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Multiple freezes in my playing, and tonight I loaded up to find my save corrupted. I am not playing again until this gets patched. Really was enjoying what I had played, and don't want to give up on it yet.

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I don't get the complaining about this article regarding the "lack of" video game content...it starts out with multiple game related questions, then naturally evolves to film questions. What's the issue here?

Good interview, Patrick.

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This is....infuriating.

The fact that people are throwing money at something this goddamn ridiculous is...yeah, just infuriating.

I would be ashamed to accept this money. Send it all to a charity instead.

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Well, he said it was stupid....so there's that.

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From Jeffs tumblr:

"Giant Bomb has nothing to do with whatever nonsense announcement that guy is talking about."

Ryan's gone rogue!

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Seriously, if it's a kickstarter campaign, after all the mess they've talked about kickstarter campaigns...

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The fact that he says it's "stupid" would lead me away from someone leaving...unless it's for a stupid reason, i suppose.

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Also, weird to sit on something for a whole week just for April Fool's Day...if they knew something, announce it on Tuesday the 2nd.

I'm guessing this is hype for something not that hype-worthy.

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Who's quitting?

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My first time at PAX...or, really, any gaming event, to be honest. Looking forward to it.