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Never have I seen an election with as a clear a message as this. People are tired of out of touch liberal lefties calling them racist because they want to debate migration and obviously people want to protest without voting for the, currently, very weak labour opposition. I voted conservative and I was pretty pleased with the % of the vote the tories received. If both labour and the tories don't go into the general election promising some pretty tight controls on migration and at least a major shake up of our relationship with the European Union then UKIP is going to seriously eat into both parties vote all over the country.

This is going to be interesting. British politics has been turned upside down within the space of a week and I can't wait to see the lab/con/lib reactions to this leading upto the general elections.

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@funkys: I'm not quite sure what your point about Liverpool is, I didn't say or imply that white British weren't the majority here. Of course you're entitled to your opinion.

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@sweep: I never claimed to speak for the people of Liverpool, you keep making assumptions about me that just aren't true and I just don't buy the argument that ex imperialistic nations have no right to determine, through democratic channels, who should or should not cross their borders. You act as though, by stating the pros of immigration, you are making an argument against what I've said when the truth is I've already informed you of my belief that migration has done a lot to benifit this country.

People DO realise what they're voting for. UKIP voters are not a bunch of idiots that need your incredibly wise guidance in order to see the light, they just bloody disagree with you.

I certainly don't speak for the people of Liverpool and you can talk about your statistics all you want, I'd rather listen to what people of both sides of the debate have to say and use my own eyes to see how this city has changed over the past 25 years. People have the right to be concerned.

Farage says he wants the country back from Brussels (the E.U). I'm not supporting everything UKIP say or do because, as I said earlier, I disagree with a lot of it. I support gay marriage and I wouldn't like a flat rate of tax or a huge increase in military spending. One statistic I will inform you of is that immigration (along with the economy) is seen by the British people as one of the most important issues we currently face.

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@sweep: I'm not sure what your argument about Spain was. Maybe you thought I was suggesting that British people don't move across Europe? I vote for the issues that are important to me, not because the BBC told me the statistics across the rest of the country say this or that.

I'm not saying that migration has had the negative affects that UKIp would have us believe, I'm telling you that people are angry about being ignored. You, in all your liberal-left smugness, are writing people off as racist for having genuine concerns about migration.

You addressed none of my points and simply made a pretty stupid comment about Spain, well done. I am not against mass migration but I am against vilifying people because they don't vote for your party. You are alienating people.

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@sweep: People have genuine concerns about migration and its effect on their lives. The centre-left seem to have this view that anyone who dares to disagree with them must be misguided. I'm from Liverpool and migration has completely changed huge areas of this city, some for the better and some for the worse. People are scared and we have to address these fears. Making comments like "you can't play video games because you are so stupid" is a big problem, you are pushing people further right and alienating them. You people are part of the problem, not the solution.

We need a level headed discussion about immigration. UKIP are polling upto 30% in the European polls and 20% in the general election polls, that's a huge portion of this countries population and simply writing these people off as "fruitcakes" isn't going to get us anywhere. Lets try to understand eachothers concerns instead of questioning their intelligence because they don't share your views of how the world should work.

By the way I'll be voting conservative as I disagree with a good few UKIP policies (gay marriage, flat rate of tax ect..) but I will never attempt to belittle someone for voting for a party that they believe in.

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Man if I was older in the 80s I wouldn't have been making pacmam aNd shit!! Why make pacman when you can make... CALL OF DUTY: BLACK OPS! Those guys were so dumb!!!

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Thank you Patrick, I heard the cries of social injustice but you've silenced them.

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Experiences from a development team can drastically change from game to game so I never avoid developers, I may avoid genres or series but not developers.

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If I were to ask someone to cook me a pie and they gave a pizza I would punch them in the stomach.