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The show has a couple good episodes a year.

Also, it's south park... If you find those kind of images offensive then why are you playing SOUTH PARK?

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WWE has had huge success in the U.K, I don't understand the connection between being British and knowing nothing about wrestling. I'm English and I love it and have followed professional wrestling my entire life.

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He looks like trouble.... be careful for God sake.

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If you watched your grandmother die slowly of lung cancer and emphysema like I did, you wouldn't be smoking. It was a painful, miserable, and prolonged death.

I saw my dad die quickly due to the contribution of that stuff, and it wasn't pretty either. People who smoke don't think that sickness from smoking won't come to them, but rest assure that it certainly will... sooner or later.

I disagree with this. Most of my family smoke and they are all fully aware of what will happen.

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I have no idea why I've started but I have, 6 months ago I left my hometown of Liverpool, England and moved 30 miles north to Preston to start a new job. Now I'm 24 years of age and I live by myself in a flat in Preston. I drink a lot, by myself, most fridays and saturdays because I'm bored out of my skull and over the last few weeks I've been smoking.

Nothing radical, right? I just have no idea why I've started, maybe it's because I'm bored, maybe it's because, since I left Liverpool, I no longer have much better things to occupy my time (maybe they're the same thing). Who knows?

Do you smoke? and if so why did you start?

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This has been the year I'm finally too busy with life to play many games, it sucks.

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From England I'd move to canada or australia. Canada may just win because of australias spiders.

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Opinion: this may be true.

Fact: daaaamn she fiinnee

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He looks pretty cool if you ask me.

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