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Got a new PC a few months ago, I've just been catching up on my Steam backlog and playing some indies. This will be the first new AAA game I get for it. I'm stoked!

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Wow I did not know that. I do stay behind and defend capture zones, because I suck at PVP. I guess it's still a good strategy since I'm feeding opponents less, and my best chance at a kill is hiding and jumping on someone when they come to the control point.

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Mystery Dungeon has, it's a roguelike. If I remember correctly the early Ultima games had this as well. Synchronous movement isn't a bad term. Simultaneous could be applied to any real time movement game.

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Any PC reviews?

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Hey Moosey is that purple armor in your pic a shader? I'd like to get something like that. Grinding for gear just so I'm higher level doesn't appeal much since I'll never do the raid. But I do like some of the cosmetics I'm seeing.

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I liked the first one but I got it free with Games with Gold. What additions to the tower defense formula are there that would justify the price tag? Is the co-op mode local?

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I'm happy. Weirdly my favorite part is the patrols. I just like wandering around, exploring, and doing missions and bounties. The story is sort of a bummer, so I can see if people tried to power through those all at once it'd leave a bad taste. I'm just doing one story mission, a couple of pvp rounds, and patrol the rest of the night.

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Yep turning off Early Access and Preorder games is nice. I only want to see games that are done and I can buy now. Honestly a "at least 50%" off filter wouldn't be bad either.

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Civilization will collapse when we run too low on fossil fuels. The inevitable wars over resources will further degrade our capability to make broad changes to our energy infrastructure. We'll be knocked back to a pre-industrial society where we'll be vulnerable to disease and starvation.

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Usually its good when one person goes in cold, and asks the newbie questions, and another person knows what they are doing to some degree and can drive the game. Ryan was good at going in cold, being entertaining but asking the right questions.

I thought the Destiny quicklooks were a bit weird and I wonder if it's because Brad and Jeff were at roughly the same level of expertise. I've watched a lot of coverage and I still don't know exactly how skills and weapon upgrades work.