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Rainbow Six Vegas, 1 and 2 and Raven Shield.    Also Gears isn't... a fps....
I don't know about Vegas but definelly Raven Shield.
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Never snitch, never complain, you wanna be able to deny motive.

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They are shutting down '10  sports games in '11 that have only been out for two years.  This is one step closer to them simply only supporting online with the latest year sports game.  Tiger Woods 10 is still a good game -- this pisses me off.
Plus the 1% thing is bullshit, when you have titles like Madden, FIFA and Battlefield, even brand new games are going to have less than 1% of the user base.
(1% in this case can be many many thousands of players)
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Well, I'm a Yankees fan but I agree with your analogy.  It would be nice if there was more variety among the honored, but games are short on that for the wider audience.  There maybe 30 teams in professional baseball, but less than a third regularly compete for the title.  Similarly, there are only a handful of "hot" franchises which hold our attention over a period of time.  Assassin's Creed, Call of Duty, GTA, Uncharted... well, you know the ones.  I think a lot of gamers would have trouble accepting something too different winning over their beloved franchise.  I think it's too early to award the top prize to Uncharted 3 especially when Bioshock Infinite seemed to impress the press at E3 and other top tier titles like Skyrim and Arkham City might also become worthwhile competitors.  Of course, all of those are sequels, too so I'm not sure what the answer is.  Rage is new IP, so maybe that will be the one to wrestle it away from the "thank you, come agains".
GOTY goes to the deserving game, it has nothing to do with what the gamers want.
Before Uncharted 2 the series didn't have such a big name and it was competing agains't Modern Warfare 2, in the end the better game won (Uncharted 2 if you are wondering).
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Yeah. We're stupid.  Her tits are about the size of her face.  Do you know a girl with tits the size of her face?   Let me answer that, before the kids start talking. No you don't. I mean, what would the harm be in having this woman just look like a woman. And not like two cantaloupes floating around.
Check the picture again, her head is huge.
Yes i have seen girls with tits the size of their faces but i've never ever saw a girl with such a big head.
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Heres hoping it turns out better than MAG

M.A.G is fantastic with friends, or at least after the update (don't know if you haven't played since the big update)

And if this game is anything like the first planetside it's going to be absolute rubbish.

MAG was fantastic even before the update, but it's not a MMO.
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I don't see how this is art at all.
have you ever been to an art gallery? half the shit you see there may look like actual shit, but i assure you, it's all art.
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@Enigma777: EA has a history of playing dirt, if you put Hittler and EA in a room and ask me to point the guilty one, i'll have a hard time deciding.
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Razer is the last brand you should be making deals with.