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A website dedicated to Divekick? Count me in!

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I think it is a great idea, you can get achievements for watching horror movies and show your friends how you are not a little bitch.

@theht said:

"Good job, you watched a thing. Or at least you let it play to completion."

They can watch you with Kinect.

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@xyzygy said:

This is a pretty stupid rumour. There is no way they would do this.

I've heard some dumb rumours in my time but this is definitely up there. Xbox is one of the only reasons why an entire generation knows Microsoft.

Xbox doesn't make money, higher-ups don't like it because of that and who cares about 12-year-olds? Most of them are Mac/IOS users.

Microsoft wants people to get trapped in the Windows ecosystem, that is way they shoehorn Win8, Bing, IE, Skype, and many other non-game-related Microsoft products into the Xbox.

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Too many, i would just give up.

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Can't imagine Xbox without Microsoft.

I can and it would be great.

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Nothing beats the Originals.

Bioshock 1, Dead Space 1 and Portal 1.

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There are cheap 3D TVs out there, if you look for it you may find some cheaper than the regular ones.

I have a 43" 3D Plasma, i like it a lot except for the heat and the stupidly high power consumption.

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Video Games? Video Games! - end of speech -

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Eat it before it gets bigger and eats you.

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