It's time... Fragile Dreams: Farewell ruins of the moon review!

People... if you are reading this now... please know that I had to suffer so emotionally that I may not ever be the same again from what this game had done to me a few weeks ago. The main reason I didn't make a review then is mainly for the fact that this game had destroyed me emotionally. I was just not ready to remember and speak about the game yet. That is how truly incredible this game is. Just to set the mood.

This game. Is as though they combined Grave of the Fireflies sorta story with how depressing and emotional this journey can get. So please take this next tip I give you to heart if you play this game. Get a box of tissues and set it next to you while playing. Sure, I may be hyping this up with how sad this story is. But to be quite honest, if you are willing to let yourself get absorbed into the game like I did. You will break like a twig and will cry constantly throughout it. I promise that to everyone here and now.

While it has Alan Wake gameplay with a great flashlight exploration and adventure game style with RPG elements with a very Dark Cloud feel with how the hack and slash/shooting with bows and arrows work and how well they are done... as long as you have your wii remote set up right because otherwise it is kind of fidgety. However getting through that will get you a very interesting experience that is completely worth the price of admission.

This game will nuke your emotions to atomic ashes.

All the while it has a huge Silent hill atmosphere where you will always feel alone within this game at all times. The sadness and fear that pervades this games very pores is capable of involving nearly anyone who plays it. It also helps that the gameplay really lends itself well to the atmosphere as well.

Those 3 different medias combined into the ultimate game which I have played here and am reviewing right here and now!

The game is about Seto. (To the right.) After his grandpa had died and been buried by him. He goes out into the now empty world.

Now he looks for new companionship in a world overgrown with moss and of decaying buildings. As he looks, he finds a girl with silver hair who runs away from him. Confused, he sets out to find her in a world now full of ghostly beings and feral wildlife. Meeting many new people in his journey to find this girl and to hopefully, have a friend to be with. (Girl to the left.)

As you can tell. That alone sounds very sad... well, it truly is. But not in ways you would think it might be most times. As you search through the wastes you find objects of personal affections that contain the last moments of the people who owned them. Or documents telling of what happened to them. These can be interesting, to sad, to even funny sometimes. However they do take up a spot in your limited inventory so it is recommended that you put them into your storage at the nearest camp fire.

It gets very interesting due to the atmosphere that the game takes place in. It is so familiar yet different that it is quite disturbing. A modern Japanese city in complete and utter decay, plants have overgrown most places and ghosts and technology of the past have now gone berserk in this new yet old world. It takes a toll on the player and the Seto both equally. The loneliness gets so overbearing that even hearing another voice is capable of sending all attention to find out what it is. For the hope that you are truly not alone in this world. My stomach is tensing up the more I remember the feelings I had in this game, massively so. It may get sappy at some moments... but damn are they comforting when in contrast to everything else happening.

The gameplay in the game mainly involves using the wiimote for camera work+flashlight movement along with fighting which works amazingly well as long as you don't flail the thing like a morning star and have standard hand eye movements down. The nunchuck is mainly used for movement as usual. It does take time to get used to the menu's though. I will admit that is a fault but not a bad one which destroys the game like the Water Temple and the inventory screens in OoT.

The combat is actually pretty interesting in terms of it actually being useful yet you can still die easily if you aren't smart enough to dodge attacks/run away from ghosts/feral animals. The closest comparison is Dark Cloud for the hack and slash feel. It even has breakable weapons! The interesting thing about the weapon systems is that the less damage it can do, the less chance it has to break, however a high damage weapon like a katana will most likely die fairly often. This isn't a con but I can see why they did this for balance reasons. The bow and arrow/crossbow type weapons are aimed with the wii mote, it isn't bad but I think the sensitivity could have been lowered in terms of aiming the damn thing, I am unsure if there was a option to lower it but their might be one.

