Max Payne 3 on the PC, another Rockstar failure?

Max Payne 3 has always been a loved franchise on the PC, however now that it is no longer being developed by Remedy on the PC, we've got to rely on Rockstar Games to bring us the PC port of the game that we've all been waiting for. Unfortunately, Rockstar Games has a history of bad ports and absolutely awful ports, in fact, they have seemingly never released a game on the PC that was considered a good port at the time. One of the worst ports was of course GTA:IV, which took months to be patched to be even playable for most people, followed by a rather bad port of L.A Noire too.

I'm really hoping that Rockstar Games take the PC seriously this time, we've all seen the required/recommended PC specifications that were released, apparently the high end specifications are what you'll need to take full advantage of the game. However, specification releases like this have always been an un-reliable source of information on how well the game will actually run on your PC. What frame-rate do those specifications assume you want to run at, what detail, what resolution? It's all a little unclear what companies really mean when they release these recommended/required specifications.

They've also mentioned that this time around they have dedicated an entire studio to making the PC version of Max Payne 3 and that it is not a console port. They've also said that it will make full use of computer hardware and they advertised heavily fancy graphics. This was basically the same situation when GTA:IV for the PC was in development and the end product didn't turn out anything like it, with an infamous quote from Rockstar Games being "we made this game for computer hardware that isn't out yet", which made absolutely no sense.

I hope that this time they will release a good PC version for once in their long line of bad PC ports and what seems like a lack of understanding of what the PC gaming community wants.

Rockstar Games has always been a favourite company of mine, but since I've made the change from the console to the PC many years ago, I have lost a lot of my love for them thanks to their lack of love towards my platform of choice.