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If you can preorder the game it usually unlocks at midnight though it seems to be up to the publisher whether it is midnight est or pst

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VR is not mass market, will not be mass market in the current state. These headsets are just stepping stones.

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So I have a PS4 since launch and it is my main game playing device. I kind of want to get a XB1, mainly for Sunset Overdrive and Forza Horizon 2, and own a Wii U.

The problem with a PC for me right now is that my current desktop is going on 9 years old, and while I've upgraded a few thing here and there over the years the motherboard is completely outdated (uses DDR2 RAM) and somethings have just straight up stopped working like some USB ports. Now I have a pretty decent laptop which I use for the usual stuff and for small indie games. If I were to buy a new desktop I'd be going all in, DDR4 based motherboard, GTX 980, etc., so I wouldn't have to tinker with it for 5-6 years. Since this would cost me $1500-$1700 I just can't justify that to make games a little prettier to look at despite wanting to.

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The biggest thing holding back a good Rugby video game being made is the sport is not popular enough to warrant a budget and consequently the development time to make a well designed game. Had in difficulty figuring out how to properly represent scrums, rucks, mauls, etc. and it is easy to see why a truly good video game representation hasn't been made. In saying that I thing a Rugby 7's game would be easier to make.

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I want Jeff to review it because I feel like it could lead to some hilarious bombcast talk.

Please no.

There are two people on staff who like this series. The website's audience loves this series. There's no value to anyone in having Jeff have the official say on it. It serves no one.

Actually Jeff is the perfect person to review Bloodborne. If someone who enjoyed the Souls games reviews it they would inevitably boil the review down to if Bloodborne is a good Souls game. Which the internet will be littered with and only serves confirmation bias. But if Jeff reviews Bloodborne the game will be judged more so on whether Bloodborne is a good game, not just a good Souls game. As a person who has never liked the Souls games if Jeff positively reviewed Bloodbourne (or talks positively about it in a Quick Look or Bombcast) I will check it out. However if Brad or Vinny or Dan talk positively about Bloodbourne my reaction would be, "well of course they liked it."

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He's turning heel and joining gamebomb.ru

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@geirr said:

...And yet we cannot put a Taco Bell in Norway.

Trust me, no matter what Dan says about Taco Bell you do not want one.

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$48.72 million