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will chris be the new cable?

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I was thinking about it earlier (don't ask why nothing sinister just very boring and more of a waste of time than reading this text between these awesome brackets)  anyway was it I cant think of any other games that had this feature coming out before this

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@SinGulaR said:
" Because they are in desperate need for attention. "
I had a few classmates like that in the school / college / uni i used to go to the best thing to do is ignore them eventually they will get the message and shut up if that doesn't work you should just push one of them down the stairs 
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Part 2 as that was the first one I finished

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I was looking forward to playing this game after playing the remake of resident evil on the game cube but when i played it I thought that it took a step backwards.
Yes you could control 2 people at once and they did away with the item boxes allowing you to drop items.

The problem I had with this game was the cut scenes, in the resi 1 remake the cut scenes were rendered in game which went some way to keep me involved with the game as the graphics were the same.  With zero the cut scenes were FMV and not good FMV either it destroyed my involvement with the game as the pause in play while the scenes loaded it was like going back to playing it on the ps1.  I think the main problem with this game is that it was originally an N64 game and when porting it to the game cube they forgot to do something about the cut scenes.

I also found the story dull but I'll save that for now

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sculsoldi3r said:
"eragon for 360
Did you buy it for easy achievement points?
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I was going through some boxes and found the 10th anniversary edition of sonic adventure 2, shinobi 3 and the story of thor have you ever found random games at home that you forgot you owned or bought the same game twice because you forgot you had it?

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For me sonic 2 was the best and the series started going downhill after it

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For me it has to be the Dreamcast version the control pad was not the best but I would play it for hours

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The team that I like to use is Magneto, captain commando for the combos and juggernaut for the assist

I used to pick cable but he ended up getting banned by my friends due to his cheapness

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