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So now they're moving into cheaply made consoles, huh? Prepare for Green Ring of Death.

If Razer knows anything is how to sell cheaply made electronics.

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Don't know if it is by design, but the first thing that comes to mind when i see the flag are chains, that's pretty well done, it really does speak for their cause.

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People should own up to their mistakes and take the hit. Steam refunds is a bad thing, if they lessen the punishment then people will never learn to not preorder games, ever.

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cuz there is not enough bitching on the internet...

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Only dragons can truly love automobiles.

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I don't know what needs to happen for them to realise they have a bad game on their hands and they need to fix it before asking people for more money.

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Dead Space

and F.E.A.R. two great first installments of franchises that got callofdutified to oblivion.

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Cool game, i hope they don't change the name.

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How long before AMD claims Nvidia sabotaged it?

In all seriousness, that really sucks.

Nvidia cards are having serious problems too, but not as serious as AMD's. Anything above mininum doesn't even mention AMD cards even thought there are at least 3 AMD card models that are undoubtedly better than the GTX 960.

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@torrim said:

I don't like how they advertised it for sale using Steam's platform them pulled it. That's an unbelievably dirty move no matter how much competition and diversity in PC platforms might be necessary.

Really shitty.