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I have played bad games for the story. I have stopped playing good games because they lack story.

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Gears of War, Okami, Bully, and Wii Sports

These games I feel went beyond just being games. Especially Wii Sports which is not just a gaming turning point but a cultural touchstone

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They probably are not allowed to show footage (or at least the GB type of footage) until release date. Either that or they didn't have the man power this week.

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And so concludes the only WiiU game I'll buy this year.

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@corevi said:
@thatpinguino said:

@corevi: I agree for the most part about Dragon Age, though the present system made it way too easy to just gift your way into someone's good graces. The actual dialog systems in Dragon Age were a whole lot more subtle and realistic than the systems in Mass Effect though. I really wonder why DA2 had such a regression when it came to its romance systems. I also wonder why Mass Effect didn't adopt some of the stuff that DA pioneered.

Because the entire design doc for DA2 was make it more like Mass Effect.

More likely the entire design doc was shredded when EA told the devs you only get a year to make DA2.

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DAVE.... the internets down

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Going to be another long year for the Falcons...

Can't believe the Falcons lost to the Vikings that has a rookie QB, no Adrian Peterson or Kyle Rudolph.

But that rookie QB looked fucking amazing. Go Teddy

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I loved FH and was really considering an XBox One to play FH2. But I think I'll continue to wait for a price drop or more exclusive games.

With that said MS is not really advertising FH2 and seemingly is just shoving it out and assuming racing fans will buy it and that's about it. Mordor has far more appeal as a mainstream game and Warner is getting behind it (probably hoping it will takeover the Arkham franchise as their marque game for the current gen) and putting out a ton of ads to boost awareness.

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Titan was actually a Rock and Roll Racing MMO

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Either London or Tokyo inspired locale.