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btw, Mayo sucks also. Only a small amount on Tuna is all I can pass through...anything else NO!

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Mustard is terrible, Did you guys know that many fast food places add a little bit of mustard to your hamburgers? I can tell right away tho...Wendy's around my way ALWAYS used to put entirely WAYYY too much mustard.

Just imagine eating a jr bacon cheeseburger and just enough mustard to smell it....:(

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Not worth the time.

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Player1 said:
"JayVGR said:
"I don't particularly believe that Eidos is banned from advertising on this site...If Eidos wants to advertise on this site they'd have to bid just like everyone else...why turn them down? Because of a dispute in the past with gamespot? LOL That does not even make sense.

Eidos still publishes quality games, btw
Yes it makes perfect sense, they said they would end the contract of advertising, if Jeff wasn't fired. So why would Jeff want to advertise their product?"
Source of this information? That is just rumor as far as I know. I am not doubting that was the case, it very well may be.

I highly doubt Giant Bomb is going to turn down money from any Publisher, it just does not make any sense from a business standpoint....that's like slamming your doors on thousands of dollars...Eidos will just have to accept the fact that Giant Bomb is going to review the game the way they see fit. The only situation I can see arise from any of this is Eidos not submitting a bid @ all.
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#1 Reason is Starcraft 2

#2 - Customization, Mods, Community is Strong.

#3 - Console Gaming is not as cheap as many of you guys think it is.  In fact if you buy over 40 games per generation @ full price you are actually paying MORE to game on a console than on a PC.

Consider the price of:
a nice HDTV since many console gamers are just making the jump RECENTLY (HD PC Monitors are Cheaper)
the price of games $60 vs $50 and many times $40...do you know how much that adds up if you are one who is constantly buying video games?
The Console itself

Also Consider the Backwards Compatibility issue...all you need is Windows XP and Windows Vista Dual Booting and you literally have yourself a machine that can run ANY game you throw @ it from the past decade...that is PRICELESS.

The common mistake that new PC Gamers make is that you need the latest card on the market. That is FALSE.
You can run any game on the market right now with an nVidia 8800 GTS which came out a few years ago already and won't be seeing that card put in the "Minimum Requirements" category for at least a couple of more months if not a year...

Don't call me a PC Fanboy, I'm not...I like playing games on every platform :)

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TheGTAvaccine said:
"JayVGR said:
"Please do not consider anything lower than 600W for the GT friend.
Why? I have a 550w Rosewill that has more than enough power. It's not about wattage anyways, it's about the rails.
You have to consider the future my friend, and yes the rails are also a factor...you have to figure that even with an efficiency rating @ 80% you are not getting the full 550W anyway. The More the better, he can get a 600W-650W Cooler Master PS for $75-$80 no problem on Newegg.
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Starcraft, no doubt about it.

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nVidia is the preferred choice, in my experiences in PC gaming nVidia Cards last longer and generally give much better performance in high end cards (until recently with the 4870)

ATI on the other hand CANNOT be beat when you compare price for what you are getting.

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Please do not consider anything lower than 600W for the GT friend.

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WhySoSerious said:
"General Tso's Chicken !
yes sir.

Mongolian Beef is also damn good, especially from PF Chang's