly aggressive pumped up hip-hop vibe which slowly dives into a more down-tempo orchestral take on hip-hop beats. For fans of Aether, Emancipator, Pretty Lights etc

It goes something like this!

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I started posting about my DJ ventures several weeks ago, the reception to some of my tracks and sets was pretty great so I thought I'd make this a regular thing.
Recorded this earlier tonight. I just spent the past 4 days in Amsterdam and done a bunch of digging for new music when I wasn't high and or totally smashed.

Any feedback is appreciated. Enjoy!


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@Soap said:

I've bought stuff from the GB store before, and being a UK resident I'm used to it taking a little while to get here, however I've just got a note from the post office telling me I have to pay £14.16 in customs for my members shirt this year. What the hell! I've never had this before! I guess in the past they have sent them as a 'gift' so it doesn't need to be paid for.

Anyway, thanks to that, my $35 of t-shirts after delivery to the UK and now customs charges has cost me £48.70 or $78.39!

I'm probably not going to be buying anything else from the GB store if I have to pay so much customs tax on it.

Is it just me that had this? Did they used to send it as a gift but are now not doing that anymore?

I've never had to pay customs before on GB stuff, but have done for other places overseas. Unlucky mate!
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225 and counting.

If I had bought every game at retail price (which I did not) my account would be worth £1661.38.

£1.6k on PC games alone. =|

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I'm working on a Hotline Miami Soundtrack mix at the moment, first couple of attempts were complete failures. Give it a day or so. xD

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@Sploder said:

I haven't checked out the sets yet but the Destiny's child one was dope as fuck dude, you definitely have potential.

Thanks dude, means alot!
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I like the Scary Sprites and Nice Kangaroo's mix mate! You need to take the embed line, click on "insert" > HTML and copy & paste the line into the box. It should appear after that.

The launch pad was something I had looked at, but I could totally see myself getting lost among all the buttons, even if they are colour co-ordinated. Although with enough practice I'd imagine you would be able to play the launchpad just like an instrument, provided the mapping accommodates it.

Also, I've followed you on Soundcloud. =)

@PerryVandell said:

How good are you at DJ Hero?

I don't think I'd be any good at it. I've always hated Rock Band, Guitar Hero, DJ Hero and the like.