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Tried the beta, had some fun. Will play again.

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I enjoyed some of the Batmobile, however it is used way to much and feels very forced in the main story missions. Every time you had to use the Batmobile in the last third of the main story I would say, "this is not fun or enjoyable in any way."

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If I were Nintendo I would make the NX a portable home console. So the system has a base that charges it that also hooks up to a TV for living room play but you can pick it up and use it as a portable system.

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I can't believe all the MGS4 haters, you're all wrong be the way, MGS4 is the best.

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@mctaters: The USA is usually far behind in social policies when compared to other first world nations was what I was basically stating. Also it was kind of a joke since the USA joined WW1 and WW2 significantly later then other countries involved

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The USA is always late to the party

not to mention in many states you can still be fired for being gay so there is still a long way to go.

still a great start and great news.

Oh god, I didn't know that. That is pretty heinous! This is really good news/progress though

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The USA is always late to the party

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Batman & Robin

Batman & Robin

Batman & Robin

Batman & Robin


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Coincidently I got the game on PS4 from Amazon and there was a good sized chunk taken out of the plastic protective layer on the disc making it unusable.

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Play them without guides, you'll love them!