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I kind of had sympathy for the Dad until he started shooting the computer.

Guns are stupid.

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Gabes gonna eat him.

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It has to be PS2 although PS1 and 360 are a close, joint second.

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How many fans do you think have died waiting for this game??

Seriously, a couple must have.

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When this game is £20 I will buy it, the reviews seem to be telling me that this game is average.

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I'm contacting the proper authorities.

Aka Graham from Jeremy Kyle, don't worry the mans a genius.

Sometimes I see these topics on giant bomb and I think people make them up. xD

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As always sony have lanched overpriced hardware in the U.K so no.

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Scarier than any game I've ever played.

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@Dagbiker: As I've said, English is nothing like the language that the europeans were speaking, it was created by English men in England. If you honestly think that you or I could have a conversation with the Germanic tribes then you are sorely mistake.

@Prodstep: LFC.

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@Jaytow said:

@Crypt135: In no way did I say that one version is right and proper. I said that they are all English and therefore should be represented by the English or British flag so don't make assumptions. As I've said the English language had influences, yes but it it is still an English creation. American democracy was influenced by British parliamentary democracy but to put a British flag on that would be a farce so I don't accept your point about the europeans.

As I've said it wasn't such a big deal until Americans started attacking my (again, that phrase) national identity. In no way am I saying that British people speak "proper English". Americans speak English just fine and that's why the language they speak should be represented by the English or British flag.