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Microsoft is taking the bullet but both consoles are under-powered (Xbox One just happens to be ridiculously under-powered) and i bet their will be plenty of PS4 games running at "sub-fullhd/720p" resolutions.

The problem with the "It is just the internet being the internet" approach the journalists love use in order to cover their asses is that people with legitimate concerns are being ignored and labeled as fanboys/haters.

If people took us a little more seriously maybe we could have the power to ask for powerful boxes, but it is too late now, we can talk again in 2018 when consoles will still be running games at 720p while PCs will be doing 8K or something.

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People put PS4s on top of Xbones and houses burn.

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1080p Ultra 60fps+ until it crashes.

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The ps3 launched for $200 more than the xbox 360. Third party games ran like shit on it. It was supposed to be all powerful, but the $200 cheaper and weaker xbox 360 to this day gets better ports.

Maybe it's the mob mentality of the average person on the Internet. Oh no, it's big bad Microsoft. It's cool to hate Microsoft right?

To this day? first if you brought the $200 cheaper 360 at launch it has probably red-ringed by now, the ports, especially the Unreal engine ones were shitty for a while, but that is not the case anymore, if fact most of the 2013 multiplatform games ran better on the PS3.

It is cool to hate, because Microsoft actively fucks with their own consumers, by paying devs to release what were supposed to be PC/Multiplatform games exclusively on the 360 and bloating our PCs with crapware like GFWL.

(Windows is a Microsoft product, its users are Microsoft consumers)

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Your list sucks!

The only two games you can buy right now and get a taste of next-gen (running both on a PC) are BF4 and CoD Ghosts and they don't feel next-gen (especially if you have played BF3 on PC previously).

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Behind the curtains, Windows 8 is much, MUCH better than 7.

All you gotta do to enjoy the awesomeness of windows 8 is to avoid metro/modern at any costs, and it is all completely avoidable, so if you don't upgrade because of front-end-microsoft-bs, you are stupid.

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I game on my MacBook Pro. I don't see the point of having a 'gaming PC', in the end it's still the same game no matter what.

Keep telling yourself that...