The enemy variety is quite large actually. For a horror game this game has a huge amount of enemies that appear and most of them aren't reskins! (Other than ghost jellyfish of course and some feral dogs. But not much reskinning going on with them either.) Later one the enemies get way tougher and it becomes more possible to die. While in the early game it is fairly a easy game due to the weak enemy types. There are a few bosses but only one of them are of any noteworthy awesomeness. The other ones are just... there for a challenge reasons it seems. Not a huge con but it actually doesn't effect the quality of the game overall since it isn't about the boss battles or the combat, it is about the story and the characters and the exploration.

The exploration is a huge part of this game. As you explore a completely desolated world you can find signs and objects that tell you partially of what had happened in this world which had been long abandoned. Whether through small objects or through sign posts to even story events you get to gather more and more clues about what had happened. As you explore more and more, you practically pray to find someone, anyone to talk to in game just so you don't feel as alone. These feelings of hopelessness and sheer loneliness is enough to drive anyone in depression just by looking around!

The game does have puzzles, but most of them are quite easy and make sense in terms of the world compared to others like Resident Evil where a random blue skull can open a door while the yellow one can't. (Just an example of how bad the puzzles are in RE games.) In here it is just mainly find a key or make a pathway which I find to be a far better way of puzzles with how big this games world is.

There is a item shop in the game... kind of. It is highly random and mainly happens at campfire save points. I won't speak much else about it but it involves this guy who wears a chicken head mask... yes really. Trust me when I say this. Even minor events such this guy visiting you is very capable on creating an even greater atmosphere of sadness. Trust me when I say that.

The soundtrack is freaking amazing. That is all I got to say because it is true. The soundtrack throughout the entire game is incredible, be it scary music or sad music, or even just some regular event moment. It just piles on the atmosphere and really enhances the entire game greatly.

Speaking of sounds. The English voice actors are freaking great. I mean it. You can probably recognize their voices by heart if you watch a bunch of anime. However I think this game might be their very best work. The amount of effort that went into the voice acting really shows throughout the entire game. It adds such a great feeling to hear their voices in this silenced world that it feels like a breathe of fresh air whenever anyone speaks. I think there might be a Sub option in it. But with the English voice acting so well done that I never felt the need to do so.

If you have yet to notice, I am practically refusing to talk much about the story. That is for the very good reason that I do not ever wish to spoil this masterpiece of a game! It is only 20$ on Amazon and after playing this. I would have been completely willing to buy this at full price if I had a wii when this game released.

May sadness overtake you in this journey my fellow men and women. This game is... art! I cannot and will not give it a rating to dumb down this review for people. I will only give it one thing to say. Buy it and have no regrets, push on through to the very end... make sure to bring a box of tissues for the ride.


In defense of the JRPG, how about a review marathon!!!

This blog is gonna be long as hell, get some chips and dip because I am going to review two JRPGs right here and right now so I can have a feeling that helped defend them! Some other JRPGs will be reviewed later on in this blog as I complete them/finish writing them. So expect SMT games and

Also, there be huge spoilers in them there hills!

1. Final Fantasy 7. It has it all!

I had finally gotten to play this game two months ago. Let me just say this. I do not think this game is overrated at all. For my first time playing it, it was amazing really. Sure some flaws and some stuff that would easily be fixed nowadays. But that is what this review is for. I will go on a small list about story first, gameplay second, and overall thoughts third.

For the story, I give a good 4.5/5 for the sheer amount of greatness it actually has. I know people who hate JRPGs always say that the stories are bad, well... that is bullshit and this game helps proves it. The story starts off with you actually causing a massive terrorist attack upon the city of Midgar and against Shinra, a company that is draining life out of the planet in order to fuel humanities growth. With your party member/friend Barret and his squad of eco-terrorists. Afterwards, shit starts hitting the fan faster and faster as you meet newer party members and end up chasing after a man Cloud once thought was dead, Sephiroth. Who then threatens the very world.

The main characters of this game are all varied and unique and could easily fill this blog all about them. So I will do short summary of them and then a good paragraph about the villain.

