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Nothing beats the Originals.

Bioshock 1, Dead Space 1 and Portal 1.

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There are cheap 3D TVs out there, if you look for it you may find some cheaper than the regular ones.

I have a 43" 3D Plasma, i like it a lot except for the heat and the stupidly high power consumption.

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Video Games? Video Games! - end of speech -

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Eat it before it gets bigger and eats you.

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@theveej said:

well from what i hear the ps4 is pretty much bricked if you don't download that huge day 1 patch. Personally I am super skeptical about PSN running well, PSN is such a shit show on the ps3 that I can't really trust it. When I started to download dragon's dogma from ps store yesterday it was giving me 500-400 hrs. estimates for the download (12gb). In comparison it took me 40 min to download 8 gb from steam.

Well it obviously won't take that long but that download timer is really fucked up. The day one patch is only 300 MB. That is very small. Like 3-4 minutes, for me anyway.

Also this time they will be asking 50bucks/year for PSN, you have to be really cynical to expect the quality to be the same of a free product.

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@chiablo said:

Right now is a really weird time to upgrade. nVidia and AMD are currently throwing punches and it's too early to tell who's going to come out on top.

If there's a game that you want to play right now that you're having performance issues with, throwing another 4GB of ram and upgrading your video card would be the best bet. I'd bank on the nVidia GTX 770 if you're interested in the 3 games that are bundled with it. AMD's 290 beats it in performance and is only a little more expensive; you don't get the pack-in games and the card is very loud, but it will be more future-proof when compared to the 770.

Only the reference 290s cards are hot and loud, but you don't need that, a 280X will do fine against the 770.

Both HIS IceQ X2 Turbo and Sapphire Vapor X models of 280X will be cool, quiet and give enough overclock room to match and surpass the GTX770.

A new SSD will make your computer feel like new but better and upgrade your RAM. You can hold off on other stuff till next year where the new video cards should be capable of lasting a lot longer in the next gen than the cards that are out now.

Soooooooooooooooooooo tired of people over-hyping SSDs, that and Mechanical Keyboards (i have both), What is the point of loading the single game you managed to fit on that tiny SSD faster, if it is going to run like shit?

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CPU: i5 3750K (you can get a Haswell but i prefer Ivy Bridge because it is just as good but cheaper)

Mobo: GA-Z77X-UD3H (nice all around motherboard, not the most expensive)

RAM: 2x8GB DDR3 1866+ (no need for 2400mhz on Intel)

VGA: AMD Radeon R9 280X (gotta get that Mantle, plus it is cheaper than competition and overclocks like a beast)

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Microsoft is taking the bullet but both consoles are under-powered (Xbox One just happens to be ridiculously under-powered) and i bet their will be plenty of PS4 games running at "sub-fullhd/720p" resolutions.

The problem with the "It is just the internet being the internet" approach the journalists love use in order to cover their asses is that people with legitimate concerns are being ignored and labeled as fanboys/haters.

If people took us a little more seriously maybe we could have the power to ask for powerful boxes, but it is too late now, we can talk again in 2018 when consoles will still be running games at 720p while PCs will be doing 8K or something.

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People put PS4s on top of Xbones and houses burn.