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Posted by CabbageSensei

Did you feel like Enslaved had a rather out-of-nowhere ending?

Posted by Jayross
@Subcon Yeah it did... but I enjoyed it in a way. Plus, the journey up to that point was satisfying enough in its own rite.
Posted by Jayross

Oh shot, I forgot Deadly Premonition, a game that I haven't played, but is still awesome.

Posted by SoFuLL

I really should pick up a copy of ensalved.
Nice list

Posted by mr_ace

man, BF:BC2 is such a mediocre shooter

Posted by Jayross
@mr_ace Yup.
Posted by Turtlefuzz

You barley have anything good to say about Mass Effect 2. Yet it's above two games that seem to really enjoy.

Posted by bitcloud

I call you 200 hours and raise you 469.

Posted by Jayross
@bitcloud: Jeez :( haha. Do you play with a clan?
Edited by bitcloud
@Jayross: I'm in the x211 clan. Look up top 10 people for the An-94 and M16 on the PS3 leaderboards lol. I'm on Vietnam now though, that Ak-47 is ridiculous. 
I like BC2 a lot, but BF3 needs to go big. I think it is great for what they wanted to make though.