Cloud. A very interesting character and actually has a huge character arcs involving him changing many times throughout the game. I don't want to spoil things about this character or others. But I personally think Cloud is a great character with how much crap has been dealt to him and his friends it is great that he actually goes through most of it with actual emotion compared to someone like Squall from FF8 who is just a flat out emo.

Tifa, Another great character, sure... her bust is twice as big as her head. But she has a personality and is awesome overall in story parts and gameplay parts constantly, helping create an amazing character that defies most fanservicey things anymore.

Barret, Meet Mr T of the group... except this guy actually has a personality and emotions. The man is leader of a eco-terrorist group against Shinra. He is a very loving father and is willing to protect and save people of earth at whatever the cost.

Aerith, (or Aeris if you go by the mistranslation.) A nice young flower girl who has the fate of the very world in her hands. As we all know, one of the first major sad moments in all of video games were caused by this one girl. Hell, we could probably thank Aerith to this day for helping mature video games so damn much. But still, a great character with a very tragic end. Sure, I may not have cried. But it was still incredibly sad.

The other characters are pretty great except for the vampire/frankenstien dude in red and Yuffie... Both of those characters seem to be very... last minute compared to everyone else.

Sephiroth I honestly think is a pretty great villain for this game. He is always plotting and is actually doing things against you and the world at large on a constant basis. He started off sane and kinda nice until a sudden realization of what he really is makes his mind snap. In a way, you kinda feel sorry for the guy. However with how insane he gets, that sadness is instead replaced by anger and determination, not just by the characters of this story, but by even the players of this game. A great villain with huge goals he nearly completes.

Something that actually shocked me was how mature this game actually was, what with all the people dying in gruesome ways and with how there is basically a John Carpenters The Thing running about as well. Oh, and the Honey Bee Inn... wow, just... wow! Kinda shocked such a old game can have all this in it without the ESRB going ballistic!

The story takes so many twist and turns, and not just for the hell of it. It all seems very well thought out and planned very well. However, there is one flaw in the story which still bugs my ass.

Everything to do with Zack is confusing as hell. Sure I read online about him and finally understood. But because the game has no way of telling you on who is speaking at what time. You gotta pay really close attention to who is speaking and with who. Both of those things combined make the whole Zack thing confusing as fuck.

Also, I am willing to defend Phoenix Downs and the sad moment, Phoenix downs do NOT bring people back to life, they are more or less defibulators in the FF universe. Otherwise villains and heros would always use them and fight until one side doesn't have any more PD's. They are used as Defibs people! Not bring back to life shit!

So I give the story a 4.5. Truly great, however there are issues I do have with it, it is nearly perfect in terms of quality.

Now onto gameplay. Overall, there is not much to say. This is most simple FF game I have ever played. Sure some bosses like the final boss are kinda hard, However they can still be beaten very easily.

The world map is very... generic and overall simple. Acts just like a world map would in many other games, what with all the random battles and whatnot.

The Materia system. (basically rocks with magic in them.) can be attached to your equipment to augment and or add certain abilities/magics. It is a wonderful system that even a RPG noob can handle easily. Also the grinding is insanely easy compared to many modern games so I consider that a huge plus for this game. I hate grinding personally.

However, there are problems. first off, the game has a point of no return near the end which can be glitchy. Just a warning for those in that area.

Second, The graphics for the characters outside of combat are HORRIBLE, while within they look rather good for being so old.

Third, the mini games suck because of weird as hell controls.

Fourth and finally, easy to miss items that are NEEDED for boss fights. I mean, I missed a ribbon accessory to fight the final boss and it made the entire thing HELL for me personally.

The music in gameplay and story events is AMAZING... but what do you expect with Nobue fucking Uematsu!

I give the gameplay 4/5 for being pretty good, but not even close to perfect in terms of a turn based combat in video games today.

Final thoughts, Truly a classic that is going to remain in peoples minds and hearts as one of the great ones. Not only for how good it is, but because of the advancements it helped to create within the medium of video games.

