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Well hopefully this isn't replacing the holiday sale all, but we'll see.

One thing I like about this whole trading cards metagame is it gets me to at least download and fire up the games in my library I never got around to. I had like three indie games running the background for cards, then I got to Gunpoint. I didn't get very far but I kept the music running the background the rest of the night.

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Well after trying for most of the day I was able to snag Renegade Ops for 1500 gems (all that I had basically). It seemed like it was hovering around 1300 all day but I kept getting sniped, so I had to up my bid.

I assumed that the prices would steadily decline after the first day as people burned through their gems, but that doesn't seem to be happening yet. I guess there are a lot of people coming in from the sidelines still.

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Depends on how deep the Steam crazies go. I have about 1000 gems. I figure about halfway through the auction it might settle down and maybe I'll have a chance at a small game. If not, I can turn those gems into a card pack and move on to the sale.

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You guys with Dreamcasts hooked up do you use the VGA box and how does that hook up to modern TVs?

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I really enjoyed Sacred Stones on my 3ds, but apparently it only came out for the Ambassador program.

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I'm getting an Atari Flashback for Christmas, and I can't wait to see what my kids think of it. They are 5 and 7 and are already pretty proficient at Lego and Skylanders on the 360.

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Labyrinth zone, where they introduced the water. That was it for me. Honestly the drop off in fun after the first zone, Green Hill Zone, was pretty steep.

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Too bad about Mario Galaxy, easily in the top 5 games of last generation. Of course I don't have a PS3, so I have even bigger holes in my list.

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Most disappointing doesn't mean worst. Destiny is in my top 10 games this year. I like it and play it a lot. But it is definitely my most disappointing game this year by far. There was a vast gap between what I was expecting and what it turned out to be.

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I use DoggCatcher and like it, but I don't listen to the premium podcasts so I don't know how that'd work.