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There was quite a lot going on this year that probably caused the amount of Quicklooks to go down

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@seppli said:

Last year was Year of the Bow.

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Does Giantbomb have a Fantasy League? That'd be pretty sweet.

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Yes please! I've been looking for some new and interesting mods

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I know everything here has been said before but I felt like typing it out.

Dunno why but over the last thirty minutes or so this came back to knock on my heart again. Death's such a weird thing to comprehend, I feel like a child wondering when I'm going to see the next video he's in or hear his voice yakking about something new on the next podcast whenever he get's back. Then I gotta be the other side of it, the adult, and tell myself that he's never going to be in another video. No, he's not going to be in the next podcast. No we're not going to read any news article written by him popping up on the front page.

It's weird when this is a person I've never met before in my life, never any real contact, not even some weird passing by in the street where I "think I saw" him. And yet here I am typing out my feelings about this guy on the internet. From a pure audience member's perspective he was a joy to behold. When he spoke I listened and when he was on screen I watched. His laugh was infectious and his opinions were well thought out, or at least they appeared to be, behind the veil of confidence.

When I found out about Ryan's death, like most of us here, I couldn't believe it. As I said before I'm still kinda in denial about the whole thing. It has been, because of this, that I have found myself going back over the site's previous works. I've looked into old bombcasts I may have skipped over or may have merely used as background noise merely to experience 'the full picture' as it used to be. I did the same thing with old quicklooks or office shows. My favorites have always been before the CBS merger when the whole Whiskey team was still together at the old-new office.

I wanted to listen and view these from a new perspective; how this group of friends interacted with one another and how they turned something they loved and made a career out of it. They may not have seen eye-to-eye all the time and there were definitely some 'bad days' but its incredibly endearing to see how far it's come along. I highly recommend you guys go back and check out some classic Whiskey and Giantbomb clips, you'll be surprised to see that he's still got it.

Peace out Mr. Davis. Thanks for all the laughs and giving us a heck of a ride.

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I love your animation style, fits really well with the bombcast as well! Keep it up!

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Peace out Ryan! *raises glass*

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This has been a tremendous loss indeed... my condolences to the giant bomb crew, the fans, Ryan's friends and family, and most of all his wife. This a horrible way to go and I'm struggling for words....

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:( Really depressing to see you go Dave. I'll definitely miss you as a main facet of this website.