2. Infinite Space is Mass Effect JRPG edition... oh and incest situations...

First off, I literally just beat this game today and I gotta say this right here and now. BUY IT BUY IT BUY IT BUY IT BUY IT BUY IT!!!!!!!

This game is starting to become rare people. Very rare. So I sugguest grabbing this up for your DS if you got one because this game is amazing.

The story is about a boy named Yuri and his wishes to explore the skies above from his homeland which forbids all space travel. He pays for a woman named Nia to take him under her wing to explore the cosmos of infinite space!

That is the basic summary, but this is a heavy story driven game completely. It is truly wonderful, it has action moments, sad moments, joyful moments, and anger inducing moments and many many more. It is all very well done and I would have to say this is part virtual novel and part game. Both work wonderfully together! Some of the first parts seem to be... plot holeish, however they make complete sense as you make it further into the end of the game so the creators knew what the hell they were doing from the very beginning.

It actually starts off pretty kiddy, however it gets dark and FAST. Chapter five is when it gets to holy shit levels of deep. At first it seems pretty cliche with military forces expect Yuri, a kid to do some grunt work for them, but BOOM. So much shit happens to them that I am kinda grateful for such a kiddy opening chapters. Hell, people get their eyes stabbed out, girls blowing old mens faces off and even explosions that rip people to shreds... DAMN... it gets darker then that people!

I want to talk more about the story, however I doubt many here have expierenced it's excellence so I won't spoil anymore, but I got to say this. The characters are mainly great to a very few average which is amazing since there are about 100 people you can recruit. So I can forgive the few average characters with a roster that freaking big.

Also there is a multiple choice thing in this game. Not as indepth as Mass Effect. But it still varies things around a bit.

However things get kinda creepy when Yuri meets up with his sister Kira,

Not this Kira...

There seems to be MASSIVE incestial references from everyone about these two since they barely look related. I mean... damn... there are quite a few of these references and it does make me uncomfortable. Nothing comes of it, so no sex scenes in this game at all. Just saying for any kiddies reading this... and if you are... shame on your parents! Also don't ask me what incest is... please...

Also, the only problem is the ending which I think is a bit to fast and should have been explored more, but otherwise a great ending to this game. I however see no more games being made of this franchise though, sadly.

4.9/5 Great story only marred by a fast ending.

The gameplay is gonna be tough to talk about because it is only about ship combat. Basically, imagine Star Trek, that is what this game is all about, you have six commands, Attack which just launches a single volley from your fleet of 2 to 5 ships. Barrage which launches three volleys from all ships at a single target. Dodge which can evade Barrage. Melee, if you get close enough and are allowed to, you can board there ship and attack their forces in a rock paper scissors match. Fighters, which is easily the most useful command in the game, (get them, as many as you can!) stops the enemy from moving and hits them hard! AA, which is fairly useless unless you have zero fighters.

You have three other commands, like foreward, backward and standby so you can position yourself and your enemy as much as you want. There is a gauge that, depending on your crew members tiredness, is faster or slower so you can do more or less actions I said above in the last paragraph.

The ships are varied and all useful to do something in. Ship equipment works like... Tetris actually. You put modules in your ships and fill out little squares until you have no more room.

You can also explore the many planets and the many hidden areas in the game for money, more ships, more crew members, and more modules to upgrade your self.

The only bad thing is you get barely any money and you have to grind to get it. Grinding is not fun in this game. No matter how many times you unleash your monster cannons upon fools. It does get boring. However the games story is the true meat of this game.

4/5 for gameplay, fun, but can get boring when it isn't story related.

Final thoughts, any video gamer with a DS should own this game. Flat out. Buy it NAOOOOO!!!! Also, I have to mention this, this is actually one of the first real games that the game maker, Nude Maker actually got over here... for a good reason, this is one of their first non-hentai games. So that does explain things a bit about the incest stuff.

So far so good, expect many more reviews from me to be updated in this blog everyone. Also, to the mods, this is not gonna just be a FF thing. Please stop putting all my JRPG topics into that place because this one is about ALL JRPG's, not just FF series. That is all.