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I'm not talking about "people", I was quoting a specific sentence. The "real problem" is discrimination, regardless of who it's against.

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@artelinarose: I've been denied promotion multiple times in a work place where the last 16 (and counting) managers have been female. Men have just as much right to weigh in on this debate as women, this only becomes a problem when they disagree with you.

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@wolfgame: Feel what you want, I'm not looking for an easy fight. Infact, I don't even disagree with everything he has to say. I just really don't like the way in which one side of this debate tends to present their argument.

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But it's not like they're wrong because Jeff said it too.

Right.... Who said this? Certainly not me. Ofcourse Jeff can be right.

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@jaytow: "You'll understand when you're smart like me" isn't a great way to phrase it, but the rest of their comment is true and someone on the Giant Bomb forums citing Jeff isn't really unexpected.

... I didn't say it was unexpected, I'm saying it's fucking dumb.

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Because it's always one sided, always focuses on women, you say gender but you mean women, because men and misandry are never ever brought up as problems, then those people feel like these threads go in circles because once again it's about women and you have the same conversation over and over and over and over, people are tired of this entire discussion as it seems to pop up so frequently even if nothing is going on, I think GB should just have a feminism forum for people who want to discuss these topics. *shrugs*

Alright, men's rights activist yelling misandry, and that's me won awful people bingo.

"Life is so hard for white, middle class white dudes. We're so oppressed." No. Misogyny and sexism are nationwide (if not worldwide) issues. Where are all the societies that discriminate men, that have women with a higher average annual wage than men, where businesses are dominated by female executives?

Until there is actual gender equality, "misandry" is not an issue that deserves to be treated as anything other than a privileged group who does not wish to lose its privilege. It is a false equivalence with no basis in reality.

I see. I didn't know that only white men existed, my mistake. Also, i'm not an activist of any kind, I am a person on the sidelines watching this gender war from afar. I do find it ironic that some feminists say they are for gender equality but when men are brought up we get posts like yours, men aren't important because blah blah reasons, we need to focus on women to achieve gender equality. I didn't know that man's only problem was wondering how many women they will oppress tomorrow. *shrugs*

The main reason gender discussion centers on women is because the problems men face for being men are ridiculously minor compared to the problems women face for being women. This is something that most people learn eventually. I think Jeff alluded to something like this in a Jar Time back in December.

Jeff is a video games journalist and his word is not absolute. He is in no way, shape or form an expert relating to issues of sexism. Stating that Jeff Gertsmann of giantbomb.com shares your opinions on these matters is a shitty way to validate them. Oh and I don't normally take part in this debate but your smug attitude left me no choice but to respond. This kind of "You'll understand when you're more intelligent, like me"attitude is fucking rotten.

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Not really, I'm making some progress with work and had quite an active social life but I fucked all that up by moving to shitty Preston (where I don't know ANYBODY). Not quite sure why I thought I'd leave the great city of Liverpool (my grand home) to come to fucking Preston but meh.. I did it and it'll take me a year to fix my mistake. I guess life goes on.

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It didn't go that far on the show? So cartman didn't hide in his dead teachers sperm infested body?? Mr Garrison didn't scissor a lesbian while shouting scissor me timbers?

You clearly aren't a fan of the show and should have never bought this game.

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The show has a couple good episodes a year.

Also, it's south park... If you find those kind of images offensive then why are you playing SOUTH PARK?

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WWE has had huge success in the U.K, I don't understand the connection between being British and knowing nothing about wrestling. I'm English and I love it and have followed professional wrestling my entire life.