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Jeez, some of you guys bitch about ANYTHING...

With that said the new 4.7 Inch screen iPhone will be the sweet spot for me. Phablets are so uncomfortable to do everything with one hand...that is where they lose me.

The watch? Meh, I want a smart watch that I can use independently from my phone.

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Its definitely his fist, its just slightly higher than his head every time he jumps.

Just like in the picture for the character here on GB

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The responses by console fanboys against PC gamers has always been hilarious to me, but I don't see how this downward shift in sales overall is hurting PC gaming. In fact an argument can be made that the PC Gaming is in better shape than it was when the XBOX 360/PS3/Wii (7th generation) consoles launched. Its one of the reasons I don't understand the logic that the pro-console only crowd is happy about this news.

As far as the slide? It makes sense because budget laptops are mostly a TERRIBLE experience. I purchased a cheap laptop to carry around for productivity at best buy a couple of weeks back for $300 and had to return it. The performance was so bad that even an SSD inserted into it saw minimal gain. The HDMI port on that thing was a joke as connecting it to an external monitor slowed the laptop to a crawl. Now throw that against something like the Nexus 7 which is only $200 and snappy and its a no brainer for the average joe going to Wal-Mart. Those wanting to browse Facebook/Twitter or do any surfing on the web will be happy with the added convenience over a traditional budget laptop and have better battery life as well.

I think the Desktop/Laptop market will continue to shrink to a more specific audience which will benefit gamers in the long run. Those budget builds will not be the main focus of these manufacturers soon and will build computers that are aggressively targeted towards heavy media consumers, music creators, and gamers. Once they see that some serious money can be made from this audience in terms of numbers pushed we will see a very healthy market in terms of hardware sales. Are the days of PC sales ever going to recover to what they were years ago? Probably not, but a tighter focus will benefit us.

It would also help if the next version of Windows didn't suck

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@gx: Well said.

I don't connect with media figures either, but Ryan is one of those who you just could not ignore. His passion and enthusiasm was evident anytime you heard him on the podcast, on video, or read in print. Huge loss to gamers worldwide.

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Logging in today to pay my respects and send out condolences to the Giant Bomb crew and family and friends of Ryan. Jeff and Ryan were 2 that I paid close attention to at Gamestop growing up and this one really hurts.

RIP Ryan and thanks for letting us get to know you throughout the years.

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@magzine said:

@jay4321:I honestly don't know why you'd expect that. Not a recent giant online game in memory has launched without server issues. I don't know why they aren't issuing refunds, my guess is probably because they'd prefer customers just to wait until they have the issue under control and try to discourage people from making knee-jerking reactions.

It's not like the value of a game evaporates after the first week.

In this case it actually has as they have come out and said that they were going to disable some features to try to fix their mess. As far as your argument with giant online games are concerned? I would be inclined to agree with you if this was SimCity MMO. Its not...this is just a case of EA getting a bit overzealous with their DRM that has proven to cripple the game for those who want to play it on their own. I bet they were salivating about all the potential revenue from a 100% controlled experience, thousands of micro-transaction dlc packs and expansion packs. You take away options from the player and you better damn well know 100% that your product is going to work or you are going to get rightfully blasted from people who work hard for their money. This is now a customer service issue and EA is proving once again that they are lacking in that department.

Bottom line: there is no way around this issue - EA fucked up.

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@magzine said:

you guys make it sound like launching these huge games are trivial. are you all versed in the technical issues regarding pushing large files to hundreds of thousands (millions?) of people simultaneously? Or do you honestly think companies just don't care enough?

when i registered my physical copy of sim city, and it did not show up in My Games... I just restarted the client and it showed up. I think the issue was people were frothing at the mouth before they even did anything, and then blew up when everything didn't go flawlessly (CUZ EA, MAN), rather than trying to be logical.

@bisonhero said:

If you really want to put EA "under siege", then don't buy the game in the first place. Or if you did buy it, uninstall it, don't buy the DLC, and don't buy the sequel. I'm sure Origin and Steam both track all of that shit, and if they see a huge dropoff in revenue from Dragon Age/Mass Effect/SimCity, at some point they'll get the message.

Or they'll just blame the developers and scuttle those series entirely. Who can say for sure; EA has always been pretty good at just fucking over the devs for mistakes caused by the publisher.

or, they'll just assume nobody wants the game because nobody bought it and scuttle the series because it didn't make any money. I have no idea how you reached any conclusion other than that.

We are paying them for a product. If they are not willing to compromise or understand why many want refunds, then why expect the consumer to understand the difficulty of launching a game in which requires all these connections in the first place? Treat customers with respect. It was THEIR decision to go this route and we expect a working product on Day 1.

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The fact that it keeps going on sale this often makes me question why its even $15 on steam. Should be $10 at this point...nobody is buying Just Cause 2 at $15 square enix...

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Good luck if anyone is unfortunate to get them. My mom and my sister have had them several times, I have been lucky enough to avoid them. Its mostly due to the fact that I mostly drink water (and the ocassional coke). I see 2 posters on here say they drink milk regularly, this can be a problem if its out of whack with how much water you intake on a daily basis. Remember Kidney stones in its most basic form is calcium deposits, which milk contains a high amount of. Drinking beer is also be beneficial in preventing AND helping when you have kidney stones because it is a diuretic. The idea is to drink a glass of water at least every 2 hours to keep things flowing, the benefit of water is diminished if you drink a crazy amount in one sitting as you will most likely just piss it out immediately. Cranberry juice helps too, but that tastes like ass.

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xruntime said:
"Even if this thing was the greatest game ever, Starcraft 2 would overrun it, on the PC."
oh definitely, I just posted it because I know some people were looking out for this.

Starcraft 2 is going to end my social life.