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What I'd hope the NX will be: Another Gamecube, i.e. on par/slightly more powerful than the market leader, with decent third party support and great exclusives. Maybe a 3ds player like the Gamecube had the GBA player.

What the NX will actually be: An interactive Amiibo display case.

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This has to be the most masterful troll I have ever seen a game studio pull. "Oh, you're anxious about those emotes huh? You need those emotes? You're entitled to those emotes! You'd throw money at the screen if you could, right? Well, now you can! 20 bucks for this worthless junk you said was so important. Enjoy!"

I didn't like Destiny that much and I haven't purchased anything past the base game, nor do I have any plans to. But I think this weird, condescending messaging Bungie has had from the start has now flipped over to comedy gold for me. I can't wait to hear what they say next!

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I'm pretty excited for this. But I'm pretty stoked for Fallout in general. I loved everything about Fallout 3 so just give me more of that. Weapon crafting. Home upgrades. Robot butlers. Rad scorpions. Pip boys. I want it all!

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For Steam it reached a saturation point where I already had all the cheap games I was interested in. What's getting me now is Games with Gold because I can't say no to free.

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It's one of those things where if you been listening to someone talk on a podcast for years and years, you pick up on changes to their speech patterns. Jeff does say it more than he used to. Doesn't really bother me. He seems to say "I don't know, I don't know" I lot more too, that one I seem to notice more.

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4/6, but I'm pretty sure that was luck. I was listening with crappy earbuds. Definitely not an audiophile. I listen to AM radio in my car sometimes and it sounds fine.

I gotta go listen to that Susanne Vega song though or it'll be stuck in my head.

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Is Austin watching spookin with scoops? There is a wire running from his desk to the tv.

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There have never been fewer barriers to learning how to code. If you can create a post on Giant Bomb, you can go to http://www.codecademy.com right now and start learning web development.

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Dirt 3 for sure, it's awesome. Unless you want to go more fantastical like Burnout or Need for Speed.

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I don't have House of Wolves but I noticed running around on the moom there are new enemies and then at some point a key countdown timer appeared. I think I'm supposed to find chest somewhere? Would that have anything I can use.