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@tireyo: We all like the hole option brother, know what I'm sayin?

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Just play dark souls, problem solved.

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She shouldn't have been spoken to this way,there's no question about that but I understand the anger many have with modern twitter feminism, I've had a pretty tough life and it fucking pisses me off when people tell me how easy I've got it when they don't even know me.

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@diz: You're missing my point. From what I have seen, most people who vote UKIP and are anti-immigration don't actually know what they are talking about. They read it in the Daily Mail etc and see the whole 'MILLIONS OF ROMANIANS WILL COME AND STEAL YER JOBS AND WIVES AND MAYBE SPIT IN YOUR LUNCH WHILE YOU AREN'T LOOKING' and automatically assume foreigners are bad. Those people are cunts, and they're also scumbags. When someone spurts out bullshit on the internet and doesn't give any sort of reasoning, I am definitely going to assume the above about them.

Nowhere have I said that supposed lower wages from immigration (which I don't honestly believe is a real thing, certain employers will pay the lowest they have to regardless of where you come from) and I have always known overpopulation to be a problem, and again haven't said a single thing about it being good. You can try and put all the words you want into my mouth, but it means nothing. My only point is that we shouldn't restrict people from relocating here based on them being from a different country, especially as I wholly doubt there would be people lobbying against my relocation to 'their' country. Maybe I'm one of those dirty liberals I hear so much about?

The arguments against mass immigration into England and, to a lesser extent, the rest of the U.K have been made time and time again. You know them. Do I really need to go over them here?

Anyhow I didn't vote UKIP and my major concern is not immigration, it's people like you who try to shut down the debate that seriously worry me and I believe this aggressive attiude towards anyone discussing immigration has done wonders for UKIP because people are being ignored, brushed aside and called racist cunts who think they're better than everyone else when they've said nothing of the sort.. Although, to say I'm not concerned about migration would be a complete lie. Did you claim that I think I"m better than others? Are we reading the same fucking conversation here? What the fuck..

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@jaytow said:

Never have I seen an election with as a clear a message as this.

That people are cunts? If you think you can tell me, or anyone else, where I can and can't live on the basis of where I was born, or my skin colour, or any other number of arbitrary things, then you have some sort of weird superiority complex you need sorting out.

How on Earth you took this from what I said is beyond me but never mind. I'm telling you that it's not sensible for a small country, like the U.K, to have open door immigration with much poorer nations. It has nothing to do with race or religion. Migration has been good for the U.K but it must be controlled and we must not be scared or bullied by people who want to say things like "you need sorting out".

This is what lefties do, they try to shut you down and call you a racist at every turn whenever you express concerns about immigration.

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I'm not going to say anymore on the matter other than leave these words left by a UKIP spokesman as to why they don't get votes in London.

'The reason we don't get votes in London is because the people are cultured, educated and young' and with that I yield, I cannot believe people vote for people who say stuff like that in public. A hired spokesperson no less.

Haha, that was beautiful.


Apparently she didn't say it so it may be beautiful but is it true?

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Never have I seen an election with as a clear a message as this. People are tired of out of touch liberal lefties calling them racist because they want to debate migration and obviously people want to protest without voting for the, currently, very weak labour opposition. I voted conservative and I was pretty pleased with the % of the vote the tories received. If both labour and the tories don't go into the general election promising some pretty tight controls on migration and at least a major shake up of our relationship with the European Union then UKIP is going to seriously eat into both parties vote all over the country.

This is going to be interesting. British politics has been turned upside down within the space of a week and I can't wait to see the lab/con/lib reactions to this leading upto the general elections.

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@funkys: I'm not quite sure what your point about Liverpool is, I didn't say or imply that white British weren't the majority here. Of course you're entitled to your opinion.