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KotOR, Rouge Squadron, and Jedi Outcast are easily my 3 favorites. But I have to say I really liked Empire at War

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So what happens when America inevitably falls behind China, India, and European Union in terms of world leading? America has to change if only to give their youth a fighting chance at not becoming a second tier nation.

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Vive la France! Vive la Résistance

I guess I'll cheer for Messi now

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That's a silly question. I don't know why anyone would say no.

So, yes.

You would have to completely destroy your current life; no family, no friends, hell any of your education would be totally useless. And then the knowledge that everyone who cares about you will never see you again, you basically committed suicide because you randomly disappeared. That would emotionally and mentally destroy most people. But you know, you get a phaser right, that's cool.

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So I wanted to take a day to let everything sink in and allow myself to digest some shots. As well as listen to the latest bombcast and the quicklook with Dan (Sniper Elite 3). And I've come to the conclusion that Dan and Jason are perfectly adequate and are the "more of the same" hires that can easily hit the ground running. And I completely understand why people love that and also (like me) are disappointed with that.

I have been following/involved with gaming websites for over a decade now. Starting with 1UP and growing to include Gamespot and various other sites. Then eventually to just following Giant Bomb after the implosions of both of my major sites. I mostly only saw/listened to podcasts or the various "shows" 1UP and Gamespot made. And so Giant Bomb basically dedicating themselves to just that made an easy transition for me plus the people I loved moved there.

The problem now for me is that I have now been listening and watching Jeff for over a decade now (and Brad, Patrick, Vinny, Alex, etc.) for nearly as long. And to be blunt, I am getting tired of listening to the same people. Which includes people who've been in the industry for decades. And Jeff and Patrick have stated they felt the same and the industry needs new blood. I don't care that they are "white dudes". I really care that they're white american dudes that have been through the wringer (emphasis on that last part).

The reason I love Danny so much is that he is Irish and that background brings a major perspective change from Giant Bomb's "normal", and with the new hires I was hoping for someone to bring a different, ethnic, race, or gender perspective. And I truly thought that was important to the Giant Bomb crew (and maybe it is). Hell even when Drew was new he was young and exciting (and still is) and more importantly for me he gave of a genuine glee about games and his other activities. And I feel this glee is missing from the old guard of "grizzled vets", when E3 2015 comes around how many "sighs" and "this shit again" will we hear. I want to hear people be excited and have a kid like happiness in some aspect a.

Maybe I need a change for change sake. Maybe I just need a break from this place to make it feel new/fresh again.

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So when do we start to hate them?

Welcome to Giant Bomb!

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Costa freakin Rica, what type of black magic did you do to make it this far? I could use some of it!

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So you're going to be General Lang's protege? Just remember, no one escapes the Lang Zone, once you get out it pulls you back in.

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Phil Fish is 100% right here in my opinion. If you gain a profit directly from these videos/streams you owe the creator a percent of that money. Game sites like GB are (arguably) different since they do not make money directly from the videos but around the videos (and sometimes no money at all since the youtube versions have no ads).

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I think it's a waste of money to use visually prolific actors (from, like, movies and such) when there are so many amazing voice actors.

I think my favorite robot companion voice is still the one delivered by Stephen Merchant in Portal 2.

Also, I've been watching a lot of Bob's Burgers and Archer recently and really, really think they should use H Jon Benjamin in there.

You know Stephen Merchant is a pretty big and recognizable actor right?