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E3 convinced me to go ahead and get a PC. Everything that looked interesting there was either a year away or also coming out for the 360. I got my PC this week and I'm loving it.

Next year I'll evaluate the whole PS4 vs Xbox One thing again. WiiU would be an impuse purchase to get either a Zelda, Metriod Prime or Mario Galaxy. But only one of those is even announced, so it'll probably be a long time.

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@funleash said:

I hope that there can be a calm discussion about this that doesn't devolve into people slinging insults at each-other.

Calling people hypocrites and saying their complaints have zero validity isn't the best way to start a calm discussion.

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First, strip clubs are gross. I'm pretty sure that's a universal thing. Second the hotel you were staying in was in downtown Vegas, not the newer part of the strip. Once you get off Fremont street it gets a bit shady. And the area between Fremont and the new stuff is a wasteland, at least the last time I went.

The places I've stayed were quite nice and touristy. I guess you could say you had a more interesting experience.

And really losing 150 bucks to a stripper is hopefully a lesson learned and a good blog post. You could have dropped 150 bucks at the roulette table in 15 minutes easy.

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@warpr said:

It looks like the life-cycle of the PS4/XBox One is going to be reaaaally long, so I can imagine I will eventually have both of those.

What makes you think that? I don't know, but it seems like the PC is becoming a more viable competitor than last gen. The $500 steam box is kind of a joke now, but in two years, who knows? With that and the ever faster iterating phones/tablets/things you plug into your tv it could put a lot of pressure on PS4/XBox.

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I finally ordered a new PC, so no new consoles for now. After watching E3 I realized that fall would be the earliest I want anything, and really most games are still coming to the 360, which I still get a lot of use out of. It won't be until next year when the real new gen only games come out.

So I'll be catching up up on my steam catalog and waiting until next E3.

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X-Men Legends was awesome and Marvel Ultimate Alliance is as well, tons of X-men in there too.

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Sometimes you're at work and can't play games but can sneak in a video or two.

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Always hyped for E3. Not too excited for the new consoles at the moment, but that could change. Hope springs eternal. The Luigi death stare thing got me excited for the Wii U for a couple of days. I think I'm over it now.

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Story as in plot, or narrative, not as important. Mostly because it's so difficult to do I'm used to it being bad.

However tone, mood, setting, "world craft", backstory, etc. are vitally important to me.

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She has been pushing for a new Apple computer

You buy her an Apple, don't be a dummy.