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@sackmanjones: At least you get to play it. I wish I had a PS4...but I shall wait...

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@sackmanjones What do you mean "would be"? It is real, you can play the teaser on PS4 right now ;)

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Shit man! Now I'm sad because of that picture.

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@mb: Oh so you are a mod here, cool.

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Since we are doing this...

I fuck'em hate jaggies... PC version it is for me.

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@themanwithnoplan: lol, It's madness over at Gaf, but I enjoy these sorts of things. I'm actually surprised at how quite it is over here,

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From digital foundry's Tomb Raider face-off article:

Like-for-like clips give us the chance to see how game engine performance ranks across both consoles when rendering the exact same content. The conclusion here is that while PS3 has a small advantage in some areas, it's Xbox 360 that is generally better equipped to deal with more stressful scenes.

Story of this generation.

For what it's worth they go on to recommend PS3 version.

This is a game where much of the experience is built around the spectacle and in that respect, PS3 offers an advantage of its 360 sibling. Aside from various instances where performance is visibly lower, the gameplay is otherwise just as enjoyable on Sony's system, and the sharper visuals better suit the overall feel of the game, highlighting the richness of the environments without as many unwanted side-effects. In that respect the PS3 version gets our recommendation as the preferred choice of the two console releases.

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How come none of fuck'en fucks have not posted this fuck'en video you fucks?

Enjoy motherfuckers.

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This just in the, ps4 will be using 4.5 gb for their OS with 1gb of that being "flexible, used for both os and gaming"...No idea how this factors in, but I stumbled onto this thread and figured I'd help point you folks in the right direction.

Oh man, some fud right here.

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@blu3v3nom07: I don't have insight into this man's psyche. May be you should find other people to play with you on Xbox.

@syed117: Oh man, you were fine until...

the cloud power for XB1

I'm out.