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nah, keep the boobies in.

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@recspec said:

Apparently during Jericho's interview with Stephanie she said that there wasn't enough time on Raw for Divas matches to go longer. What. The. Fuck. That's not a glass ceiling, they're in an underground bomb shelter

The divas fucking suck, if they want more time they've gotta get better.

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@badseed: In a 6 man ladder match, 6 men share the bumps.

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@danzig said:

It's so easy when talking about Metal Gear to spot the people who have and have not played the games - or do or do not have a full understanding of them even if they did.

No one has a full understanding of the metal gear games, not even Kojima.

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Dark souls is great, the more difficult enemies in bloodborne just feel cheap.

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@jonny_anonymous: I've got an idea. You react to wrestlers in the way you choose and let others do the same.

If people don't like Roman or are unhappy with the spot he has been given then they should boo him, they bought their ticket and have the right to boo him out the stadium if that's what they want to do.

I believe that WWE purposely built Reigns as a Cena style heel but maybe they're just stupid.

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The games should be played in this order:

Metal gear solid

metal gear solid 2

metal gear solid 3

metal gear solid 4

metal gear solid peace walker

metal gear solid ground zeroes

if you want to play the others then play em but dont worry about it you will understand how crazy good metal gear is this way.

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@kishinfoulux: blah blah blah. "you complain but you still watch it" Same old shit, Roman isn't ready to be champion, end of story.

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@sargon said:
@jaytow said:

This crowd is terrible.

What about the one guy near a mic chanting "WCW, WCW, WCW, WCW, WCW"?

I laughed at that, I'll give him a pass.

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This crowd is terrible.