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Yeah if anyone has another extra code I would be interested, missed the signup cutoff :/

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I've been playing Company of Heroes 2 lately and I have collected a few cards from that (such as the T34-76 medium tank) if anyone is interested.

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@CannonGoose: Thanks for the advise, I turned off MSAA and now I can have everything at max (except MSAA) and it runs at 40+ fps. :)

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@Intro: Not sure why that is, it unlocked for me last night.

@AssInAss: Thats strange, I don't understand how mine could be having such big issues with it. I managed to play the first mission (tutorial)l on medium settings and it stayed around 30 fps but in the second level it started dropping around the 21 or less mark in a lot of parts.

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@AlexW00d: Hopefully it does get patched soon because I really want to play it and its incredibly irritating trying to play it in its current state. I have a friend that also has an AMD card and pre ordered the game, ill have to wait and see if he gets a similar issue.

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So I have started playing Hitman Absolution today after pre ordering on steam and I am getting fairly low fps (20 - 30) whilst playing on medium settings even though my PC can run most games at max or close to max settings easily. I'm wondering whether this is a problem other people are encountering or is it just me. I have updated to the most recent graphics card drivers and that hasn't fixed it so I'm not sure what else to do but play the game on lower settings. if someone has some insight into my problem it would be much appreciated.

My PC specs are:

CPU: Intel i5 2500k

GPU: AMD Radeon HD 7850 OC

Ram: 8gb's

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Nevermind, iv'e gone back and searched again and now i can see a couple of games that weren't there before. Hopefully it is as fun as it looks.

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So I just bought Section 8 Prejudice today while it has been on sale on Steam (only $4!!!), but I have tried joining multi player games but there doesn't seem to be any people playing.

Does anyone know if there is no longer a community for this game on pc?

It seems as though it is quite a good game but at the moment all I can do is play single player, which is decent but I would like to try out the multi player.

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Hey everyone,

I am looking at getting my first ever gaming pc soon as I have primarily been a console gamer up until now. I have done research into building a pc but I'm still not confident in being able to choose the right components that will give me the best value for money. I have about $1000 (AUD) to spend on it and I am hoping that someone would be able to give me a build that would suit this budget. However I do not need a monitor, mouse or keyboard as I already have these. So for $1000 (AUD) I need the following:

- Case

- Video Card



- Motherboard

- Power Supply

- Hard Drive

- CD Drive

(Not sure if there is anything i have missed)

I hope someone can help me out, i would be very grateful if they did.