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They should make a Alien Isolation edition since it already does look a lot like something from the 80s.

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and Notch supposedly hates Windows more than i do...

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I'm not against the coverage of mobile platforms, but if you gonna do it you gotta go over them all and i don't feel like it would be a good thing for the website...

That being said iOS has the best games, or at least has them first, that makes it a better fit for a news release here, even though it is a piece of shit of a phone.

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PSN got hacked, nobody lost anything but we got a lot of free crap, Xbox Live got hacked, nobody notice but many lost their accounts.

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Is that Vinny or the cross eyed guy from Silence of the Lambs?

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Just got the invite today and the first thing i did was to test with non steam games and it works flawlessly.

(My big gaming PC is connected directly to the router in my bedroom and the notebook i used as a "client" is connected to an old router acting as an access point in the living room, basically it is going through WiFi but using big antennas to do so.)

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I use the Corsair M90, it is more of a MMO/RTS mouse but, more buttons is never a bad thing and it is going to be perfect if/when you decide to play those types of games.

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If you want a good, cheap mouse, go for Logitech. Just about any Logitech mouse will do. Also, I'd avoid those Razer mice like the plague. They're useless esports ricer shit that'll end up breaking down on you within a year or two. That's just me, though. If you want a Razer, go for it.

I've had a deathadder for over 2 years now, still works great.

Today's Razer is not the same of 2 years ago.

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Sony Pulse Wireless Stereo Headset Elite Edition, the vibration is really good for horror games.

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@humanity said:

You need to blame someone. This is a very real lesson that if you're going to build your "business" around a service that you neither own nor control over, things might come crashing down in a single day. You might be the biggest YouTuber in the world, and you might have the complete moral backing of the community behind you, but at the end of the day you're just a user of this service that has complete control over how you air your content through it.

Agree. And what pains me is that that lesson is being absolutely avoided in these "discussions". The only lesson that I see in these articles and these comments is that YouTubers are good, big businesses and Google are evil.

I want let's players and YouTube reviewers and game devs and everyone else to flourish. But ignorantly avoiding the fact that most of them are illegally using copyrighted content isn't going to help the "little guy" win.

None of them are "illegally using copyrighted content"