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You need to blame someone. This is a very real lesson that if you're going to build your "business" around a service that you neither own nor control over, things might come crashing down in a single day. You might be the biggest YouTuber in the world, and you might have the complete moral backing of the community behind you, but at the end of the day you're just a user of this service that has complete control over how you air your content through it.

Agree. And what pains me is that that lesson is being absolutely avoided in these "discussions". The only lesson that I see in these articles and these comments is that YouTubers are good, big businesses and Google are evil.

I want let's players and YouTube reviewers and game devs and everyone else to flourish. But ignorantly avoiding the fact that most of them are illegally using copyrighted content isn't going to help the "little guy" win.

None of them are "illegally using copyrighted content"

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Pure greatness.

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Mantle and future ports.

Don't think 16GB of RAM are going to make a difference gaming wise.

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I think you gonna need Origin for Rivals on PC, so that makes Hot Pursuit a instant winner.

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Name 10 Vita games that are better than Tearaway.

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Didn't EA claim the 1.05 update is what is fucking with everything? Could very well be that. Who knows.

Nah it is just EA being EA, i bet they also said that the 1.05 update is responsible for BF4 being broken on PC.

I wanna see just how broken it will be on the Xbone and who they are gonna blame.

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You don't have to buy a exclusive PS4 game just to say you have one, if you count PC out, you can take every multiplatform game as a PS4 exclusive.

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Really surprised at how positive Kotaku's review is. Seems pretty divisive, exactly like what I thought it would be.

Everybody gives a low score except stupid Kotaku and a website that starts with "xbox" and you say that it seems pretty divisive?