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@Jay444111: same group (they're adapted from visual novels, and honestly the chaos;head anime sucks so). There's a new one coming up called robotics;notes by the same folk about a school club that decides to build a giant robot which takes place in the same continuity as chaos;head and steins;gate

Wait... they are all in the same world!? Well... holy shit... that world must suck to live in considering this weird stuff seems to keep on happening!

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the end is in fact great, the whole series is really. and I'm pretty sure it's specifically not like BTTF, specifically for how the microwave telephone (name subject to change) works.

Nice! Good to know! I am loving the main protaginist so far.

This show somehow seems like some other show I watched a few episodes of... called Chaos head I believe. Is it made by the same person? If so... please tell me that person is working on more things!

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I am now watching the first 4 episodes of the dub of Steins;Gate on youtube... this seems like the butterfly effect combined with Doc Brown from back to the future combined with a little Weird Science... that is fucking awesome... does it get better or does the end... suck?

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would get a cheaper cpu less ram and no ssd

Wait... I thought PC gamers encouraged others to spend insane prices for insanely powerful systems!? Or is that just the gamefaqs PC boards?

But really. I think going more powerful is better. But I personally think durability is also a highly important thing to invest in. Make sure of what you are buying is of the highest stress tests possible. I honestly would love it if Nintendo would start making some PC hardware. Even though it would be low end stuff it would however be indistructable.

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@Jay444111: i know it might not be the best option but i do know best buy will put your computer together for you (of course for a price) and i dont if your asking if planetside 2 will run on windows 7 but in any case it does run on XP

I was mainly just asking because I would love to know if I have to buy a disc first before making my computer... I would rather be all set and ready instead of having one major part missing. Also... what is Planetside 2?

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its not overkill if you wanna run games like planetside 2 at max (im in the beta and yeah)

Yeah... I myself am saving the money up first then I will get a beastly rig set up... wait... since I have ZERO idea on how to put together a computer, can I just order parts from a single place and have them make it for me? Also... will I have to buy a Windows 7 OS disk? Just wondering.

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Not Nessie... but there might be something like it in the ocean... or worse... way way worse...

[penis octopus image removed for your protection]

This level of bad.

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@Video_Game_King: Fragile Dreams is 2!?


Okay... Now that I have that out of the way, Here are some tracts I like... other than Fragile Dreams which would otherwise dominate this entire post of mine.

Loading Video...

Damn... THe Eternal Throne from Strange Journey... this is just the intro music. Yeah... this is going to get awesome.

Loading Video...

Damn... this song means a lot to me. I mean ALOT. This makes me feel awesome and sad at the same time. Buy Infinite Space guys... it is awesome.

Loading Video...

The Unsung War... holy shit is this awesome. I actually replay the final mission JUST for this song. It is so kickass that I feel as though my ears bleed yellow... the yellow stuff coming out of my ears? It is concentrated awesome that has been way to built up... or it is puss... I need to go...

I will come back! With more music!

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Just be wary of the passing Sonic guy (you will know him one day.) Also be very wary of talking about anything to do with politics on here... mods aren't happy when it comes to that kinda stuff. Oh, and proceed to bail if a shitstorm builds up... by that I mean something as HUGE as Mass Effect 3 ending level of anger. So yeah. Be prepared to pack your bags for a day or so when stuff like that happens.

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@Genkkaku said:

@Jay444111: Well he did volunteer himself during an interview for Public Enemies

Well... holy shit in a batman cape! That looks like... 85% the way Snake does! Holy crap! They NEED to call him now... They NEED to now... I will be dissapointed if this doesn't happen. But I would be happier if it was a CGI movie with David Hayter voicing snake and also writing the screenplay. (Yeah, David Hayter writes movies! He wroth WATCHMEN, it was such a good script that Alan fucking Moore said that it was the best adaption of his work by far. Snyder even defended the fuck out of it.)