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@npeterson08: I think part of the problem is that they are such a diverse company.  They make a ton of things but do none of them well.   They really just try to compete on price.

seriously? Sony is in the top of almost everything they do (quality wise).

I'm talking about a reliable products, made with good components and edge technology, very much like Apple and Nintendo.

 Unfortunately i can't say that about Microsoft.
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My PS3 (slim) is on 24/7 running GT5 B-spec races for the past 2 weeks and i have had not a single lockup.

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Half Life 3 had best have a new fucking engine. 

That is all.
Why? CoD uses the same antique engine for almost a decade and look at the sales.
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Now tell me something new

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the real value here is in the emulators.

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  Rottweiler (2004)
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Today's games are easy but that doesn't mean the kids playing them are less competent, my 6 year old nephew beat me in SSF4 last time we played.

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That big sincere speech seems to be invalidated somewhat by being followed by a logo which says, "Make Believe."
Lol, you are right.
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" Sony has blamed anonymous in a couple statements as far as I can tell. I think its hilarious considerin Sony is lying and are currently bein sued. two things that generally equal a significant issue in court. But hey its Sony, if its not Godzilla its gotta be a group of hackers that say they had nothing to do with it. Right? Right?All the US media reported Iraq had nukes when the UN knew it was bs from day one? Retarded no.... But your gettin close buddy "

How do you know it wasn't anonymous? are you gonna take the word of masked hackers (known cyber terrorists) over a multi-billion dollar (japanese) company? because i don't think the court will do and i doubt anonymous can prove their innocence (not that they need to) without having to give up everything, including their identity.

So yea, i think you are full of sh@t.