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I played D&D as a kid in the 80's and totally missed out on any anti D&D hysteria. I lived on the south even. Didn't hear about that nonsense until much later.

You have to understand the game was huge back then, much bigger than it is now. There was a Saturday morning cartoon, the game was sold in every bookstore and toy store. There were D&D clubs at school. My relatives bought me D&D books for Christmas.

Yes there were crazy religious attacks on the game, but no more than other pop culture like rock and roll. I grew up thinking Kiss stood for Knights In Satan's Service, and that there were secret backwards messages in my brother's Led Zepplin records.

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The "it's only a game" response only goes so far. The images and ideas in video games do matter, even if we react to those ideas in different ways than reality. If Far Cry's crafting system was based on raping disabled children, I'm betting most people would object, even if it is "just a game".

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I felt the same way watching the quicklook. However I am totally a tree hugger.

I felt bad killing the whales in Assassin's Creed 4 as well.

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I don't pre-order and I don't buy games day one.

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More keys! If anyone needs me I'll be playing Euro Truck Simulator 2!

https://www.humblebundle.com/?gift=wbBSttNYh45kB4hq Gone

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In the first five seconds I'm watching a dude bang on something to make a turret. So yeah I'm reminded of Team Fortress.

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I moved from 360 to PC this year as well, but I've found myself mainly playing indie games and MMO's instead of big AAA games, so I haven't really flexed the graphics capabilities yet. I do think Guildwars 2 looks amazing.

I do have Witcher 2 in my Steam backlog though, maybe I should give that a try.

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Software developer. The fact that something I found I liked as a kid (coding on a C-64) turned into a decent and lucrative career still amazes me.

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I enjoyed Destiny but I think I'm at my end, for now. I'm at the "collecting materials to upgrade your armor" phase which I realize is just to level up for a raid I'll never play.

I started playing Walking Dead Season 2, but I don't think I can play those episodes straight through. I'll probably pick up Shadow of Mordor next.

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@deathbywaffle said:

It blows my mind that Gears of War was a 360 launch game, it was so great. Feel like there hasn't been an exclusive that great on either platform yet this generation.

Gears wasn't a launch game because the 360 came out in 2005. But yeah, here we are a year out on the new generation and nothing has had the impact that Gears had.