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I think you gonna need Origin for Rivals on PC, so that makes Hot Pursuit a instant winner.

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Name 10 Vita games that are better than Tearaway.

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Didn't EA claim the 1.05 update is what is fucking with everything? Could very well be that. Who knows.

Nah it is just EA being EA, i bet they also said that the 1.05 update is responsible for BF4 being broken on PC.

I wanna see just how broken it will be on the Xbone and who they are gonna blame.

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You don't have to buy a exclusive PS4 game just to say you have one, if you count PC out, you can take every multiplatform game as a PS4 exclusive.

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@xyzygy said:

Really surprised at how positive Kotaku's review is. Seems pretty divisive, exactly like what I thought it would be.

Everybody gives a low score except stupid Kotaku and a website that starts with "xbox" and you say that it seems pretty divisive?

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As in every game.

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Even before we heard of big mandatory installs, 500GB was already too small.

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PS Eye is a pretty good camera too, i use it on my PC as webcam and mic.

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That headset seems like a piece of poop!

Also, I want to hug Shuhei Yoshida!

Sony's audio peripherals are usually pretty good.

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Fuck you Sony, i'm trying not to buy a PS4 but you won't let me.