My Top 10 Games of Gen 7

With all the excitement over Gen 8 starting this Friday, thought I'd join in on the festivities of making a top 10 list for Gen 7. It was pretty easy for me to cut the list to the current 10 here, since while I played and enjoyed far more games than this. These 10 were the one's that left the biggest impression on me after I had completed them. Funny enough there's quite a bit of sequels. Mainly because they improved on the original's so much they had to get the nudge onto the list. Last thing to note I excluded portable games. Might make a list for those later, but I wanted to focus on just console releases.

  1. Easily my most played game this gen with 300+ hours across all 3 versions. Each with a 100% completion I might add as well. For me RE5 was what every sequel should strive to be. Keeping the original formula of the previous game while expanding on the core idea's and concepts. I found everything here just about flawless which isn't something I say lightly. For a game to live up to my excitement and exceed is no small feat.

2.Gears of War for most people was quite the surprise back when it released. I know it was for me. Especially where the MP is concerned. I'm not a big MP guy so for that competent to keep me as engrossed as it did for nearly a year was quite the treat. Aside from the MP the SP itself was very refreshing when it released. The cover system as well as the setting made for one "epic" campaign.

3. Dead Rising is the game that really introduced me to next gen. Everything before it I felt was the typical "same gameplay better graphics" scenario. When I finally got my hands on this I couldn't put it down. The mall was such a great locale to explore and the timer between mission's really kept you on your toes. Which is something I absolutely loved. Nothing was better than deciding to wait for a mission or perhaps chance it by dropping off some survivors first.

4. As stated earlier Mass Effect 2 was another case of a sequel doing everything right. Sure some disliked the step back from the RPG elements but I say that decision was for the best. What ME2 offered was one hell of a campaign with choices that really felt like they mattered. Which for someone like me who easily immerses themselves into the games they play was quite the treat.

5. The funny thing about demon's souls being on my list is that had I not went and given it a second chance it wouldn't be here at all. My first foray into this realm was met with nothing but death and not quite knowing what was going on. But once I reevaluated my steps into the game, I was given one of the most satisfying challenges in recent memory. The mistakes you make in DS are your own, rarely is the game at fault for the blunders you might make. So with that the satisfaction you receive from overcoming a obstacle is always worthy of a celebration.

6. Once again another case of a sequel doing everything right. (Seriously I just seem to love sequels a bit to much, oh well) Uncharted 2 in essence kept it simple with it's story, platforming, and gunplay. But sometimes simple is best especially when presented with this amount of perfection. As for the MP it was quite the surprise. Who knew the elements of Uncharted would lead into a gripping MP experience that once again was simple but executed flawlessly.

7. Dark Souls offered me exactly what I wanted from a Demon's Souls "sequel". The inclusion of an open world and bonfires made exploration shockingly exciting. It's amazing that so simple of a change could add so much to the experience. Besides that when a game has me thinking about it when i'm not even playing it is always doing something right.

8. So here's a game on my list that I don't expect will be on many others. Which is understandable but for me RE6 earned it's place on the list easily. Sure it's a off buffet of a package. A lot is given to the player but like any buffet not all of it is good. Still I felt that as a whole experience RE6 had a lot to offer even with some of it's hangups. It's a game that I am seeing slowly get recognized as being better than the original outlash presented. This is definitely one worth playing for yourself.

9. This game is on the list simply because of the MP and Solid Snake. I didn't even want to lie about that. I was never quite the fan of Melee so the inclusion of a character I cared for was a huge plus. Especially when it came time to play with friends. Since it finally helped give me a identity in the game rather than "The guy who sucks with every character he plays". Also the slower pace and lower skill level for entry I thought was a plus, even if 95% off smash players probably disagree with me on that.

10. This was a game that had to fight a little for it's spot on this list. It almost didn't make it but after consideration I included it over the others. A lot of my reasoning comes down to the characters, setting, and humor. Which were nice to see back on the Wii which wasn't getting much in M rated fair. Then playing it again on PS3 everything still felt as new as the first time I played it which isn't something that can be said of many games. Aside from that a lot of the game just falls into place and works well so long as you can forgive a bit of clunkiness.

So there you have it my Top 10 games for Gen 7. While the list might be a tad early (I haven't played some noticeable titles like GTAV and Dark Souls II comes out next year). More than likely this list will stay as is, though if something comes around that simply must be added i'll edit the list.


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