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Why does nothing cool ever happen in Canada?

Cool things happen in Canada, it's called winter... I'll show myself to the door.

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So it looks like yet another Metal Gear collection will be made, but for which consoles? With the announcement of MGSV going to PC could it be possible to move the entire franchise to PC as well?

I don't see a PC port happening, there would be a lot of work required to get those games running properly.

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@jay_ray: You're right in the sense that Minecraft isn't as big as Lego, but it's because of the older crowd. Minecraft is way more popular than Lego with people under the age of 20 or so. Over that age, and you get to a large group of people that typically don't care about video games and don't know/care about Minecraft but instead grew up with Lego.

I was mainly disagreeing with the financial comparison, because this acquisition is so late, whereas in the 70s, Lego wasn't a household brand yet.

But Lego known was known in the 70s/80s to the younger demographic, just like Minecraft is now. And Microsoft (correctly or incorrectly) are betting in 20 years that Minecraft = Lego. This is a very long term acquisition not unlike Facebook buying Oculus though at least Minecraft actually makes money currently.

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@jay_ray: But with Lego, you can sell specially colored bricks and kits that make different things from different franchises and universes. People don't want that with Minecraft. Would you sell a pack of different colored dirt? Your 1970s equivalent isn't correct, because back then, Lego hadn't gotten into the modern day vocabulary and everybody's homes yet. Minecraft has. This would be like buying Lego in 2005. But again, they are two different products that won't have the same monetization strategies.

The biggest Lego sellers are the licensed products. Microsoft will undoubtedly partner with Disney (as an example) and sell Star Wars and Marvel Minecraft add ons. Make your own Iron Man suit, build a lightsaber, etc.

I stick with my 1970s Lego annology, Lego's resurgence has been powered by the kid's in the 70s and 80s who grew up with Lego introducing Lego to their children. Minecraft is big, but it's not that big. I know a lot of people who do not know what Minecraft is.

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@honkalot said:

And seriously, what are you gonna do after you buy Mojang for such a huge sum? Minecraft probably won't be this successful forever, and if I am an economist with responsibility for $2bn then I sure as hell should understand that a success worth 10% of Minecraft is very unlikely to come from Mojang or any other company for the foreseeable future between now and eternity.

Edit: 2 billion USD seems like it would break even for Microsoft if they ran Minecraft for something like 10-12 years and it never went down in sales.

Would you have bought Lego in the 70's for the 1970's equivalent of $2,000,000,000? Minecraft is no longer just a simple game. It is a brand and a platform. Presumably Microsoft sees this and wants to turn Minecraft completely into virtual Lego which made $1.1 billion in pure profit last year.

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In all seriousness phones are getting huge again. Why is this fucking happening? Who uses their phone for more than texting, occasional web browsing, and the odd call from the old people in your life because no one under 40 calls anyone anymore. Why do we need near tablet sized screens?

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I prefer the white site on mobile platforms but definitely black for my laptop.

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TMNT by Rocksteady

Star Wars by BioWare

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@sterling said:

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@gorillamopena: Just read that on my twitter feed. Bravo to the Ravens for making the gutsy call, that was a strong message sent to everyone about their organization and where they stand on domestic violence. A strong message for an organization that's been iffy with handling personal conduct in the past aka Ray Lewis.

Question for folks, Ray Rice is a talented dude, he's 27 and clearly has about 3-4 years left in the tank. Now players have come back from a media shit storm like this in the past and have been able to continue their careers. I'm pretty positive somebody will take a chance on him again but do you guys think any team will give him a chance this year?

I for one think with all this being fresh on peoples mind and the bad publicity this can be put on a team no team will pick him up until at least starting next off season. Even if they do it's not guaranteed he'll be the 1st string rb.

I don't see anyone picking him up this year. There would be too much outrage if they did.

The situation will probably unfold in the same way Vick did. No one will touch him for a couple years and one team will sign him and put on a show about how he has been reformed etc. However it is so far looking like Rice will not be charged so he may be able to play in the CFL after the NFL suspension is over if a NFL team doesn't want to take a chance on him.

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Me in the year 2036:

Damn these Virtual Pods and Neural Links. Why can't kids these days be happy in the real world? Instead they're in these damn virtual worlds hooked up to feeding tubes so they can spend all day in there. This is corrupting our youth.