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There have never been fewer barriers to learning how to code. If you can create a post on Giant Bomb, you can go to http://www.codecademy.com right now and start learning web development.

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Dirt 3 for sure, it's awesome. Unless you want to go more fantastical like Burnout or Need for Speed.

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I don't have House of Wolves but I noticed running around on the moom there are new enemies and then at some point a key countdown timer appeared. I think I'm supposed to find chest somewhere? Would that have anything I can use.

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I have an older Ford Focus that I've enjoyed a lot. I might get a Fiesta next time.

Don't buy new or lease.

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The fog effect on the kubrow mission looked so bad. My wife thought maybe my computer was broken. I looked in the graphics settings to see if there was something I could change but no luck.

The Tubemen mission was good. The tileset probably needs some more development but I thought it looked cool. The voice work was excellent.

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I've finished Circle of the Moon, Symphony of the Night, and Portrait of Ruin, and played Aria of Sorrow, Harmony of Dissonance, and Order of Ecclesia.

Of those I'd say Circle of the Moon was the best. It was (probably not coincidentally) the first one I played. I played Symphony of the Night later on XBLA, and it held up really well, so I can see why it's people's favorite. It must have been mind blowing when it first came out.

Order of Ecclesia is really good, and has an upgrade system that rivals Circle of the Moon, but it's really hard and I never finished it.

Metroid Prime is one my favorite games of all time. I really really love it, and Prime 2 as well. But I doesn't feel like the same genre to me, mainly due to the lack of rpg mechanics. Dark Souls is probably the closest 3D game to the Metroidania style I've played.

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Awesome. What a great pitch video. (Even the "Risks and challenges" section on the page is fun).

I don't want to wait two years for this but I'm glad it's happening.

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Oh god, I had no idea that boss would jump on top of the tower! Always fun to see how other people play this game so differently.

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I've been playing Dirt 3 on Steam (since they removed Games for Windows Live) and it's great. It looks fantastic for a four year old game.

So, I'm excited, but I can wait for the full release. Not really interested in Early Access.

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Man I sucked at the bosses. I summoned everything I could and still had trouble. Ornstein & Smough I summoned another player and the NPC and it still took me a couple of tries. Not only did I summon the witch for the butterfly and died several times, I died simultaneous to defeating him. I didn't even know that could happen.

Oddly, I beat the Capra Demon the first time. The only other bosses I got in one shot were Nito and Sif. Even Pinwheel got me a couple of times I think.