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That headset seems like a piece of poop!

Also, I want to hug Shuhei Yoshida!

Sony's audio peripherals are usually pretty good.

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Fuck you Sony, i'm trying not to buy a PS4 but you won't let me.

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@mr_skeleton said:

As much as I wanted Diretide I think releasing it two weeks after Halloween and after everything that happened is just silly and misses the whole festive spirit the event should have. While it's obvious that the Dota community went full retard I can't help but feel that most of it could have been avoided by just communicating with the community. Valve shouldn't apologize but they also can't keep going and ignore the community, hopefully some lessons were learned by both sides.

With that said all of those who went outside of the Dota 2 forums are just assholes and are probably assholes in real life.

I think that releasing two weeks after Halloween is a punishment worse than not releasing it at all.

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They are 75% Good and 25% gle.

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Too bad he can't actually play any games due to the day one patch and the network not being online to handle DRM.

Luck him, if he could connect, MS would probably soft-brick his system.

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Welcome to 2011

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A website dedicated to Divekick? Count me in!

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I think it is a great idea, you can get achievements for watching horror movies and show your friends how you are not a little bitch.

@theht said:

"Good job, you watched a thing. Or at least you let it play to completion."

They can watch you with Kinect.

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@xyzygy said:

This is a pretty stupid rumour. There is no way they would do this.

I've heard some dumb rumours in my time but this is definitely up there. Xbox is one of the only reasons why an entire generation knows Microsoft.

Xbox doesn't make money, higher-ups don't like it because of that and who cares about 12-year-olds? Most of them are Mac/IOS users.

Microsoft wants people to get trapped in the Windows ecosystem, that is way they shoehorn Win8, Bing, IE, Skype, and many other non-game-related Microsoft products into the Xbox.