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I would highly suggest doing so. Tales of Monkey Island was pretty good on its own, but it does call back to a lot of in-jokes in the series, as well as some story stuff that transpired throughout the previous games. If you're new to the series and interested in getting into it, they're giving the second game the same remake treatment as the first one and I believe it's slated for release sometime summer this year. Finding the third and fourth game might prove to be a bit more problematic, however, since they're old PC games. If you're really adamant on playing Tales of Monkey Island though, you could read up on the story events that happened through the series and I think you'd still enjoy Tales enough. You might miss a reference here and there, but it's nothing too major.
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They're completely separate. Tales of Monkey Island was an episodic continuation of the series and takes place after the fourth game (Escape from Monkey Island).

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That new Kirby game looks great. A bit skeptical on the Goldeneye remake though. I won't deny how great that game was back in the day, but there's been a lot of first person shooters released since then and I don't think nostalgia will carry it far enough. Then again, I could be wrong and it ends up being a fantastic game, but for now, I'll remain a skeptic.

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The audience is clapping at every single thing.

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It's a shame that I don't have a wii motion plus. If any game is going to force me to buy one, however, it will probably be this one.

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Loyalty missions are usually activated a mission or two after you have recruited someone. I guess to be more direct with your question, it's based on missions in total. So for example, if you recruit Tali, you have to do one or two missions before she asks (having her with you during those missions does not matter).

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Level 8.

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Lost Odyssey's "Thousand Years of Dreams" short stories made me choke up at times. They were so well written and depicted incredibly deep messages about the frailty of human mortality.
Outside of that, I'd have to admit that the end of MGS3 made me shed some manly tears for The Boss.

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Definitely Scribblenauts for me. Me and my friends were looking forward to that game and kept hyping ourselves up about all the possibilities the game entailed. Sadly, it hardly reached any of those expectations.

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I do love me some Ecksbocks.

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