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This is the greatest article I've read on this site.

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As long as PopCap games keep coming to Steam this is fine by me.

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@jmrwacko: That I can agree with, the oher post just gave me the impression that it would refill grenades and specifically exclude claymores.
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@BRNK: Claymores are about being able to cover your flank from oblivious enemies, you don't set one down and watch it from your corner, the entire point is that you don't need to be watching them. A little situational awareness allows them to be easily avoided, especially considering that—if approached from anything but head-on—you can actually sprint past them before they explode. 
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not being able to refill your claymores seems pretty crappy, is that confirmed?

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The leaked mp videos seem to show that there's no more blood in the game, either.

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In addition to slight alterations to the perks, they seem to have re-organized them as well, meaning the possible combinations have been changed. 
That's something, I guess.