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Oh, I got another one. SPOILERS FOR INFINITE SPACE!!!

The Overlords. As soon as humanity has populated enough of space they come and bring the death of the ENTIRE Universe completely and to bring it back into one point to create another universe and they generally treat the universe as a plaything to expirement with. Not as a massive one either, they treat it like a child does with a chemistry set.

Hell, the only way to have stopped them is by destroying their transportaion from their universe to ours... the only damn way possible! They can also tear planets apart in a minute! Kinda scary in game.

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This fucker right here.

If it had landed anywhere else on earth it would've taken over... seriously, just a drop of The Things blood is capable of making people become infected. They are Necromorphs... ON STEROIDS!!!

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@Video_Game_King said:


Will be happy to!

Fragile Dreams: Farewell Ruins of the Moon

It is quite possibly Grave of the Fireflies of video games. It is sadness given form and what it feeds on is your own tears!

The game is fucking amazing and I recommend people to buy it if they have a Wii and 20 bucks on them. It is easily the number one buy game on the entire system. Voice acting is great, writing is great and depressing as hell, gameplay is quite fun and it is REALLY atmospheric.

It follows a kid named Seto as he journeys through a seeming wasteland of Japan filled with no other being until he meets a silver haired girl who promptly runs away from him. He follows meeting new friends along the way.

That may sound nice... but trust me, your heart is going to be ripped out of your chest and beat upon with a spiked baseball bat, then it is going to be put back into your chest until the next moment that is going to happen... it is that devestating and emotional. If someone says video games aren't art in front of me again I am going to punch them in the face with this game in mind.

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Neir /end thread

This game is awesome too. Buy it.

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My item would be a phone, i'd use it to call the exterminator.

If you read the rules, no one will help you, and if they could they would charge you a good million or millions in bucks you would have to spend for your entire life.

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Trick question! I would train them into my own dark spider army and then take over the world.

You could be a jerk and leave the doors open and let the spiders out... cause an enviromental disaster!

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Man, you guys are dicks. I would just like, chill with the spiders man. Maybe they just need to crash at my pad for a few days? Can't jump to conclusions, they could be cool dudes.

Highly poisonous spiders... 6000 of said spiders in your home... that is like Russian Roulette with all the chambers loaded.

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The rules of this topic are quite friendly, your house is suddenly infested with 6000 of these big bastards and you are the only one. (Including your family if you know you could get their help.) In order to stop them from producing and taking over the entire town within 3 days.

Australian size... not resident evil size though.

You can get one free item from someone who feels bad enough about you to help you out enough just so they wouldn't have to go in, one free item but it has to not be something insane like a flamethrower.

You also can only use items you have in your house and escaped with and with whatever money is in your wallet.

The spiders are VERY poisonous and the city government will in fact blow up your house if you can't do this. With all your stuff inside and it cannot be insured so you will go homeless and no extirminator will help you and the ones who do want to help are only willing to do it for millions of dollars at least!

There is a counter to how many you kill so you know the exact amount at all times for whatever reason and the spiders are all over your possesions as well.


With me, I would grab up two of the heaviest common books I have and proceed to get all the water bottles I have. Afterwords I will grab a hammer and some clothing and my backpack and leave the house.

My brother would most likely help out in such a situation so I got an ally already. However the rest of my family would probably just abandon the house. I would not and I would be more pissed off than scared. My free item would hopefully be a scuba suit so that way none of the bastards land on me and due to it being Montana and all I believe that it would come from some former surfer guy who decided to retire up here. (Scuba suits are commonish... so it counts and Montana is the state where the poor old people of America go!)

I would dress up completely making sure everything was air tight except for a slit for my eyes and mouth. Hammer in hand and my brother decked out with a hammer he brought, we go in in a storm of frenzied girly screaming and rage killing spiders and destroying many of our things in the process. We would most likely clear the house in a couple days and as long as we have food and water from the fridge and with whatever we can find we would be able to do it... just with a shitton of girly man screaming happening 100% of the time.

The clean up would be a nightmare but I believe me and my family could do it... however, what would you do if your house was infested by 6000 spiders? Also yes... I had a nightmare last night where this happened. Imagining a shotgun did not help at all.

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I did start with the first but damn, that gutsman stage with the platforms. I never finished it.

Dude... the yellow devil pushed me to the point of anger overload... read here.

Yes... it is just as bad as I say in there... one of my first blogs and it shows the perfect demonstration of the rage you will feel if you decide to try and beat the game.

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@believer258 said:

  • Kingdom Hearts
  • Ratchet and Clank (particularly Going Commando and Up Your Arsenal) (some subtly crude humor)
  • Final Fantasy X
  • Star Wars Battlefront 1 and 2
  • Manhunt
  • Gran Turismo 4
  • Devil May Cry 3 (some language and a bit of blood)
  • Jak and Daxter (some language)

None of those are any worse than Shrek as far as crude humor or dirty language goes.

Uh... playing through DMC3 myself and I gotta say it has ALOT of blood and stuff. Also the fact that the nightmarish monster may give kids nightmares... mainly the devil trigger form since it was made by teh Shin Megami Tensei guys so they could put Dante in Nocturne.

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Talk about Earthbound with a random guy in a retro video game store 15 minutes ago... 0 minutes ago I came here!

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@DoctorDanger99 said:

FFX is good.in depth but good. how bout star wars battlefront?every one loves star wars.also spider man 2. prob the best comic book game next to the arkham games.

Yeah, FF10 was my first FF and it is easily the most newbie friendly one IMO. Not to hard like FF13 and not to damn complex either like some of the first FF's. Just right!

Oh and get him Viewtiful Joe. Kick ass game series right there! Oh, and don't get him Odin Sphere... that game is hard as hell.