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I preordered, but that is only because by preodering it I'm only paying $40.

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The Darkness is a game where the gunplay is poor but the story and characters more than make up for it. It also threw you into a completely different world a couple times throughout and gave you some fun powers to mess with.

The new Wolfenstein is a game where the gunplay is just fucking perfect, to the point where any annoyances about the story or some pacing issues get blown to smithereens because it just feels so damn good.

Isn't funny to you that the same people that made The Darkness made The New Order?

Oh wow, I didn't know this. I loved The Darkness. I'm suddenly very glad that I pre-ordered this game. Starbreeze people have never done me wrong before. :-)

oldirtybearon wasn't saying The Order: 1886 is being made by ex-Starbreeze guys, he was stating Wolfenstein: The New Order was made by ex-Starbreeze guys.

The Order: 1886 is made by Ready at Dawn as their first original IP after making the God of War games for the PSP.

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I recall The Wolf Among Us was mentioned in Best Story but was quickly dismissed. I believe Alex and Patrick considered The Walking Dead Season 2 a poor game so wasn't mentioned (maybe it was brought up in Best Story?).

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The point a lot of people seem to be missing is that with our accounts being tied across systems it is easier than ever to allow games to transfer onto the next consoles. Wouldn't it be cool if your entire ps3 library transferred over to the ps4?

Cool, yes. Expected, no. It would be cool if my DVD's could become HD too.

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In this order:

Episode IV: A New Hope (or look up "Star Wars Revisited," the definitive way to see this film. I can't go back to the original after watching it.)

Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back

Episode I: The Phantom Menace

Episode II: Attack of the Clones

Episode III: Revenge of the Sith

Episode VI: Return of the Jedi

This man is correct, though you can subtract The Phantom Menace if you want and watch it after you're done with the series if you're curious. Going with the Blu-Ray's is easiest. And while the original unedited versions are better do not worry about them, they are not worth the hassle.

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This is our time people. To remove Destiny from GOTY contention and replace it with...well anything...but Dragon Age is pretty dope.

And Jazzpunk and Mario Kart 8 and Call of Duty and etc...

Just remove them all and let everything burn in the wasteland that was 2014

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After the Panthers win why was everyone talking about as if they were gonna be playing in Seattle next? Don't we first have to see who will win the Dallas vs. Detroit game? From what I understand, if Dallas wins, the Panthers are going to play in Green Bay. Or is it the other way around?

Dallas wins and Panthers face Seattle, Detroit wins and Panthers face GB.

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@tuxfool said:

@spraynardtatum: Bayonetta 2 is just another Bayonetta. It is really fantastic and a better version of that game, but if you're going to be reductive for one you have to be reductive for the other.

No I don't. Even just another Bayonetta is a billion times more interesting and unique than another Assassins Creed. There's only 2 Bayonetta. I've lost count of how many AC games there are. Probably 80 at least. Bayonetta also wasn't in the PLEASE STOP! category but the Ubisoft template was.

If you look at where the staff placed Shadow of Mordor and Bayonetta 2 on their personal lists everyone (but Alex) agreed Shadow of Mordor was better. So you can't really blame them for not arguing which game is better since only Alex thought Bayonetta 2 was better.

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@nasar7: What are the theoretical ways in which "they" could punish you? Demand you pay more extra month, drop your speed or what? 250 gigs does sound like quite a lot but I've honestly got no idea how much I go through each month taking into account all the HD video I consume through Netflix, Giant Bomb, news sites etc.

If nasar7 is similar to me then the ISP would include data overage charges on the next bill, I think mine is $1 per gigabyte. But like him my cap is not enforced. I do know a lot of people in Canada with a 60 GB cap and is enforced. That is basically one or two modern games if you download them and if you stream anything you are screwed.

Edit: I also pay a crazy amount for my internet/tv package which is probably why my ISP does not charge my overages.