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Like I said at the time: It makes ZERO sense within the context of this world for Littlefinger to set up Sansa with Ramsay. Not a even a little bit. And last's night's show just drove that point home even further. Littlefinger is supposed to have a weird incestuous sexy time daughter-lust for Sansa as a surrogate for Cat. He's omnipotent so he would know that Ramsay is a crazy person. There's just no chance in hell that he'd let Ramsay go around raping her.

It has been made pretty damn clear Littlefinger lusts, desires, etc. the Iron Throne and that is all. Littlefinger loves only himself. He has gained money, political power, and influence but still lacks an army. What he has done will give him a pretty big army so he could make a legitimate attempt to conquer.

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I believe the Sansa-Ramsay-Theon scene will make sense by the end of the season. And that is the trouble the TV show (and other similar shows) has, individually episodes are rarely good but the whole season is far better then the individual episodes.

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The major difference between the PS4/XB1 and the PS3/360 is the accessibility. Not the accessibility to play games but to make them, the systems are easier then ever to get a game on the systems, as well as the tools are now easy to use and more importantly cheap.

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The big Square Enix stuff will be at either Microsoft or Sony, so I think they should cover Nintendo and maybe do a debrief after if anything new at SE pops up.

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If we are comparing Saturday morning cartoons I have to go with Disney. I mean this is my childhood summed up:

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I think there's effectively a 0% chance that they smooth things over with Kojima, get Del Toro back on board, and then keep everything together long enough to make this game. But hopefully this petition at least manages to reach somebody at Konami and show them how unhappy everyone is with some of their recent decisions.

Konami might care if they were in the video game business, they appear to not want to be in the video game business anymore.

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Bring on V-Pain and the Wolf

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I have a feeling Rorie is just chaos (in real life) and played an evil card just cause in the second round. Alex and Mary must have truly been confused there.

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Hi guys, just wondering if this has been or is in the process of being archived as, I am utterly ashamed to admit, I only saw about the first hour of the stream as my internet went down?

The show was archived, don't know when it'll go up.