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Now that Rune was mentioned I actually remembered that Too Human was like Norse mythology but in the future. Techno Vikings?

Techings? Viknos? Cyborikings? Vikroids? Technorse? Vikingitecs? Vikborgs? Cyborg Bjorn... I'll show myself the door...

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Clarkson was not technically fired, his contract, which ends this month, will not be renewed. May and Hammond's contracts are also up so any statements by them saying "they come as a package" etc. could be negotiation tactics on their part to get larger raises. At the end of the day Clarkson stepped over a line and he knows it, that is why Clarkson (not Tymon, the producer) turned himself into the BBC. I am sad to see this era of Top Gear end but it was bound to happen.

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GBEast quick looks have the best chemistry outside of Vinny-Jeff quick looks

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My family was very cold and pretty distant emotionally, at least that is what it felt like. Though I believe my father loves me, he doesn't know how to express it. And quite frankly I don't know how'd I react if he did now since I really don't know him despite being in the same house for 20 years or so.

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Can't everyone just say XII is the best PS2 Final Fantasy game so we can get a HD release of that then everyone can go back liking (wrongly) FFX

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I just hope that having all this DLC doesn't bring back the problems MK9 online had with people not being able to connect with each other due to not downloading the appropriate compatibility packs.

The solution is easy, force every player to have the data with mandatory patches, which I am sure they'll do.

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@itwongo said:

I think the plan is still to run through Mario Party 4-9 before they do 10

Assuming no one goes crazy and destroys the set.

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I use mine for ease of use, easy to look up something when I am watching TV, a movie, or playing a game. Play a casual game while working (to keep me distracted/on my toes). Watch stuff/play small games/read comics while in bed. A tablet is not really a laptop replacement if you need something with power that can do everything. But if all you need is an extremely portable web browser then a tablet is great.

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It's really cheesy and stupid and everyone's going to hate me for saying this, but it's on everyone's mind - Half-Life 3 has got to come out at some point, right? Like, multibillion dollar companies don't just leave their flagship franchises in the dust after a cliffhanger like Episode 2's, do they? Right? Right? I don't know, I feel like you could hand that game and a hundred million dollars to Machine Games and make up the funding with a surprise Steam sale or two and a new round of cosmetic Dota 2 items, then buy everyone a new yacht a week after the game comes out.

A few things about this. First, Valve is not going to hand off the Half-Life franchise to another developer. Second, Valve makes so much money from everything else and since they are a private company profit is not their driving force. Third, Valve is not a traditional studio when it comes to development, everyone employed in the game making side at Valve kind of makes whatever they want, which basically amounts to a ton of prototypes. If one of these prototypes lends itself to an existing franchise they may pursue that but Valve doesn't release anything that is not great so most of their projects are never known. Basically if no one at Valve wants to make Half Life 3 no one will force them.

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SNES and PS2 are the best consoles of all time.