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almost every game is built on PC Dev Tools...please read the link you provided again...

We contacted Square Enix, and according to the company, "The game is being built using PC-based development tools, but that doesn’t mean it’s being created for the PC platform. Our current plans are to release FFXIII for the PS3 and Xbox 360 only. Sorry for the confusion!" So to recap, it's being created with PC-based dev tools, but with plans only for PS3/Xbox 360 console release.

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I don't particularly believe that Eidos is banned from advertising on this site...If Eidos wants to advertise on this site they'd have to bid just like everyone else...why turn them down? Because of a dispute in the past with gamespot? LOL That does not even make sense.

Eidos still publishes quality games, btw

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It really gets one thinking how McDonald's can offer a DOUBLE Cheeseburger for $1...

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Pizza is indeed my choice...the problem is that outside of New York, Illinois, and California the chances of anyone getting a real taste of what great pizza is very slim.

Hell whenever I am on campus, I only go to ONE Pizza place, a local spot...and its called Slice of CHICAGO...go figure.

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Steam, No Question

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MB said:
"Really?  With 876 posts in a week?
he's a hard worker.
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Shocker said:
"I like it toasted, but i never get it toasted...
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badgrafix said:
"at first I thought you meant BC... The prehistoric cave man simulation game.. then i was going to say  "YES! grrr i was mad" but now all i have to say is no, 360 game suffice. they got all the xbox 1 games I want...

any one remember BC?
I remember, I was really looking forward to that game.
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Nah, I've always prefered IGN actually. What made Gamespot was their video reviews from the guys here...go figure.

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Man, Robin sucks.