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It's common in these types of games for there to be a benefit to maxing a card before combining, and maxing the card you are feeding with. This because you can transfer not just xp but skill procs (in these other games).

Anyone know of anything like that here? Doesn't it ever make sense to 'Pro' a common card?

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Boom Blox and Wii Sports Resort haven't been mentioned, so I'm mentioning them.

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I found John Drake's real talk with Dan on the podcast almost embarrassing to listen to, because it didn't come off as jokey at all to me. (Though I'm sure it was mean humorously). It just seemed like one person saying "Hey maybe you shouldn't be so narrow minded" and him saying "Well it's worked for me so far, why should I care about other people?".

I think I'm still in the "Is this an elaborate troll?" phase. Once I get past that, and through the "wrestling is clogging the twitter listing on the front page" phase, the growing on me phase can commence!

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It's all fun and games until we find out Vinny has moved to TV Guide full time. Then these VO's won't seem so cute.

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Piers Anthony is just awful at writing. His Xanth books devolve quickly into endless bad puns, and he treats his female characters like he's a dirty old man.

Wow my favorite childhood author. Bio of A Space tyrant was a good read though. His first 4 or 5 Xanth novels are pretty good too. His Adept series is pretty good too. I cannot concur with this.

Haven't read him in 20 years, and I can get why folks don't like him (he is a dirty old man), but I got nothing for love for Piers Anthony. One of my favorites growing up. Lots of great ideas. Incarnations of Immortality was one of my favs.

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Tie Fighter

Star Wars Arcade

Empire Strikes Back 2600

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I really like Ascension. It's a non-collectible deckbuilding game. There is a 2-player version that's just 10 bucks. There is also an iOS version.

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I was interesting growing up in the 80's because then 'classic rock' was a active radio format. The foundation was late 60's and 70's, but included 80's stuff because a lot of the bands that got big in the 70's were still active...Journey, Pink Floyd, Van Halen, etc. Glam rock bands were included because they were clearly derived from 70's rock sounds (though vastly inferior for the most part). Things seemed to fragment when the decade changed with alternative rock, grunge, new punk, etc. Classic rock stations played less and less new stuff until the playlist became fixed.

In terms of when classic rock begins, it's pretty easy to track it just from the Beatles. Nothing from before Rubber Soul is going to be played on a classic rock station. "I want to hold your hand" and like gets played on an 'Oldies' format.

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Please write George R.R. and tell him this story. It might make it into a future GoT novel.

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Seems like this would have made more sense on 360 or PC where there a tons of old EA games. Oh well.