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I read the title as "Games you only think you played." This happens because I'm old and sometimes I forget if I actually played a game just watched someone else play it.

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Maybe give it a few more hours? The fun lies in the emergent gameplay, but it's hard to really say how to get that to "emerge". It might be less fun for people who are either too good or too bad at the game. For some people it's just not their thing. If that's the case, no worries, move on.

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God that sucks. I loved Weekend Confirmed.

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Seriously, what is going in that smoke picture? Is that a flare on the ground?

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I don't read Joystiq but I do read Massively which I'd guess is affected by this. I wonder where I'll get my MMO news now.

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There's a downloadable D&D game (Daggerdale I think). It's mostly bad, but it might be fun for some local co-op. I'm pretty sure there were a couple of other Gauntlet type games on XBLA arcade.

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@mechadrewzilla: I'm also working on Rhino parts. Maybe we have some to trade or could team up for an appropriate mission. I'll try and friend you tonight. My in game name is kingsnurre.

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So, I guess the larger question is do resellers (i.e. scalpers) provide any value to the marketplace. One could argue that they do a service by setting the market price of an item based on supply and demand when the original producer is unwilling to do so for some reason. That's free market capitalism at work, in theory. If I want something more than you, I should be able to pay more to get it if there isn't enough to go around.

I personally don't deal with scalpers, it does seem to offend my sense of 'fairness', but I'm willing to admit that's just b.s. human psychology at play.

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I have a PC, so I guess indies/third party covers it? Microsoft has published on the PC before but that doesn't seem to be happening any more.

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Been playing every day since the QL and having a lot of fun! Don't know how hard core I'll be, but if another clan joins the alliance I'll probably be ready to join.